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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Kamen Rider Ideas Part 5

Last time I did the post I got my thoughts with my idea on a sequel rider series from Myth to Legend and repeating the war motif, but with modern war aspects with Military. Now I dive into where the Legend powers are far more diverse from each other, but in the end they still share connections.

Kamen Rider Drift

Military was a mechanical rider and to continue in that aspect I thought of a racing rider called Drift. Being heavily inspired by Accel and for reference I thought of this name before Drive, but Drive did help me finalize some of the ideas. One of the big ones was the aspect of having three riders in this one well four counting the villain rider. A big thing with Accel and Drive is that were inspired by motorcycles and cars. Originally I was thinking about having him being a skate racer similar to how Air Gear had, but I decided to stick to vehicles since it was easier to work with. Drift gets his name from his turning abilities which can also help his fighting abilities. When he gets at the right speeds and does a quick turn or a drift, he can throw his arms and legs in slice like motions and be able to cut with that ability. Now in the beginning he does not discover this strength as the beginning of his story is simply racing with other competitors which is where Carranger helped me out. There will be some absurd racers Drift will have to face as I am trying to focus on a comedic aspect with this idea. Now there will still be a big bad, but just like how Carranger had bikers be the villains the same is for Drift and they simply love the high speeds and while they have their fun it causes destruction.

Kamen Rider Motor, Throttle, Rebel

 I am getting to the secondary riders first before getting into other forms because the riders in this idea of mine have an interesting ability of form changing or switching to be more accurate. Kamen Rider Motor is a hot shot racer, but sadly his win streak was struck down and has been having trouble keeping up. What actually happened is that the bikers actually sabotaged one of the races he was in and when he discovers the truth he equips his racing suit with aggressive abilities. The Motor Gear can make him jump higher than any normal racer and with that ability he focuses on his kicks. His favorite move is the spin cycle where he spins vertically and keeps kicking his foes. Throttle is actually an ex-wrestler trying to expand his career and while Drift and Motor were racers, their suits still have combat abilities. Well with Throttle his suit is already ready for combat from his wrestling days. Throttle may not be the fastest racer, but if he catches up to his foes he can cause them to fall back. He loves to throw his foes around and with the Throttle engine he can enhance his throws and even increase his overall power, let's say he gives on hell of a hug. Rebel is then the leader of the biker gang and of course his inspiration is of course the big and flashy motorcycles. Rebel is a mess of a racer, but within that mess he holds a mixture of abilities. He can use the Drift, Motor, and Throttle abilities, but not to the extent of the original users. Rebel is simply a madman and loves what he does.

Turbo, Jet, Engine, and Lightspeed

These are the four forms that the three hero riders can access as they can freely switch different types of gears. Drift is the owner of the Turbo Gear as it simply gives him a speed boost, but with that speed boost he can even slice with more power than ever. Motor owns the Jet Gear which gives him the ability of flight for limited times and with his ability to exceed normal jumping heights he can now stay afloat as well. Throttle keeps the Engine Gear which gives him a heat ability. When he holds onto his foes he can start this heating process where his foes' armor can easily melt. Now with the switches each rider can use these Gears in different ways. Drift with the Jet Gear gives him flight and can still use his fast speed in the air. Drift with the Engine gives his Drift ability the heating advantage which slices through armor with ease. Jet with the Turbo Gear makes his kicks move faster than the human eye. Jet with Engine gives him fire feet, so essentially Ken from Street Fighter. Throttle with Turbo does help his speed issue and now he can catch up to foes or simply ram them at violent speeds. Then with Jet, let us say he loves to crash onto his foes from above. Then the Lightspeed Gear is when all three are used together and yes all three riders can use them, hell technically Rebel can do the same, but he never gets the chance. Lightspeed is essentially is all abilities in one form then with the three riders it is simply execution to make it different from each other. Drift with drifting, Motor with flight and kicks, and Throttle with ramming and slamming.

