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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gokaiger Episode 51 Review: Thank You Space Pirates (Spoiler Alert!!!!!)

The last episode begins with a recap of the previous episode where the gang make a comeback. After the usual opening to finales the team start to fight Dairando. The first attack is the Gokai Scramble, but Dairando easily blocks it away, but he is hit by Gai's Shooting Star attack. Things get interrupted though as the Zangyack fleet comes back and fires at the Gokaigers. Things don't look well as the team are knocked out of their transformations and the fleet start to destroy the city. Luckily though the Free Joker (Basco's ship) appears and Navi is piloting it?! She then goes full on into the battle with a barrier on the ship. Navi's brave move got Marvelous thinking of a plan to finish the fight, as they will use the Free Joker to ram the Gigant Horse. Since Marve thought of it he will go and Joe tells Gai to go with him. Dairando appears again as Marve and Gai leave and Joe takes initiative as the four transforms and fight. Somehow Marve and Gai get on the ship and Marve takes the lead as he takes the ship straight to the Gigant Horse. The barrier only protects the ship for a little while as it couldn't with stand all the attacks, but the first part of the plan works as the ship rams into the Gigant Horse.
After Marve tosses Navi out of the ship the two transform and get out before the Free Joker is destroyed. They then have to face a large swarm of Zangyack troops. Meanwhile Dairando seems to be winning his fight and the fleet is still continuing its onslaught. Gai and Marve reach up to the Emperor though as Gai attacks first, but he is blocked by Gil when he is still sitting down! Both of the heroes attack him, but he continues to block their attacks while still sitting! He finally gets out of his chair as Gai knocks him away with the Gold Mode. The two start to fight and Gil is still being the bad ass he is and gets Gai down, but while he was fighting Marve takes control of the ship. Gai was only distracting Gil for the meantime and Marve makes the ship fire away at the other ships and destroys the whole fleet! Dairando sees this and is shocked to see all of them get destroyed and the four see this as an opportunity. Joe transforms into Dekamaster and fires at Dairando's back. The others then transform into other extra heroes, Luka (Shinken Red Hime), Doc (Zuuban), and Ahim (Magi Mother). With the fleet gone Marve helps Gai in the fight, but Gil is still wrecking them. With the other four, Ahim uses a barrier to block an attack, Luka uses the Daizanto to fire at Dai, and Doc transforms into the sword form as Joe uses him. Joe uses both swords and uses Cid's special move and they finish Dairando with the Blue Charge from the Galleon Buster even with the team knocked out of their transformations.
Now with Dairando dead the only one left is Gil, but he is much tougher as he is easily beating up Gai and Marvelous. They try to block one of his attacks, but they are knocked back and Gai's Gold Mode cancels out. They get ready to use their Final Waves as the Emperor was expecting them to attack him, but they fire at computer and with that distraction the two finally get some hits on him. Gai even gets a stab on Gil and shoves him into the busted computer and they fire their Final Waves at him. With all the destruction though all the hardware around them start to explode and the ship starts to fall. The team see the falling ship and think the worse, but Marve and Gai saved themselves by using Gosei Red and Go-on Wings. It looks like they have won, but Gil is still alive and can still fight! Marve though says that they cannot be defeated because they have the powers of past warriors who protected this planet. The Emperor doesn't care about their speech and fires at them, but Gai and Marve block his attack. The team transform then and begin their role call as their helmets appear after they say their names.
The final fight begins and it starts out with Gai transforming into Gosei Knight as he blocks an attack. Marve turns into Aka Ranger while Joe is Dia Jack, but they are blocked. Doc who is Battle Kenya and Luka who is Vul Panther come in and still no hits and even Ahim can't make contact as Denji Pink. Gai who is still Knight tries to distract him while Marve becomes Bouken Red and Joe who turns into Tenma Ranger and try to attack him with rods. He still blocks their attacks and even with clone summoning attacks from Dyna Black (Doc) and Yellow Mask (Luka). Gai becomes Shurikenger and uses Flowering Drive while Ahim is Ninja White and uses Paper Crane Flock. Gil is still impressively blocking these attacks as he fires at the teams, but they easily dodge his attacks. Ahim becomes Goggle Pink and Luka becomes Five Yellow as they bind Gil's arms with their ribbons. They finally get a hit as Marve becomes Red Racer, Joe is Go-on Blue, and Doc is