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Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Top Ten Saddest Deaths In Kamen Rider (Update) (Spoiler Alert!!!!)

One big reason I watch Super Sentai is that it has a good amount of realism because heroes can die and there are really messages that hit the viewers. Kamen Rider also uses death for a big factor and with more of a story line to follow character's death can be remembered and could push the heroes. So I want to remember the scenes that made me sad and some that got me crying I'm being honest here, but those will be around the top five area.
10. Satoru Tojo (Kamen Rider Taiga) from Ryuki
Ryuki had a lot of deaths and don't be surprised that there will be more from that series. I mean really that series is a dark one has riders fight each other to the death. Satoru was an ass because he wanted to be more powerful and he saw that he needed to push himself. This causes him to think that he needs to get rid of any restriction, he killed two people and tried to kill someone in the war. He soon starts to see that what he was doing was wrong and his final scene was really great. He sees a father and his son which reminds him of Hideyuki and when a truck comes by, he shoves them out of the way as he is hit by the truck. That scene shows a sort of atonement from Satoru as he saved the two and seeing that riders die outside of the battle is surprising.
9. Tiger Undead from Blade
Another tiger as she was an undead that adapted as she could speak Japanese and was a good challenge for Mutsuki. Like the other undead she was fighting to win the Battle Fight, but sadly she finds out that it's fake and is fighting with no purpose. As she finds Hiroshi she finds out about his plans. Later though she thinks of something and wants to help Mutsuki. She purposely gets stabbed by him in battle and seals herself away, but the final time she sees him is to encourage him to fight with light and darkness.

8. Nobuhiko Akizuki (Shadowmoon) from Black and Black RX
Shadowmoon is a very famous villain in the Kamen Rider franchise as he is seen as the first dark rider of the franchise (even though there are the Shocker Riders). At first he was Nobuhiko, Kotaro's step brother as he is taken by Gorgom as well. Unlike Kotaro though he doesn't escape and soon he is awaken as Shadowmoon who will fight him to become the new ruler. In Black Shadowmoon was acting on his own, but at times parts of Nobuhiko were still there as he talked with Kyoko and Katsumi. In Black RX, he has forgotten everything from the past series and just fights Kotaro once more. In the end he was defeated, but Nobuhiko finally woke up as he does one act of heroism before he dies. The only question is if that was really Nobuhiko.
7. Masato Kusaka (Kamen Rider Kaixa) from Faiz
Now you are probably thinking why is this guy on the list since he was a man who tricked others and even killed characters or try to. It's because that he has his reasons why he fights and wants all Orphnocs dead. Kusaka was a friend of Mari's from back in their elementary years. He wanted to protect her as he would do anything for her love. He didn't even care if Orphnocs had souls or not he hated them and wanted them dead. He was the only one of the Ryusei school to use the Kaixa gear, but it was only because he had the highest amount of Orphnoc cells in his body. Soon time was running out has he couldn't use the belt no more and Kiba takes it from him and kills him before he dies from using the belt too much. Before that though he sees Mari one last time as he tries to reach her. Even if he had an evil side to him he was still trying to fight for humanity and his own goals and his death was harsh to see. The one thing he hated the most and he was part Orphnoc so that realization was hard for him, but he still fought till the end.

7(originally). Zanki from Hibiki
  Boy am I stupid, I completely lost the list I wrote and forgot who number 7 was. Well thanks to Fantasy Leader mentioning him I finally remembered. Zanki was Todoroki's teacher and soon he had to retire because his body was starting to give in from all the time he was fighting. We also see how he was injured from before by his own teacher named Shuki. Overall when he got back into action during the Shuki arc it was awesome to see him striking down monsters. One day though he was overwhelmed by the numbers of monsters and they soon killed him. Luckily though Zanki used an old spell on him so that he would become an immortal! His soul will stay in his body until he is happy. He sticks around because of Todoroki being unable to walk. One day Zanki goes back into battle and tells Torodoki the only way to stop him is by walking on his own. A mircale happens as Torodoki is able to walk and fights along his master. After the fight the two play on their guitars as Zanki gives him his praise and he vanishes.

6.Shinji (Kamen Rider Ryuki)
  Unlike many other riders he fought in the war to stop the monsters and to prevent fighting between the other riders. Throughout everything though he tries to keep close bonds with other riders even though some wanted to kill him! He sees many people die like Miyuki and this pushes him further to be a hero as he soon sees that to stop the war he must win. In the end he tries to protect a little girl from a monster as he is stabbed in the back by it. After a fight with Ren he starts to become weak as he was losing too much blood. He dies holding Ren's hand and he his last wish to have Ren continue to live on and leaves Ren devastated.

