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Friday, December 16, 2011

My Top Ten Toku Series I Want To Watch

There are a lot of series for the tokusatsu as many are hard to find. There are plenty of RAW episodes, but I don't speak Japanese so yea...
10. Winspector
Does this series look awesome or what is all I got to say. I like the cop theme its showing and the villains that the heroes fight aren't always monsters. I like that a lot as it gives a different viewpoint for the heroes who have to fight humans. Also it can show some smart villains who use traps and high power weapons. In the end the heroes have to think than just to overpower the villain.

My reasoning for this series is the amount of episodes it has as it is the only sentai series with 35 episodes and its the shortest. Sometimes though short can be very sweet as many shows from Japan has shown me that. There is Big One and I have seen clips of him in action and in the Gaoranger movie so my hype over him is another big reason why I want to see this series.

8. Uchuu Keiji Sharivan
I have seen episodes of Gavan and Shaider, but why not Sharivan? Its odd I see the first and the third metal hero series, but for some reason the only thing I have seen of Sharivan is fan-made music videos. I know a guy on Facebook that loves this series and hearing him talk about it makes me want to see it more and more!

7. Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya 
Yes this is a metal hero series and many never see that when they see the opening for the first time. Its understandable as his design looks different compared to other heroes from the franchise. The opening for this show though look awesome as we see some great old school action and even though he is a ninja he's got technology on his side. So lets get this straight, being a ninja is cool already, but can drive.... Hell Yea!

6. B-Fighter Kabuto
I hear so much hate for this series as people say it is the series that kills the franchise. Now that's some heavy stuff right there and I want to see how they messed up. I mean from the shows I have seen from the franchise they are pretty damn sweet and this is the one that kills it. I remember this series as Beetleborgs Metallic and I didn't like it as much compared to the first series, but I bet now I will hate that series as well now...

5. Kaiketsu Zubat
Oh Hiroshi Miyauchi is a personal favorite actor from the franchise for me as he plays some great roles. Everyone knows him as Kamen Rider V3 and I can't blame anyone for that as V3 is still known as the best Showa rider. For Sentai fans he is known as Aoranger and Big One and both very memorable. So will his charm make this western feeling series a good watch? The hero looks great for me as for some reason I like heroes with whips just a personal preference of mine.

4. Goggle Five
I barely know anything on this series and that's why it interests me the most so far. First the gymnastics that the heroes use interests me as its very different to many sentai even now. Then their opening theme is just amazing as I love it so much ah the older times had such better music. Well overall my interest comes from not knowing this show at all as I mostly only seen an opening or quick clips from the Boukenger series when they talked about every sentai.
3. Skyrider
I have at least one episode from every Kamen Rider series, expect this one though. I hear split fan bases over this series and if I remember correctly he was just named Kamen Rider for a while. Why couldn't he just have been called Skyrider to begin with. Well I also hear that past riders appear in episodes of the series which will be nice to see the older riders fight more.
2. Kikaider and Kikaider 01
It may seem odd to have a tie for this list, but it's because of the title of the shows. It sounds like they are similar heroes and reminds me of Black and Black RX. I remember watching some of the anime series and its pretty interesting so will either one of these series follow the same path? Another thing that gets me thinking is how they both face the same rival Hakaider from what I have saw. From 01 though I seen more than one of him so I'm just wondering if both shows are different from each other or not.

1. Juukou B-Fighter
I need to see this series the most! First I remember the American adaption so that gives me some curiosity about the original. I have seen many fan-made music videos and heard about it a lot. People love this series greatly and call it one of the best Metal Hero series. I heard that it brings back some themes from the original three and still using new themes like having three heroes like Blue Swat had. I have also read a couple of things about it and I am really interested in the show as the villains seem great. I so want to see Black Beet as I remember seeing that great mv someone made for him with that jaw dropping theme he has. Overall there is so much love for this series and I want to love it too. That's my list and feel free to comment and you could give me some links where I can find subtitled versions of these series. Just make sure they are safe websites, please.
I can't find the music video (Onore Youtube!)


  1. I think Winspector is okay for what it is. But personally, it couldn't hold my attention for 49 eps. I personally found GoGoFive to be far worth my time.

    I personally can't stand JAKQ. The cast was really bland imo. And the choreography is easily the worst in the franchise imo. Big One was okay, but he's nowhere near as badass as he was in Gao vs SS. And the finale was terrible imo.

    Sharivan is alright, but kinda unmemorable to me. Though that's pretty much how I felt about all three Space Sheriffs.

    I think Jiraiya had some pretty cool things going on for it. And had some really cool ninjutsu. However, I think the premise was pretty thin, and the story felt like it didn't know what it wanted to do at times. Ah well.

    Oh god, yeah, I personally can't stand B-Fighter Kabuto. lol.

    Zubat is easily one of the best 70s tokusatsu shows out there! Miyauchi kicks so much butt in this show! The show gets a little repetitive, but it's still a fun watch, and is very innovative. =)

    I think Goggle-V is pretty decent. It's a fun little crazy imaginative and risk taking series. I don't think it's one of the better shows, but it's still a fun little ride.

    I personally didn't care much for Skyrider. While the main hero himself is fun, the plots were just bland imo. Plus, the show didn't seem like it could make up it's mind on what it wanted to do with itself. IMO, a major step down from it's five predecessors.

    From what I've seen of Kikaider, it seems pretty decent. Though I personally find Metalder to be a far more interesting take on the Kikaider concept.

    B-Fighter is pretty good. An imaginative concept with some decent and solid plots. Black Beet is like the Metal Heroes' Shadow Moon. LOL. My only complaints for this show is how the writer writes the main characters as too straight faced, which is disappointing compared to the more complex cast of Blue SWAT.

    Out of all of these shows, the only one that I know that has a decent amount of eps subbed would be Zubat. Here, I hope this helps:

  2. dang you really hate JAKQ and either way I still want to see these shows mostly because of Miyauchi himself as Big One. Overall all I mostly know about the shows are their opening themes.

  3. You will not regret watching Goggle V. Now go watch it! Be sure to check out further on Miki as well. She's awesome...

  4. Just so you know, the reason Skyrider was originally just called "Kamen Rider" was because it was meant to be a reboot. Then in episode 20 they decided "screw it, we're deciding it's actually a sequel instead!" and brought back the original seven Riders for team-ups. (It's also the only thing on this list I've seen a lot of, and...its quality is all over the place. Like, it keeps swaying between really awesome episodes and really dumb episodes. Episode 9 is a favourite of mine.)

    (Also seen episode 1 of JAKQ and the Goranger/JAKQ didn't impress me too much, but the suits look cool and in the team-up special Big One was pretty awesome. Speaking of Goranger, if you haven't seen it, I recommend it. It's so much fun.)