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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Kyoryuger Episode 38 Review: Beauty of the Artist

In this episode of Kyoryuer we get Tessai back with his actual actor this time as he finds his descendant who needs Amy's help with a fan. Meanwhile Candy and Aigarion use a Zorima to become the MOTW.
I am quite surprised to see an episode like this around the high thirty mark of the series. It's a focus episode for Tessai as I really wonder why there couldn't be more episodes like this and for Ramirez as well. Then my first big complaint with this episode is that it tried to have too much again. It's not as bad as episode thirty-seven, but the two main parts of this episode do not clash well at all. First there is Tessai's descendant who is a manga artists and wants to help out a fan, sadly he doesn't want to give his image away. Tessai is not happy with this since as a man Shinya should just stick up for himself and do it. There is a good idea here as I would have loved to see the whole episode be on Tessai trying to get his descendant to be more open and accepting of himself while Tessai can learn something himself. Sadly we need the MOTW treatment and for some reason we cannot have this work along with the whole Shinya incident. This is the major problem, there is no connection between the two conflicts in this episode and it just makes thing feel pointless.
Since Lucky got involved with the manga artist issue, the series could have easily connected those two ideas there. Lucky wanted to meet the artists since he is a big fan of the manga series. There is no evil here, but the other villains easily could have messed around with Lucky's innocence. The villains could try to mess with the manga series and make fans experience many types of emotions. This is a really silly idea I do have and that would fit right in with the so called over the top and comedic themes. Imagine the villains having the Zormia draw the manga with magic pens or brushes since that was presented in this episode. Then the Kyoryugers and Tessai save the day along with some good elements that this episode presented. Sadly with how this episode played out both parts of the episodes just feel lackluster since there isn't much to them.
Shinya had some good character points and I do feel that the series could have played with them more. Again with what I was thinking of since Amy was pretending to be the artist, the villains would have trapped her and went out with the manga plan. Since Shinya has an issue with women being in danger he would have jumped right into danger and try to save the day. This does happen, but it's just a short moment and again doesn't feel like anything big. Then with Tessai seeing Shinya being strong would have awakened his spirit back up and make him transform like the episode had. Also another thing my idea would help out with is with Lucky since he doesn't seem to be that bad. If the Debos trick him that would easily make him think on what side to be on. Now this does happen as Amy tells Lucky that killing off the human race would mean no more manga for Lucky, but it's not really Lucky being a good person if he's just going to get a manga series for protecting humans. As I said there were good ideas here, it's just without any strong connections between the two plots the episode rushes through many things and the parts I even like.
The MOTW was an interesting choice, first of all it's a lazy one and is just there because budget reasons. It's just a Zorima with a new mask and some additional clothes. I will say the little magical girl theme was a little funny and the idea of taking beauty and using it with the brush is a clever idea. All I can see in this monster though is that it should have been a painter like monster since it would fit with my idea for how this episode should have played out. Still the monster did a pretty good job of being the MOTW. There was also a pretty cool idea shown when it takes Blue's, Green's, and Gold's "beauty" and gave it to other Zorimas making them stronger. This did help the first fight since there was some suspense at least and seeing how the monsters fought was interesting since they copied the heroes' moves. Too bad this was for one fight only.... Again I liked the MOTW even if the design is terrible, but the series knows that and makes some jokes with it and yet it had good ideas the execution is weak as it's only presented for one fight.
Another factor that this episode failed at was being a focus episode for Tessai in the action part of this episode. Tessai only had one moment of actual confrontation on the villain and then we don't even see him fight the MOTW or finish it for that matter. What ends up happening is Carnival Mode, what is the point of having Tessai be a focus if he doesn't even get a good fight? This just baffles me since even though Carnival mode doesn't steal the spotlight like it usually does, this time Amy and Ian steal it. I can get Amy since she was talking with Lucky about the manga and the whole good and evil thing, but why Ian? The two helped King with the fight and actually used some batteries to do that. So was it good, it actually was, but it's still bothering that Tessai just gets the boot here. He got one moment where he cannot be defeated by the MOTW since grey has no beauty to begin with. I would have been fine to see Grey just pummel the living lights out of the monster and atop of that he had a character song, so why ignore him for the fight?
The mech fight was a bit better than the usual style the series does has it actually has a fight. I was hoping Tessai's mech would have some action in this, but nope. We get Bragai-oh and a little moment where Pteraiden-oh with Tricea. Again why was this a Tessai focus episode? At least it was an actual fight for a little while, there were tons of giant grunts and even the giant Zormia came back and how long as it been since I seen those? There was just a fight going on and it didn't go straight into a finisher like the previous episode did. Sadly this didn't last for long, I was hoping Pteraiden-oh would have some strikes, but nope this one goes straight for the finisher. I was actually a little excited for this combination too since it was a new combination alongside with the new mech. This fight also shows the same problem with this episode, it has a good idea, but it fails in execution.
I don't have much more to say has this episode just had one big problem and applied that to every element that was presented. The execution is just so weak with this episode and there are good ideas here as I like Tessai and Shinya, the MOTW was wacky and easily played with the magical girl motif, and Lucky considering which side he is on. Sadly nothing blends well together as the everything is disconnected and lacks that feeling of completion. At least Tessai learned something about his stubbornness and Shinya wasn't a bad character. So this episode gets a C- since again there are good ideas, they are just not presented well.
Next Time: Oh great, I have to watch the movie now.

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