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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 15 Review: Concentration Is The Key

Another day of school as we see Hayami talk with Sonoda about a Christmas present, but he is interrupted  by Oosugi eavesdropping. He is found out as he runs away acting like a child as he yells down the hallways. After that Hayami talks about how her plans have failed and he is going to show how she should select switchers which is the present. Also I have a feeling that a little nickname for Sonoda will be brought up more often as Hayami calls her a little pup. Now with the heroes we see Gen apologizing to the Rocket and Drill switches (a little odd) because of the double limit break drained them out. Yuuki then tries to help by singing to the switches as we see three boys watching here as they enter. They start to bow before her and sing as they ask her to help the glee club as the club only has male members. Gen tries to pitch in, but they need a female as they go off without him. Gen wants to sing as he tries, but a zodiart as popped up. He cannot use Rocket and Drill so he puts Magic Hand and Spike to replace them as he transforms and rides on his bike to the scene. He fights the new zodiart as it seems there is someone else in his way as he mentions that now he has to deal with Fourze. During the fight Kengo gets info of him from Burgermeal and its a Perseus as he tells him to dodge his left arm as it can turn anything it touches into stone! Fourze goes into Elek States as they have a clash, but it ends as a draw and the zodiart leaves the scene. Hayami and Sonoda were watching from afar as Hayami sees that things are working out for him.
In the Rabbit Hutch we see Tomoko helping Gen with his wounds with a strange remedy of lizards and centipedes. Kengo walks in and wonders about the zodiart as it seemed like he was just going on a rampage as he then asks about the other members. Tomoko shows Kengo two flyers as Shun and Miu are getting the Kamen Rider Club X-mas part ready and Jake's party. Everyone is busy with Christmas as Gen just has to do more on his own as he goes to the roof with the Burgermeal. There he sees a student painting as he tries to talk to him, but he wants Gen gone as he cannot focus otherwise. We all know Gentaro though as he tries to befriend the painter as he sees the painting and he is amazed by its beauty as the boy gets a smile from his compliment. We find out that he is painting for the kindergarteners as he is heavily influenced by the kids reactions from last year and he will not stop until its perfect. Gen notices a grumbling building in the painting as it is similar to the one from today, but he gets distracted by Yuuki's singing. Gen leaves as he wants to meet with Motoyama as he snaps his paintbrush in anger when Gen is gone because he thinks the singing is terrible. Yuuki also as some high standards as she wants to sing a song about space so that the interest can increase. The glee club accepts it anyways as they need her as they sing along with her.
Motoyama soon snaps though as he cannot take anymore and transforms into the zodiart from before. Somehow though Yuuki appears and fights him! She even catches his blade, but its just Libra as they continue their fight. After losing to Libra he seems to be more relaxed as Libra tells him to not go into his tantrums anymore. Motoyama replies back that he must finish his painting though and he will let no one get in the way. We now see Hayami's way of using switchers as he will guide them throughout their issues as Sonoda remembers from back when she was younger. Oosugi is going to roof then to eat his lunch, but he walks in when he hears Hayami saying "My little pup" and he runs off again like a child. Abe (who is a past actor from Kamen Rider Agito, he played Taichi) and Gen do the usual handshake as they see Motoyama as Abe talks with him. Moto also has some issues with the glee club now as he hates Yuuki's singing. Jake and Kengo come along though to tell Gen about a possible lead with the new zodiart as they get to the Hutch where Shun and Miu return with decorations. Kengo then talks about the new zodiart and his ability to turn people into stone while Jake talks about the past victims. They try to think of any possible connection, but Kengo has got nothing as Gen remembers about the destroyed building. Gen then talks about a possibility that the zodiart is attacking people who are bothering him with his painting as he finds out that Moto is the zodiart.
Yuuki is practicing her singing when she thinks all is well, but Moto in his zoidart form says he will stop her singing. She tries to defend herself, but she starts to run for her life as he follows her. Gen screams out his name to stop, but the chase still continues and Abe hears his name being called out as he follows. When Gen and Kengo confront him he cancels his transformation after his identity was revealed. Moto then talks about his reasoning as even buildings get in the way of his concentration as he switch goes into Last One. He clicks with as Abe sees and heard the whole conservation as Gen transforms into Fourze and does the best Uchuu Kitta so far. The two fights as Gentaro keeps trying to dodge his left arm and to get some distance and after some rolling and jumping around he uses the Fire switch to enter Fire States. He shoots flames at him and when he gets close enough to slash him he vanishes all of a sudden and appears behind him. Gen uses the limit break and right before Moto could attack him as he is defeated and the switch falls to the ground. Before getting the switch though somehow the switch reactivates and summons Moto in the zodiarts form and he is glowing with power! Sonoda sees that that Moto has gone passed the Last One like she did back then as she flashbacks to the first time she became Scorpion. We then find out that there are only four satellites so far Virgo, Libra, Scorpion, and Leo as their mission is to awaken the remaining eight.
That's episode 15 and its another good episode as the villain could become a much bigger threat soon as he could become the next satellite. That would actually be very interesting to see as we could get some great development for the new villains. Sadly there wasn't that much interaction with the group which did feel lacking at times, but the scenes with the glee club and Motoyama were a good trade. The sudden little twist with Abe being friends with Moto seems a little lazy as they had to find someway to connect the two characters. I am hoping that part of this arc will get more focus as we just know they are childhood friends. The fights were pretty good as I really like this zodiart it has a really good design and the powers it has are strong. For the character he seems a little crazy to me as his painting comes first before anything, but high chance part two will reveal more of that because he wouldn't just be doing this for children, right? I like Hayami as well because he is a villain that already has experience with switchers and his style of using them is good as we see that Moto could become the next satellite and the scenes he had were good. Overall a good episode with some lack luster scenes, but everything should get better in part two, a B-
Next Week: Meteor's reveal and is that Jupiter on his hand?!

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