Kamen Rider Magi

A recent watch I had was the anime Orphen which was a childhood show I never finished, but for some reason it had my favorite use of magic yet it was a simple use. I personally liked the spells the show had and Magi is a mixture of other magic entertainment. Magi himself uses a wand as his main weapon and can cause many different spells with it. He can even change his wand to different weapons, like a magic sword, hammer, and arrows. His favorite spell to use is sealing magic where he can trap his foes and finish them off in anyway he sees fit. His final form is the Sorcerer where he gains access to a staff that amplifies his powers. This causes his magic weapons to have a massive change of size and use. The sword becomes a set of twin swords, the hammer changes to larger hammer, and then the arrows change into magical meteors! His overall story is in a school setting, but let us say the one in charge is trying to find something special and will not be afraid of sacrifices to gain the next step of magic.

Kamen Rider Witch, Trickster, Diana, Arms, Warlock, and Ouroboros

A big aspect of Magi is that his secondary rider is right on the same path as him so the show has two main characters. Witch does come from the lack of a witch from Wizard. Witch has access to a broom weapon where she can fly around with ease and from there she specializes in projectile magic. When she gains the use of the Sorcerer form she can gains access to shield magic that also combines with projectile magic as one of her most powerful spells is a counter spell. Trickster is based on the stage magician and he is someone who left the school because he found out what was happening. He decided to make his own system which can use street magic to fighting capabilities. He organizes his cards into a sword, can throw them with piercing strength, and whenever he drops the curtains he can perform many illusions behind them. Diana is a simple assistant that wields two blunt weapons, but with her help Trickster's true strength is realized. The two perform tricks together and whenever the belt is activated it can perform a trick. This includes initiating a knife trick, summoning the curtain, or even something like a deadly bullet trick. This is personally one of my favorite ideas because of how fun it was to think of what the finishing attacks would be. For how these two progress the original Trickster does fall in battle and Diana follows his footsteps and as for assistance, she got Mage and Witch to help during this time. Arms is heavily inspired by my favorite Blazblue character, Makoto. Arms is a young boy with weak magic, but while studying equip magic with a fellow friend of his, they create a system where he can amplify his physical strength. He equips two tonfas on his arms to perform his magic where he can summon magic fists and there is a gauge for how much to amplify. Arms gets one from called Unleashed because in reality, even though he has a small amount of magic, it is still some of the strongest around. Arms just cannot find a way to tap that magic by himself, but by learning of his magic's origins, he breaks the limits to get to this form, but this was a one done deal until he creates his weapons again or finds a way to tap into his magic.

Warlock is the main villain and the story of this rider is that it is a homunculus. Made by the founder of the school, the homunculus is made to find the strongest magic and it can only be activated when the founder dies. Warlock continues what the founder could not complete, but it takes the work too far and will perform deadly experiments to get what it needs. Warlock also takes this a bit too far by wanting to make the strongest magic, the only magic. Warlock is pretty much the reason why Mage and Witch achieve their final forms and starts to question the state of magic itself with the discovery of Arms' magic. He completely ignores both Mage and Witch, but the power of two or even three can surpass the magic power of just one. Ouroboros is the other villain of the show and is inspired by another Blazblue character, Hazama and Yuuki Terumi. This is a man who knew about the founder's intentions of finding the strongest magic and helps Warlock to achieve that dream. He mostly stays close until he finds how to complete his powers though. The Ouroboros is seen as a symbol of infinity and by finding the true origins of the beast he can unlock his true power. Ouroboros gains the Cycle form where he can never lose any magic and he can even summon the creature itself to use in battle.

Now these two still share connections with the Legend powers as the Drive riders show how the powers can work for others. Even if it is one type of power, it can bend and change with different users. Magi's connection is the true potential magic with all the different forms of it. Truly the powers of legend can change by the hands of others. Then the next riders will include the power of dreams, the stage, and the unknown.

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