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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Superhero Taisen Rumors

-Decade, concentrating on only his travels, had completed the fusion of worlds.

-Decade is told by Wataru to enter "The World of Fourze", leading the members of the Kamen Rider Club to transform into the Gokaiger

-Marvelous leads the Gokaiger into changing into the different Fourze States and Meteor

-During the fight, Kotaro/New Den-O appears to stop the fight. To return Gokaiger and Fourze to their original states of being, Kotaro must travel to the past!

-Kenzaki/Blade, Hongo/Ichigo, and Gackt (possibly as Riderman) will appear

-The alumni appearing for Sentai are said to be "amazing". 

These are the recent rumors of so far and it already sounds great. I do know there is hate for Decade, but his movies expect one did great. It seems we will get some past actors back like Kenzaki again. Hongo will return as well which is always awesome now all we need is Aka Ranger and if those two fight it will just be epic! It would be better if Nigo is coming as well and they fight the Gorangers! Well in the rumors it seems that Decade is going to enter another parallel world because Fourze's would is mixed up. Maybe it is the right world its just thanks to someone messing around with the worlds. I would love to see this though a role swap with shows. Fourze becomes Gokaiger and vice versa. Now Fourze will have probably have all his forms by the time the movie is released and Gai will become Meteor. The Kamen Rider Club could have some issues because of Kengo unable to fight unless that is changed. Also there are three females on the team or will one of them act like Navi. Gen would be Red, Shun would be blue unless Kengo is able to fight, Jake would be Green, Miu would be Yellow, and Yuuki or Tomoko would be Pink. I really can't wait to see how Decade will have to handle this and Kotaro is coming back as well and he will have to fix things up by going to the past. Even the one time Riderman Gackt will come back for an appearance and maybe another song from him for the movie. We all know though that there will be a huge fight soon or team up and that will just be the most jaw dropping thing in toku ever. I love crossovers and if this is done right this could make a possible series of movies.
Question though: What about the Gobusters?

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