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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kohei Murakami Retiring?!

Yup it seems that Kohei who is known for his role of Kusaka (Kamen Rider Kaixa) is retiring from acting. His most previous work in toku was in Garo Makai Senki. I really thought that this actor could come back to play more roles in some series. Since Kousei Amano came back in Fourze I was hoping to see some more past actors in new shows. Well there are still a lot of actors around and it was his decision as he wants to look at himself and his future. I guess something happened to him recently or maybe he has been thinking about quitting a while ago. Either way its his decision as he will be remembered for his roles in toku mostly though for his performance in Kamen Rider Faiz as one of the best anti-heroes in the franchise. Also a quick notice I am doing reviews for holiday purposes. During my break I will be reviewing a big team up movie, do another off topic post, and when it's the new year I will review a series that grabbed me into Tokusatsu.

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