5. Mitsuru Sano (Kamen Rider Imperer) from Ryuki
As I said before Imperer was my favorite rider from the Ryuki series and I did mention about his death before. He was only around for four episodes, but he still had good development. He mostly lived on his own with barely any money. The reason he lives on his own is because of his father sending him out so that the riches wouldn't spoil him since the family was loaded. This brings him to think that things like friendship can be bought. The reason he fought was to become richer. When his father died he replace him and soon was getting what he wanted. With money he was also gaining love and with that he wanted to quit being a rider, but in the end he transformed one more time to fight a monster. There he was attacked by Satoru as he tried to kill him even with their friendship. He gets away injured and Asakura appears and deals the final blow on him as his card deck breaks. He is trapped in the mirror world as he tries to find his love one more time, he finds her with a shard of mirror. He cannot exit the Mirror World though as his body vanishes inside the world after his final word of him wanting happiness.
4. Kirihiko Sudo from Double
I mentioned him before as one of my favorite villains and along with that he has a really sad death. I explained it before in the villain list, but I will do a quick summary still. He was a man who loved the city of Fuuto and he wanted to protect it, but sadly he was on the wrong side. When he finds out the truth about Museum and how Gaia Memories are really hurting people just for information he wanted to fight back. His memory though was backfiring though as he could barely fight with it anymore. In the end he helped Shotaro in a fight and tried to leave with his wife Saeko. Sadly though she still believed more in her family and used her powers to kill him. He sits on the roof as he feels the cool winds of Fuuto before he turns into dust and his scarf blows in the wind.
3. Otoya Kurenai from Kiva
I also mentioned Otoya before saying he is an all time favorite character for me because of his wit and bravery. He was a simple man who said he was a genius because of his great violin playing and acted like a playboy as he always tries to get love. He soon makes a bond with Yuuri, but when Maya was introduced he started to fall in love with her even though she was Queen of the Fangires. He had to deal with a love triangle and even though he tried to stay with Yuuri in the end he couldn't hide the truth as Yuuri herself breaks up with him. When he meets his own son Wataru who went into the past he is being shoved around by King during this time. He was tortured by him before and was almost killed by King. He still stood up facing him though to protect his son and uses Dark Kiva. After using it though he starts to slowly die and after Wataru leaves he talks with Yuuri one more time and gives one final song to Maya before passing away.

2. Tsurugi Kamishiro (Kamen Rider Sasword) from Kabuto
Oh now I am the most tear jerking ones now. Tsurugi was an amazing character as he was the funniest from the show. He is a nearly perfect man who is part of the Discabil family of England and his skills rivaled Tendou! He has the greatest hatred for the Worms as one killed his sister and now he works for ZECT to kill his foes. Throughout the series he acts very arrogant, but thanks to his butler Jiya and Tendou he becomes a better person. He also falls in love with Misaki and soon things are working out greatly for the two. Life hits him hard though as it appears that he isn't even the real Tsurugi as he is a Worm that copied him before death. Tsurugi's emotions though over powered the Worm and soon thinks he is the real one with no realization to the truth. In the end he fights Tendou as a Worm and Tendou keeps his promise and kills him because he still wants all Worms to be killed even himself. The last scene we see him on a rocking chair as Jiya promises him that he will be by his side as he passes away. This is why he is one of my favorite riders, funny, serious, and has one of the most memorable deaths. Even though he was a monster he still thought like a human and died as one.
1. Philip from Double
Again Double takes the first place spot and I bet you saw this coming. Can you blame me though its Philip! He was partners with Shotaro ever since they begun to fight as Double. Shotaro promised to protect him because of the death of his master, Sokichi. They had their issues from time to time, but the two made a great bond as partners as they fought together throughout the whole series. Even when the truth was revealed about him slowly vanishing from using the Gaia Memories he still wanted to fight. In the end after the battle against Utopia, Philip tries to deactivate the transformation. Shotaro though does it though, but before he does he starts to cry, but still tells Philip that he isn't. When all is done though when Philip starts to vanish away he begins to cry as well. There was also the gift he had for Shotaro and it was the Lost Driver with a blank book, but with one final message. I mean it this scene just got me crying so easily the mood was just so heavy and seeing Shotaro just breaking down just got me so much. Overall that scene was just the most saddest moment and I still think Double was originally going to end like that. It doesn't matter that Philip came back the scene is still depressing because of how Shotaro sees his partner going away. Remember always leave comments if you want to, and I need some tissues now :(


  1. Awesome post dude! =D

    The only one on this list that I feel meh about is Kusaka. I think he deserved to die. Actually, I hated his death. It felt like he got away with everything he did. Ugh, I can't stand that guy. >__<

    I think a few other noteworthy sad deaths in Kamen Rider would be:

    Kino from Agito. After everything he went through, he still fought on and died honorably. I'm going to miss him. =(

    Zanki from Hibiki. This guy went out in a really cool way. Gonna miss the guy. I feel bad for Todoroki. =(

    Shuki from Hibiki I felt a little sad for as well.

    I thought Mio's death in Kiva was pretty unfair. She deserved to live.

    Not sure if this counts, but I did feel kinda bad for Ankh in the OOO finale.