Black Turbo as they drift around him and bash him with their fists! The two girls then become Ptrea Ranger and Abare Yellow and use the Ptrea Arrow and Abalaser, but he just blocks again (dang he is good!). With Gingared (Marve) and Kuro Kishi (Gai) though they use Blazing Mane as Joe (Blue Three) and Doc (Change Griffin) fly at him and hit him. Then Red Hawk (Marve), Gao Yellow (Luka), and Pink Flash (Ahim) do the same after the two. Doc who is MegaBlack uses the Battle Rizer and Joe who is Go Blue uses the V Mode Bracelt to punch him. Ahim (Time Pink) uses the Vol Sniper while Luka (Yellow Lion) shoots with the Lion Bazooka. Then Gai (Kingranger) and Marve (Ohred) slash the Emperor up. The fight is still not over (which is not a bad thing just a lot to type) as the team go into Super Ranger! Marve becomes Hyper Shinkenred, Joe is Super Gosei Blue, Luka is Super Geki Yellow, Doc is Deka Green Swat Mode, Ahim is Legend Magi Pink, and Gai is in Gold Mode. First Doc fires at him as Joe, Ahim, and Luka blast and slash him. After Marve slashes Gil with the Kyoryumar (Still not a shark!) as he gives Gai a boost into the sky. With Gai in the air he uses Legend Crush on Gil. To finish things off the team combine their attacks to use Gokai Shooting Slash, but Gil still won't go down! Gai though jumps out after an attack with the Galleon Buster as he uses the Show Stopper Wave (Okay?) to finish Gil off for good!
The fight is finally over and the team has finally defeated the Zangyack! They are full of excitement, but they soon fall back to the ground because after a fight like that I would rest too. After several months we see the team getting some food at the restaurant from episode 1. There Luka is reading a newspaper with the news of the Zangyack starting to die out as they are separating. Gai then comes in saying he has made all of his goodbyes. The next goal now is the second greatest treasure in the universe, but the only clue they got is that its at the Zangyack's home planet. The team start to go to their ship, but all of a sudden an elementary class shows up who were in the first episode. They want their autographs for saving the world, but they respond saying that they didn't do any of that. They are space pirates and their only goal is treasure, but Gai will still give an autograph later. Before they leave though they decide to give back the Sentai Powers back to their original owners. We lastly see Akared on the ship as he nods to Marvelous and vanishes (is he alive?!). As they leave we see some of the past warriors getting their powers back. The last one we see is Akaranger! He says that they have done it and now its time for them to seize it for their sakes as he transforms and walks away. We then see our heroes going into space and heading for the Zangyack world (wait how is Gai going to breathe?!).
That's the end of Gokaiger and this episode was AMAZING! The end of the story is very nice as our heroes try to keep their images as pirates. I really loved them seeing past things from the first episode and seeing how they changed even though they don't want to appear as they did. The fights were simply flawless as the Emperor was a great fighter and that difficulty made the fights more suspenseful. The final fight had so many Ranger Keys used and it was awesome seeing many different powers work together. Also they finally used special forms of the warriors which again is AWESOME! Then we see more past warriors getting their powers back, sure they could have made episode appearances, but seeing them in the end credits was very nice. Overall this episode is a perfect end to the amazing series and like Double I'm going to miss it a lot. Great action, the characters are amazing as ever, and its a great ending, an A+
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  1. The fact that Ahim turned into Goggle Pink made me forgive that we're not seeing their Greater Power. Overall, this is a totally awesome episode and a great, fitting end. We'll be eagerly waiting for the Super Hero Wars to have Marvelous and Decade duke it out for ultra awesome!

    Though overall, I feel that Zangyack, while having a great fighter for an emperor like Ackdos, was truly outshined by Basco. Their strategy comes in mass number and outnumbering their foes, while Basco usually plays more mental games and tricks. It was a nice fight with Ackdos, but I feel that Basco overall was a much more threatening and greater villain.

    But aside of that, this is great! Truly one of the best Sentai of the age.

    Also, it's Red HAWK not Red EAGLE...

  2. The series was amazing and even though they didnt tribute every series it was nice to see many actors come back to reprise their roles. The only big flaw was the Zangyack, but the show easily balances that out with so many great things. For example Basco was amazing! I hated him so much that I completely love his character.

  3. Oh and thanks for the correction I guess I had Vul Eagle in my head.