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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger!

This year there will be two Sentai series and the second one has been revealed! First I really like their name, in English they are called the Unofficial Squadron. Its a good pun name because they are a spin off series and at first by the very early pictures I thought this was going to be an anime. I'm glad though that the series will be a live action series and like Gobusters the series looks like it will have a lot of differences to previous sentai. I think that the series though will reference the past though because by the logo is reminds me of the showa era. The setting of this series is in a Akihabara Electric Town which explains their name again. In this town are tons of Otakus, but one day three people find out that something is coming to destroy the city! Now the three become heroes by devices from a smart yet beautiful genius. The show has two directors from previous toku, but from Kamen Rider series. They also have some anime directors and another thing with the show is that the base will be a Sentai Cafe which sounds like tons of screen time for references. Now on with the suits of this series, unlike some people I am liking the suits. Its very creative and different and I give credit to that and the hair design on the helmets is nice. I don't yellow though, I think it's only because of the pig tails and I'm not a fan of those. Overall I want to see this series because it interests me and its going to be a more mature series since kids under 15 are not allowed to see the preview screening.

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