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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kyouryger Episode 2 Review: Family Bonds

From the last episode we know that the team don't want to show each others identities for some reason. Daigo doesn't listen as he is very open with him being a Kyouryger. Now will Blue and Pink join him in being open about their powers or will they stick to being secret heroes?
Now to avoid the obvious the two heroes do reveal themselves to the team as I still don't like this idea, but at least there will be an actual team being made. It just seems like they wanted to try to make character episodes for the beginning episodes as it just feels forced to me. Now there is some good support with these two characters. The Blue warrior, Nobu hides his identity because of when his niece got caught in the crossfire and his sister sees the team as nothing, but monsters. Pink who is Amy wants to be a girl with a tough attitude. Sadly, with her life being more well rich and classy, it just doesn't fit the family image. So overall I guess I am accepting this plot point a little more. It just feels forced though and character introductions can be done in many different ways.
Onto the two characters then. First is Nobuhara who I think is somewhat based on Akibared since they are both older than the usual warrior of today. He even acts goofy like Nobuo and their names are similar as well. What makes Nobuhara different though is that he is a huge time family man. Ever since his brother in law passed away he watches over his sister and niece. He already acts like a father, even though he is not one himself. I was thinking that he was married and the two were his wife and child, but I like this angle more since it shows how fatherly he can already be. This part of him even gets him to be mad at Daigo for saying hiding their identities could soon hurt their loved ones. For Blue this happened as his niece got hurt in an attack and his sister blames the Blue warrior for this. He even sees having his family around as a weakness since it just makes him feel terrible about what happened in the past. In the end though he finds out that his love helps with his strength. I even love learning about the incident since it wasn't a full narrative being forced down our throats and had more implications. Nobuhara is already a very fun character and made great impressions on me already. For Amy though.... not so much.
Now this was the first focus episode for Amy and I do see that Nobuhara did outshine her. We got a very basic intro for her as it doesn't feel special. I can see this being a building up factor though since she did fight monsters right in front of her butler. As I said before she is actually a tough woman, but she needs to hide it since it won't fit her family's image. I do love her personality though as she does show off how tough she can be. For her beginning though it's just bland and didn't keep enough attention since Nobuhara's part was way better. I do expect for me things since I am predicting we get the family episode as they try to prevent Amy from fighting.
One thing I have to bring up is that the two still keep some secrets from the people around them. Not happy about this really or they do know, I'm not sure. The butler, sister, and niece left before the three transformed, but I they did see Daigo transform. Then in the end the sister asks what Daigo does and Nobuhara doesn't tell her. It just confuses me if they actually know as I think they should have at least seen the transformation and then run off. I guess they know because it would make sense since they were assisting Daigo before they left. Then there is the sister not like the Sentai, what she is just fine with them now? Just knowing they are human is fine enough for her? So there was a little confusion with how the scenes played out for me, but I know someone will probably tell me or in the later episodes they bring it up.
Green and Black didn't do much, but since this wasn't their episode I guess that makes sense. Again I am not a fan of how they pop out for the first fight and then they are late for the second one. What were they doing and how do they even know when there is danger? I ramble too much with the team aspect so the rest of this paragraph will be for the villains. Their plan is to take human emotions so that will awaken their boss I guess and one is chosen to lead the attack as that will summon a creature then. Sorrow got to go for this episode as we got a wrecked ship monster? Don't know how that falls with the theme of sorrow, but I guess they are basing it on the element more than the emotion. Sorrow even got in the first fight which surprised me to see a general fighting the team already. He took on Daigo pretty well, but then got beaten up by Green and his sick sword skills. I do have to ask though what was the plan? All they did was destroy things around them including a dino statue that gave off sorrow I guess? Again not everything is clear as of yet and this is bothersome for how the villains work.
Finally to the action of the show and there wasn't a lot wrong with it. First I love the transformation animation as it feels more like a Sentai transformation. In the first fight we got to see three of the Armed weapons the team can have. Green got some type of axe? Black had another gun then as he does double wielding pretty well. Red has the best one as he gets a whole T-rex head and jaw! It reminds me of Abarered's staff weapon as I love the look of the head weapon. Later on we even got the armed features for Blue and Pink as he got a shield and she got a drill. Now I love how Pink has a drill weapon as it's very different for the Pink warrior cause they usually get some type of defensive weapon. Blue gets the shield though and I love that idea since he is also a powerhouse fighter so he has both offense and defense. We even got some teamwork as Blue gives Red his battery to use for the final attack. Later on we got the reveal for the robo and boy that was so 90's right there. The whole combination process was so like the older times as they didn't use CGI at all. It was an old school combination and I loved seeing that expect for the fact the music had these pauses which just made it annoying. Sadly though the mech fight had more CGI and that is disappointing since the last episode had great blend of different effects. Now the fight wasn't bad as the special effects still looked good. There was also a very funny fight moment where Blue got a crotch hit on the monster which was a common thing in the 90's Sentai.
So what will the overall score be? I would say a B-. Most of my complaints are mostly minor things when compared to the other elements of the show. Now the confusion does take a part of this score, but the overall feel of the show was much grander. Also Nobuhara is an amazing character right now, but no character should over shine another. The fights were still very well done, but this episode didn't have the huge action feel it had like the last episode did.
Next Time: More sick sword skills from Green!

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