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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Akibaranger: Characters and Devices

So these will be out heroes for the spin off series Akibaranger. I can't wait for this series! It looks so weird that it just keeps increasing my interest. First red is said to be a shy character so he could be like Wataru from Kiva and could change when he fights. The blue hero is a school student and I can guess she will be the calm and silent type of person. Then there is yellow, my goodness what a character! I had a feeling the yellow would be a very happy person, but wow. I can probably guess that she will have other outfits and I won't be surprised if some of them actually reference anime or any live action series. Then there are the Henshin devices as they are dolls again there is the otaku motif and it works greatly. The device will also turn into a gun and the team will have a car with a logo of the doll on it.

 Next is the Professor and the villain of the series. Professor Hiroyo is the one who make the devices of course and she is the smart older sister type. She is also a prankster though and it is said that she wears glasses, but by the picture I don't see any. The villain is played by a porn star so I'm already seeing why the series has the higher rating. With her she seems like more of a tribute to Shocker mostly because of the Nazi like outfit she has on.

The show is going to premiere April 6th and hey it will be more of a risky series, but there have been mature toku shows that have done great. For example Garo is doing good as it has a sequel right now, but it is more of a serious series. This is going to be a comedy no doubt and I bet it will have some odd moments, probably some sex appeal, but hopefully those jokes can be done right and not just flash us for no reason. This show is just getting my interests more and more and I can't wait to see how it will turn out. What I'm expecting is a pretty vulgar series that will parody the Sentai franchise, so like Carranger, but not for kids. I will also follow this series, so I got three series I'm doing episode reviews on. Those reviews could come a little later than others though.


  1. Blue girl is flat chested, and Yellow girl got big boobs.

    This is important. As in, this is a parody involving Otaku. Of course big-small boobs are going to be in play here!

  2. Yea I know which is a little funny I must say and the series will easily have a running gag with it probably.