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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 43 Review: I Need A Hero! (Spolier Alert!)

After a recap of past events of the team's loss we see Marvelous in the Zangyack ship as everyone wants him dead, but the emperor says that he should be executed on Earth. While Navi is searching for the teammates Don is moping the whole time as he reveals the truth about his lie. He made everything up about him being a hero as he erases the star mark on his arm. He starts to think about the Ahim's and Gai's belief about him being a hero as he thinks about when he was giving his ranger key from Marvelous. He never wanted to fight mostly because he doesn't know how to, but Marve says he just has to do what he can. Soon a broadcast from Damaras appears as he reveals Marve on a cross all tied up as he is going to be executed. Basco then comes out to see Marve off and to steal all the grand powers they collected as he stole two new ones from Fiveman and Sun Vulcan! Navi tries to think of a plan, but Don says he can't. Even with him wanting to save Marve and wanting revenge he knows he cannot defeat Damaras, but Navi slaps him and says he was good in his own way. With that said he looks back into the past again when he first fought as Gokai Green. He cowers away from the fight as troops surround him, but Luka comes out and saves him. He says that she shouldn't have to save him like that, but as pirates everyone has to do. Don then gets two guns and starts to shoot at more troops and it works as dual pistols seem to be his best way of fighting.
You can take Fiveman, but not Sun Vulcan!
He starts to smile as he remembers having good times as a pirate even though he was forced into the crew, but he wanted to continue the journey. He then remembers that he is going to do all he can and to make the lie into the truth! Back with the execution Damaras feels everything is set, but Marve reminds him of the last ace, Don. Damaras doesn't see any threat in him as he laughs about the thought of him being one as the execution is going to begin. It's Don to the rescue though with a very great song as he shoots two guards and enters the scene. Don talks off at Damaras saying that he is a legendary hero and will do what he can do as troops attack him. Having some issues he transforms and uses Ginga Green and MagiGreen to fight them off, but it doesn't help much as Damaras enters the fight. At first it looks like he just rushed right into action, but the plan was to have Navi free Marve when Damaras left. Basco sees Navi, but he just walks away as it seems that he is plotting something. Don doesn't stand a chance, but Marve gets free and gets into the fight. Marve thinks Don has more to this plan, but he doesn't so all that is left to do is to fight their way out.
Then what a surprise the others are alive as Damaras is confused. It seems that Sally helped the four by rescuing them from Basco's attack. As soon as the news is out Basco comes and and stabs Damaras in the back literally! Basco tells Damaras that he has reasons why he wants them alive, its so he can collect the powers from them. Damaras gets Basco off as he gives Marve his ranger key back as Basco says that there is one more power that is needed and when they have it, it will be time to fight. The team transform and do the usual role call with the opening in the background. They first face little troops and they are taken quickly and when imperial guards appear the team go all green to finish them off. A big blast from Damaras though knocks the team out of their green transformations. One of his attacks blow four of them away as Don and Marve fight him off and with their great teamwork they get good hits on him and knock him off with a Final Wave. The Galleon Buster is taken out as they fire away at him, but one shot isn't enough as Don uses it with a green charge! Damaras it taken down, but he grows big as the team go into their mechas. With two on one the odd are on the heroes' side, but Damaras was hiding Gatling gun turrets and uses them to gain the edge. The team then use many of their grand powers to attack Damaras as they go into Kazen Gokai-oh. Kazen form is too strong for Damaras as the team finish him off with Magiranger's, Dekaranger's, Gaoranger's, and Hurricanger's powers to make a combined attack.
Everyone then celebrates in the ship as they have a feast. Don is happy to be back with the crew as Joe brings up the legendary hero lie up. Don said he already apologized, but to them he is a hero for saving Marvelous. Well that's episode 43 and its very well done. It does use some cliche parts like lies, but its how Don encourages himself to fight is what makes the episode impressive. He knows he isn't the strongest person, but to continue on with the journey he has to fight even by himself. I thought the team just survived the attack and didn't really see Basco betraying Damaras as he could easily get powers on his own which is proven because he know has five of them. The fight was great as Don epic entrance really pumped me up and using all green was very nice to see how different powers can work together. Damaras was a strong villain in this arc, but I was hoping for him to be the final villain, but he was still a great threat and was the strongest villain in the Zangyack. Overall a strong character episode for Don as his actor did very great with emotions and the character improved greatly, but a little disappointment since Damaras is now dead, an A.
Next Week: Its Christmas!!!

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