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Friday, May 25, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 35 Review: Heavy Metal

The episode starts with Jake as he owns a radio show and is broadcasting during the night. He gives advice to listeners as well and it's all online and he does his own singing. It's morning now and we see that Kengo is telling the team about how the cosmic power in AGHS is much stronger ever since the hole vanished in Kyoto. Now there are worries about the upcoming Horoscopes, but Gen has no worries since he has the Cosmic Switch (even though he got beaten around by Leo). Then we see a girl listening to what Jake said on the radio as she splashes water on his face. It also seems that Jake is keeping his radio identity as he is called Gene. The radio show as also been very popular as Gen and Yuuki get frantic at Kengo and Ryusei for not knowing who Gene is. The group starts walking out of the cafeteria as Yuuki talks about the Milky Night Carnival and we the two girls from before talking about the show. Jake then talks to Gen about Gene and Gen likes the guy a lot and his singing, but Yuuki says his singing is for comedic purposes since he sounds bad. Everyone seems to like the show which is good and now Gen is going to find Gene and befriend him. After that we see the Taurus Zodiart rocking out on the roof as he is excited to give Gene a request.
It's night again as we see Jake reading an e-mail from a fan. It's a request for a song, but sadly Jake won't accept since it doesn't fit with the theme. The show begins and Jake reads another e-mail with just a phone number. He calls the person and on the other side is a guy trying to play an electric guitar, but he's not that good. Jake starts to realize something and before he could say anything the man request that the two meet tomorrow at 2 pm in Pan's store. Meanwhile with the Rider Club we see Yuuki rocking out with a guitar as it is plugged into Fourze's Beat switch. Yuuki wants to start up a band because of Gene as Tomoko joins with another guitar and even Kengo wants to join since he has some experience with the drums. Kengo also recently listened to the show and he's a fan now. Now Gen is more enervated to find Gene, but where? Yuuki reminds the group that Gene is meeting a fan at a bread store. Tomoko corrects her though saying "Pan" is a name for a music store and we then cut to that store. Jake walks around and hears the voice from before as they sing a couple of lines from a song. Jake's old friend is named Gotou (must resist Date insert joke) and he has recently came to AGHS. Gotou has something to show him though as he shows him the Horoscope switch. He then transforms into Taurus and begins to rock out and he does much better than before. Gotou also gets Jake to sing as his voice gets much better for some reason.
The group then appear hearing singing in the store as they think they found Gene. Jake tries to get away, but he is seen, but he keeps his identity a secret by faking fear around the new Horoscope. Gen transforms and takes the fight outside of the store. Ryusei also transforms and enters in the fight and it seems Gotou doesn't have full control over his powers. Also it seems it's not the Taurus Zoidart it's the Capricorn whoops. Either way Gen is told to use Cosmic States to quickly finish him off. He does so and goes into Cosmic States and he starts by inserting the Elek switch in the sword. Gen gets a couple of hits on him and Jake can't watch this anymore as he runs into Gen and tries to stop him from fighting. Then the Cosmic States starts to act up a little and soon Meteor gets his finisher ready. Libra appears though and takes Capricorn with him. After the fight Gen gives Kengo the Cosmic switch to look at and the two girls talk about how they didn't find Gene. They even talk about the singing from before and say that it couldn't have been Gene since it was good. With the villains we see that with Libra's new eye he can see if someone can become a Horoscope. Tatsugami isn't impressed with the new guy as he doesn't seem that sharp and his obsession with rock is annoying. Libra wants him to keep playing his guitar and Gotou soon does with Capricorn's powers. All of a sudden the other Horoscope switches start to react to the guitar. We don't know what it does to the switches exactly, but Tatsugami is happy to see this. He will now train Gotou so that he can mater his powers and so that the Core Switch could be found.
After school we see Jake is having issues with the current situation. Gen comes around though and talks about the request that is sent. Gen has now found out that Gene is Jake because only he would know about that e-mail. The two talk about "Gene" and Jake says that is only a character that is just the remains of his dream. Jake's father was a guitar player and Jake loved to sing along when he was younger. Since then Jake thought of himself as the rock star Gene and hopes for the day when he comes famous. During middle school though he tried singing along with Gotou, but no one liked their performance. Even Gen admits that Jake's singing isn't the best, but he has heart. Jake then says that the only reason the radio show is because he thought no one would listen. Now Jake could have another chance of reaching his dream. Back to the radio show we see that Jake is beginning a new segment with his friend "God" as it is called Gene God's Night Carnival. Jake is now working with Gotou who is Capricorn and the two start to play a song. This time Jake's singing is much better and two fans are ecstatic over it. There is another band around though as Yuuki, Tomoko, and Kengo start playing. It sounds pretty bad as everyone else around is covering their ears. Ryusei gets the group away from the singing as he talks about a couple of accidents happening to some students. These students have been getting worked up like how those three are right now and some of them are getting injured because they are going out of control. The factor is that they have been listening to the same show which is Gene's show. Jake then talks about how it could because of the Zodiart around and there Gen reveals that Jake is Gene. Jake then storms out and promises that he won't be airing today.
Jake then appears at the broadcasting area as Gotou is ready to rock. Jake wants to stop because of the students hurting themselves, but Gotou wants to continue. Jake even tries to get the switch from Gotou, but the two start to bicker about how they can finally become stars. Friendship is more important for Jake though, but then Gotou talks about Jake's father. Sadly the show starts and now Gen and Ryusei come to stop them. They find the two rock stars thanks to the roid and Gotou quickly attacks the two. Gen transforms into Fourze and when the fights gets inside a building Meteor jumps in. Meteor takes Capricorn on and Fourze goes into Cosmic States. Capricorn has a pick now to use and his powers have been amplified. Meteor soon releases the Storm form and during the fight Jake appears. Gen talks to him and asks why he still aired the show. Jake thinks that he has to focus on the future right now as he doesn't want to end up like his father who had to give up on his dream. Jake wants to be a star and since high school is only a fraction of his life he doesn't want to miss his chance. Gen starts to get angry with him and Jake says that he will quit the Rider Club. When that is said the Cosmic Switch starts to act up again as it lifts itself out of the belt and soon Fourze is back to Base States.
This episode is very interesting. First I like that it focuses more on Jake as the series hasn't been focusing on the minor characters recently IMO. Jake's dream is very realistic since he is a fan of music and knowing his father worked with music it adds up with it. Also seeing how he reacts to it and seeing that school isn't that big just pushes him more. Nothing is wrong for following dreams, but it's just how people think about it. Jake is not thinking this fully through since he is hurting others just for his own desires. This does remind me of OOO a little. Gotou is nothing special, hes the character who is just making the situation worse. He does have a nice background connection with Jake, but it's very little and basically his character is a punk. The fights were ehh. In the first fight there was a little mistake as it seems there is a tear in the Fourze suit and this time it's really noticeable. Both of the fights though are the same, Jake interferes and it causes a bad thing to happen. Jake stops Gen from attacking which leads to Capricorn not being defeated and now with him leaving it causes an issue with friendship and causes the switch to go haywire. This episode has something interesting going for it, but the execution is nothing special as it feels dry. This episode gets a D+ because of the good idea of Jake wanting to be a star, but the character who is mixed with this is just boring and the interactions aren't that good either. Another thing I have no idea why I thought the Zodiart was Taurus maybe because of the horns, but a ram has horns as well so yea my bad.
Next Time: Play Me Out Gen!

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