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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Go-Busters Episode 12 Review: The Metaroid Trap

The episode begins with Yoko testing out her piloting skills with a simulation. Yoko isn't happy for some reason and she wants to go through ion simulation once more. Ever since the last fight, Yoko is embarrassed that she was blown into the sky and wants to train more than ever. Nakamaru asks about what Yoko does on her days off and the response it mostly training or sleeping since she hates studying. Naka is worried because she is only 16 and yet she isn't having any fun. Meanwhile we see Enter talking to Messiah about the upcoming plan and with the team they are told about the next possible target. Enter could be after some crystals for the Megazords' eyes. The mission is to protect the crystals and their owner and that person is an actress named Angie. They are shown a picture of her and it looks just like Yoko. We then cut to the beginning of the mission as Ryuji is disguised as a waiter, Hiro is a clown, and Yoko is just watching. She sees Angie entering the building and has discovered that the crystals are in her earrings. Enter is already making his move as cp makes the Copyroid from a projector.
We see Ryuji giving tea to Angie her tea and he has a hard time with this since she looks like Yoko. The team is soon told about the reading of a Metaroid near them and the Alpha Megazord will appear in over 4 hours. Yoko then barely sees the Metaroid thanks to her camera and the team get ready for a fight, but the roid disguises himself by copying a person's appearance. Thanks to this the readings have even vanished and Yoko cannot trace it anymore. The roid easily gets through the team and tries to get Angie, but Ryuji jumps in and saves her. Hiro then apprehends the roid and he is easily catching on to the disguise since normal women aren't this strong. The roid shows his true self though and runs off, but he stumbles and falls to the ground. Yoko is confused on how it can hide it's readings, but there is no time as the team transform into the Busters. They easily kick and punch the roid around, but the roid runs for it and disguises himself again. After the fight they now know of the roid's ablitiy and realize when he got away. Now they predict that the roid will strike again when the press conference begins and that will be at 3 pm the time the Megazord will appear. The Busters come into where Angie is and Hiro tries to tell her manager to cancel the conference. The manager won't listen though since protecting Angie is the Buster's job in the first place and Angie's dreams are at stake (wait a second). Angie says she wants to be a well known actress and she cannot stop here (very familiar). Now they try to suggest to not have the earrings, but they are important since they fit the theme of the movie. Yoko finally comes in and yells at them since they are putting a lot at stake just for a movie. The manager quickly realizes that she looks like Angie and Angie is happy of what Yoko said. She asks Yoko if she has any dreams of her and says that the earrings are all she has left of her mother (of course). Ryuji has a plan now and since the enemy is impersonating people, why shouldn't they do the same?
The plan is to use Yoko as a decoy since she looks like Angie. Then Hiro will face the Megazord in the Ace as it's get approved by the commander. Before the plan begins Yoko thinks about what Angie said and thinks of her mother. Nakamaru then asks about when Yoko's mom was sent to the cyberspace which was 13 years ago. She is sad to see a normal girl like Yoko being involved in this, but Usada says that it was all the love and affection from Ryuji and the commander that has shaped Yoko in the girl she is today. Then before Hiro goes away he is asked about his dreams by Yoko. Hiro then asks her and she says she wants to defeat the Vaglass, but Hiro says that isn't a dream. Yoko agrees with him and since a dream shouldn't be something that someone has to do. Ryuji then says that after the fight they can look for their dreams. We then see Angie checking up on Yoko as she is preparing for the conference. Angie sees how similar Yoko is to her and she came to apologize about what she said before. Yoko though is fine with what she said since it's important for her. Yoko then begins to talk about how she never really had a dream before since she had to think about fighting all the time. Angie helps her out with the makeup and there she asks if Yoko is fine with this since she seems to be a normal girl. Yoko is fine since she wants to fight. The mission is beginning as Yoko steps put into the conference and Red starts fighting the Alpha zord. He starts with by throwing a sword straight at the zord as it falls down to the ground. A new sword is sent to the Ace and the zord copies the Ace's appearance. The two clash their swords, but the copy seems to be winning so far as it slashes the Ace two times. Ryuji is backstage and there he sees a man walking up towards the desk. There he suspects that is the roid as he tells Yoko. The man tries to get her, but she kicks him in the face and into the crowd. Ryuji was also right as the Copyroid gets rids of his disguise. Yoko fights him out of suit and she does well on her own as she gets the roid on the ground. To calm everyone down the manager appears and says this is all part of the event. The roid attacks again and Yoko defends the manager, but one of the earrings comes off and gets into the roid's hand. Yoko gets higher up and drop kicks the roid and tells him that he will not get the other earring since it is important for Angie.
The roid makes a run for it and gives the earring to Enter. Ryuji then appears as the conference continues with the real Angie. The two then morph into Blue and Yellow Buster and the fight begins with Blue tossing the roid down to the ground. Then Yellow jumps in and kicks the roid after Blue gets out for a while. Blue comes back in and gets the roid back on the ground, but this time he breaks the roid's copy arm. Blue gets on the ground then and blast the roid into the sky and it drops on the ground. Yellow runs in and slashes the roid and jumps over him. Both Yellow and Blue use the Special Buster finisher as it kills the roid. Now the two of them try to help Red, but since there are two Aces they cannot tell which one is real. To find out which one is which Yoko opens fires at the two Aces. Soon the copy ability wears off as the zord is revealed. With that out of the way the team combine into Gobuster-oh and finish the zord with Dimension Crush. We get back to the base and we see that Yoko gets an e-mail from Yoko. She doesn't want to since she lost one of the earrings, but she does anyways. It's in English sadly and Yoko cannot read it. The letter is mostly a thank you from Angie and it has a link to a video which shows Yoko fight the roid when she was disguised.
This episode played differently than I expected, but that is one of it's flaws. First the character Angie didn't do much at all which is sad to see since I thought she was going to have more interactions. I know the series is using execution methods with common sentai episodes, but there should still be more focus on the minor character. Angie is sadly a cliche character though so maybe I can see why there was less screen time for her. I mean she had the passion to continue for her dream like Jake from Fourze and she has a dead mother (it's like were in a Disney film). Yoko was great in this episode from seeing her deal with her thoughts and her out of suit fight was fun to watch. It is pretty interesting to see that Yoko really never had any big dreams since she was training at a very young age and doing that for a long time with a young mind can make people forget about other things. Enter was good like always and I just love how he plans things out. Enter keeps doing this and it just shows that Enter is really smart and since his plans actually work is a huge step up compared to other villains. The other fights were good I like how they used the Copyroid since he was a fighter that much, but what he had was more sneaky than other roids. The best fight was with Blue and Yellow since they have the closest bond they fight very well together. Yoko is the light hitter and can distract an enemy so that Ryuji can go for the big move then. The mecha fight was good since it did the copy thing and seeing how Yoko dealt with it made me laugh because a lot of times other episodes would take so much time to solve an issue like that. A thing that got me is that this episode is similar to episode 35 of Fourze since they both deal with dreams. Go-Busters didn't focus on it that much though since Angie was kinda ignored. Overall, there are really good things in this episode, but it's disappointing to see Angie have very little interaction even though the previews made it look like she was going to have more, a C+
Next Time: A Day Off?

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