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Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Super Hero Taisen" A Possible Movie Series

Usually with the movies there haven't been crossover team ups with different franchises. First Shinkenger and Decade, now with Gokaiger VS Gavan, and the upcoming Super Hero Taisen movie will help to breach that boundary. News has been spreading out that the team ups between riders and rangers could become a common Spring movie. Since the first film will be coming out May of 2012 which is closer than you think the first Sentai VS Rider movie will be next year. With that who will the heroes be in that movie? High chance Fourze will be over before Spring of 2013 and the same could go for Gobusters. We do know that Fourze and the Gobusters will already be in the upcoming film so that probably means they won't appear in the next one, even though Fourze will be done. I bet next year will be with the next rider of 2012 and with the new sentai of 2012. Even though that rider series will end before the movie is released. It would be a lot easier if both series were around the same time, but thanks to Decade that was broken, but with Gokaiger it is helping a little bit with the series having 52 episodes, but that's too little help. So who knows how exactly things will go all we need to know that the first Taisen movie is going to be big!
While we're at it lets add more heroes!

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