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Friday, January 6, 2012

Legends War In America

Well news has said that a scene will be made similar to the Legends War from Gokaiger, but with post-zyu teams. This easily means that Goseiger will be skipped and Gokaiger will be adapted next as Power Rangers will unite to fight a great evil. There is a lot wrong with that though, sure I have been thinking that an adaption for the series is an good idea, but the big issue is the Zordon era. Everyone knows what I am talking about, the first four series connected to each other somehow. After the Power Coins were destroyed the heroes got the Zeo powers and for some reason those powers were ignored as the Turbo powers were introduced. The original team did leave though and gave Turbo to a new team, but soon four of those members went into space and became a new team with a new leader. How can this possibly happen I know Sentai had past actors do roles, but they played as different characters. In Power Rangers Tommy is labeled as four rangers, Green, White, Red Zeo, and Black Dino. Maybe the powers were restored and could have been given to new heroes, but that would easily kill some tribute episodes. This does give light though that the adaption won't be using pre-zyu teams which is better since showing the older teams will make no sense in the Power Ranger universe. Along with tributes they would have to change the feeling of some like with Turbo since it tried to act like a darker series even though Carranger was a comedic series. Overall I am mixed about this since Power Rangers have mostly lost their powers when they are just brought back randomly with no explanation. I'm just hoping that the new cast aren't cut and paste of the original characters even though they are great I want to see Saban do something different. Another thing what would be the title of the new show then, would this be the Megaforce series?

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