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Monday, January 20, 2014

Kyoryuger Episode 39 Review: Musical Disarray

It's time we have reached the movie episode of the series as this has started around Go-onger if I'm correct. Meeko has returned to meet up with Daigo, but there is another movie character returning and he is ready to take action with his plan once more.
Now I haven't seen the movie and I didn't need to either since this episode just goes through the same plot of the film mostly with some added parts. So really if I have seen the movie or not I think this will be a short review anyways. There really isn't too much to talk about in this episode cause D returns and then we have random Yayoi and Amy parts, I don't even want to call it development since the two didn't really learn anything that important or what I think is not going to come back in future episodes. This is really just an episode to remind people of the movie and for the people who haven't seen it, convince them to find it and watch it. There is also the merchandise angle for this episode as well with the whole movie mech and all that. They could at least try to have some story to this though, I remember the Go-onger episode and they had the character from the movie go through a conflict with the team helping him out, you know an actual plot. For this episode the story and actual development is very low and it doesn't leave with any strong memorable moments, well except for the fights.
Also for an episode that doesn't have much to talk about they really flew threw many things. Torin and Tessai meet up with Ramirez to see that he is all healed up and then all of a sudden monsters appear and a fight occurs. Meanwhile Meeko returns and still before the four minute mark and counting the opening theme, we see her go evil and D reveals himself to the three Kyoryugers. Then the team had a big defeat because of Meeko being unaffected by their melody as then Daigo and the four other guys go out and just bash some heads in. Amy and Yayoi and their little conservation and here Yayoi learns that she knows less of Dagio than she thought she did. It really doesn't matter though as Yayoi is still crazy about Daigo and a real lesson would be to loosen up for a change and not act like a crazy stalker, but who needs that when we got comedy......
The whole love angle gag came back in this episode as Yayoi is worried that Meeko is competition and she tries to get Amy involved, but she doesn't understand anything. When she heard Yayoi say Meeko is an enemy she thought she was a part of Debos. Then the follow up is showing that Meeko is back on the side of evil because of D, pretty predictable, but I wasn't expecting it to be so soon in the episode. I absolutely hated this love gag when it first got introduced in Yayoi's first episodes and I still hate it. It's just King King King and that's another good description for this episode. Sure all ten heroes gather up, but the spotlight is still on Daigo and mostly Daigo only. Anything that happens revolves around King in someway and I am not kidding. He is in all the action scenes, he got most of the dialogue, and even when he wasn't in the scene there is someone thinking about him! It's also pretty sad that three of the main characters didn't even have a line to say, except for yelling out a special move. Is it that hard to have characters talk? So for ten heroes gathering it really makes most of them so little and unimportant to this episode.
There is two saving qualities for this episode though which were the action and music. For once the theme song didn't get the overall focus of the big fight as they actually played different music for the overall episode. Also they were the songs that have been ignored since they got introduced and for the out of suit fights and the big gathering fight it actually made it dynamic. Also the action was escalated very high when a hero had the camera on them they pulled off a big move. I will say there was one big flaw in the out of suit which was with Ramirez in the beginning as I didn't even have to pause to see his stunt double doing the action. For the overall out of suit fights though it was the actual actors that were in the fight which I always love to see. There was something new with Carnival mode which has Tobaspino be a part of it and it just had one attack. We already moved onto the cannon finisher and it really came right after the explosion from Carnival's attack, there is a thing called pacing! So this time the lame cannon finisher has all then warriors, too bad it's still a lame cannon finisher. Then we got the mech fight which just shows the movie mech and it was fast fight, but at least it stayed longer than other mech fights. There was a song that went with the fight so already that should make it a little longer and we got to see it's moves and then the finisher. So yea it was a similar style of how Kyoryuger has been doing their mech fights, but at least it was done somewhat better.
I shouldn't have expected much from the movie episode of the series, but I was interested when it was going to start since I thought it was just going to be completely rehashing the movie plot without anything else added. When the episode began there was already something different happening, but anything added in regards to the plot was quickly done with and it's nothing important anyways. Again if you want to watch a very action packed episode this is the one as the action was very good until it got to revealing some new things for the series. So I would give the episode a D+ as I really only had fun with the action, for the most I was laughing at this episode as some certain things just got me to laugh for the wrong reasons. Like how the four guys completely ignored Meeko when they entered the scene, Amy quickly getting rid of her bandage on her head, and the ending with the three female characters acting like obvious stereotypical sit-com characters. For an update, sorry if I took a week break I was getting used to my college schedule, I promise though that with three days off of work I can get three posts per week.
Next Time: Nossan the series needs your help again!


  1. You know I can understand why you dislike the heavy focus on daigo, but at the same time when has a sentai haven't put more focus on the red ranger compared to the others. I mean gobusters had hiromu having the last of the messiah cards in him, gokaiger had marvelous's rivalry with basco, goseiger......well I can't remember anything since I haven't watched enough of it yet, and shinkenger had a similar thing with the rivalry between takeru and juzo. In fact according to a post I found on tumbler, in terms of just overall focus episodes, just about everyone got the same amount as daigo.

    1. Now yes there is focus episodes for other characters, but the point I am bringing across is that he is a spotlight robber. Even when the episode is supposed to be focus on a character he ends up taking a major thing in an episode. Also in most of the main story episodes, Daigo ends up being the overall focus. Episode 34 and 36 showed this greatly. Also with Carnival Mode he can even steal the focus of a fight at times like this episode. Also with Gokaiger, the Basco and Marvelous rivalry was well done and the other members of his team interacted with the overall conflict. Also with Gokaiger the team have all of their own stories with their pasts. In Kyoryuger the only one with the overall interaction and development is Daigo and Torin. Then with Go-busters yea they did a big focus on Hiromu and it was also poorly done. I am fine with red focus, but have the other teammates do something or even have dialogue. Shinkenger did have a strong red focus, but again many of the other characters had something to do with Taker's problem, even Jii had big parts with this. It's not hard to have characters interact with each other and Kyoryuger is not doing it good and Go-busters didn't do it that well.

    2. One more thing my overall favorite episode of the series is episode 13 because there is a strong interaction among characters, I am wondering why they cannot do this anymore since they did it before.

    3. I gueass I'm just sort of use to red senshi's getting more spotlight than the others that it doesn't really bother me, it's just conflicting opinions and all I guess, it happens with every sentai show. I mean seriously look at the overall reaction to go buster, people are literally split on it. You and alot of other people dislike it, whereas the other half consider it their favorite sentai of all time.

    4. Yea Go-busters is really split among the fanbase and I met some people who really do love it. I really want to talk to someone who really loves it since the people I mostly know hate it. Personally Go-busters would have been fine if the series went with it's original idea and not change it halfway through the series.

    5. I suggest talking to shukuenshinobi. He's quite a well known toku toy reviewer and he is among the people who love gobuster.