  2. Zanki would actually be very close..... hmmmm maybe he should have been on the list. Ah! Now I remember who was going to be on for number 7 originally! Im so srry I had a brain dead moment and I lost the original list. I guess I should fix that then.

  3. @ Godzilla606

    Hey, don't worry about it. We all make mistakes. The list is still awesome. =)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Can we include Yuji Kiba/Horse Orphnoch from Kamen Rider Faiz on this list. After dying within two years when he was in a coma a result of horrific car crash which killed his parents. Once revived, Kiba was astonished by the horrific changes from his parents' death to overhearing that his uncle forsaken him and sold his family's company. Though it got worse when Kiba learns that his girlfriend left him for his cousin, he lost control when he confronts the new boyfriend as he assumes his Orphnoch form to kill him in a maddened rage before realizing what he had done and attempts suicide, finding himself in a Smart Brain owned mansion and meeting Smart Lady, explaining his current status. When he is called by her girlfriend later, he is heartbroken when she names him the culprit for his cousin's murder, outrunning the police before he murders her ex-gf out of scorn. After finding Yuka, Kiba meets with Smart Brain's temporary CEO Eiichi Toda, who reveals more information of the Orphnoch and Smart Brain's goal. After hearing the genocidal intent, Kiba quickly comes to deplore the organization's tactics and resolved to become an Orphnoch who will protect humans and fight Smart Brain. However, Kiba becomes a rival of Faiz (Takumi Inui), fighting him every time they encountered one another until they learned each other's true identity and intent.

    After he believed Yuka to have been killed by the police, Kiba turns against his ideals and eventually replaces Murakami (Rose Orphnoch) as the chairman of Smart Brain. After acquiring the Kaixa Gear by killing Masato Kusaka, Kiba eventually fought Takumi, who revived his faith in humanity. In the end, Kiba was mortally wounded by the Arch Orphnoch, grabbing the monster to allow Faiz to kill them both, although only the Arch Orphnoch barely survived. He is part hero and part villain (since he is also an Orphnoch) who believes in Humanity. For me he is one of the reasons why Kamen Rider Faiz was both fun and sad thing to watch.

    1. I actually prefer Kiba over Kusaka part of it was though look at Kusaka now look at Gai Yuki from Jetman (back in 1991) they look identical not only that but both Faiz and Jetman have the same writer granted he was the man who butchered Hibki uhh I meant wrote Hibik episode 30 and onward and would latter write Decade but still. I couldn't wait to find out more about Kusaka who turned out to be one of the D*ckiest of the "Douchebag" archetype in anime and tokusastsu I hated him granted Kiaxa is one of my favorite Kamen Rider suits ever I agree Kiba should've been Kiaxa from day one though I personally thought Zanki would be higher granted his death was easily the best part of Hibiki even if was after episode 30 because I loved Zanki and it was the hero's death he deserved unlike Kusaka who deserves to rot in hell also Yuka should've been on here I do agree with Zanki and Sasword though I think when I get to Tsurugi's debut in Kabuto I'll like him a lot it's kinda funny he reminds me of Shark from Yugioh Zexal one of my favorite shows ever with how their development was handled granted they took a dump on Shark's ending by bringing him back to life in the end due too convoluted bullish*t just another reason why Zexal's ending sucked out loud it was like Ryuki's ending but yeah on this list

  6. Well with Kiba his death is sad, but his real official death was at the end of the series. The mood of the finale just didn't work out and didn't really make his death feel sad. I do love his character, but his actual death is not that sad. His beginning is sad, but he is reborn and doesn't fully die.

    1. yeah I agree Kiba is my favorite from Faiz(btw did you know that around a month ago Kiba's actor passed) not because he killed Kusaka ok that was part of it(btw Kusaka's only reason was to get his hands on Mari who wasn't interested in him) but his relationship with Takumi while cringeworthy on occasion(especially when Kusaka was involved) was one of the best things in Toku and the best part of Faiz

  7. I rember a sad death is chalice from missing ace

    1. I will agree, but the ending in the Blade series is far more sad.

  8. Replies
    1. I know he did, but I do feel like his death was going to be the original ending of Double. To me I still treat it like that, mostly since a sad ending hasn't been around in the franchise for a long time.

  9. Yeah. Kusaka/ Kaixa of Faiz was super tool but I don't think he deserved to go out like that, especially when he was already dying from the belt.

    He went out like a G. I will say that much. It takes a lot of courage to fight knowing that it could kill you and you gotta respect him for that, douchebag or not.

    1. his death wasn't enough to make me respect him in fact he wanted to kill Kiba so he never changed

  10. I think we have to add Chase from Drive. I think it's almost on par with Phillip's death. I cried when Chase died. And when Gou cried and how sorry he felt, it got me crying even more. I think both Phillip's and Chase's death hit me hard. It's hard to decide which was the saddest for me personally. But yeah. Chase needs to be added on this list

    1. of corse right when Chase grows on me they kill him