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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 42 Review: Stronger! (Spoiler Alert!)

Well the episode starts off with a fight as Gai uses Gozyurex to fight off imperial guards while everyone else are fighting grunts. Don starts to complain about the Zangyack during battle as Luka tells him to stop. Joe also mentions about his strange fighting style and he should start to use a less zany style as Luka agrees. Luck isn't on Don's side as grunts get good hits on him and Ahim accidentally hits him. With grunts laughing at Don he jumps the crowd and takes them all down! After the opening theme Gai goes into Gozyujin while the team uses Gekiranger with Rio and Mele keys and Fiveman to finish off the grunts. Both take out Imperial guards out with Galleon Buster and Gokai Drill Spin Blitz. Another right hand man of the Emperor is mad about the pirates as he wants to take them down. Insarn though wants Damaras a second chance as she recruits him to fight the team. It seems that the Emperor agrees with Insarn as Damaras is soon free, but he needs to get the Gokaigers. The right hand man talks down on Damaras, but he breaks out of his cuffs and breaks the door on his cell as he takes the wanted posters. He goes through them and when he reaches to Don he sees no threat with him so he is going to let him go.
Back with the crew Ahim screams as everyone is concern what that was about. Ahim then shows an article in a magazine with Don in it, but it shows him as a great hero. The lost, but not forgotten Don Dogoier who has killed a planet destroying dragon. After him killing the dragon he vanishes into a bright light and was never seen again as Don hears about it as well and wonders if that was really his past. Everyone is confused as they thought he just came from a planet the Zangyack destroyed, but Don never told them that he lost his memory. The article says that the hero had a star mark on his arm as Luka and Gai attack Don to reveal the star mark on his arm. With all this happening Don tries to think of anyway to revive his memory as he thinks about fine cuisine since he was a great hero which means he ate some great food in the past. The plan is then to find a fancy restaurant to eat at. Meanwhile Damaras makes it to Earth and meets up with Basco and attacks him. Basco tries to block it, but he is sent flying as Damaras scolds him on the fact that he let the pirates go with their lives when he had the opportunity. Now he wants Basco to fight with him to kill them once and for all and if not he will kill him. Sally tries to help, but Damaras gets rid of him and takes Basco down as he soon agrees to his terms.
At the restaurant it seems Don hasn't got any memories back as Luka thinks about the first time they met him. In the flashback Luka tries to get Don to fix the ship with her looks as he soon agrees, but he sees the wanted posters as he runs away. Luka says out of all the people who were afraid of them, Don was the most pathetic and everyone then wonders why he became a pirate. It seems that he changes his mind and gets to the ship to fix the computer as they agree to let him in. Don has to finish any job he had accepted and he talks about his home planet being destroyed by the Zangyack. He gets distracted though by the mess in the room as he starts to clean it up and even make food. After everyone loves his food he remembers about the computer and fixes it up with ease. Everyone is impressed by his skills as Marve wants Don to be a part of the crew as he puts a chicken leg in Don's mouth before he could finish his name as he is called Doc by Marve. When leaving the restaurant everyone is hyped to help Don get his memories back as Damaras shows up. He takes chase at them after he destroys a building and with epic music on his side. Joe and Marve show up as they commence a fight with Damaras after Joe talks about him being the strongest man in the universe! Damaras is too strong for them as he blocks a group finisher and when they try to retreat Basco and Sally appear. Everyone is defeated as Basco uses his finisher to take out Joe, Gai, Luka, and Ahim! Don tries to protect Marve, but Damaras just shoves him away and takes Marvelous as Basco takes his key and device. The two leave as Don is left by himself as he thinks about the crew.
Well that's episode 42 and wow Damaras is a really tough villain. He is a big threat as he could easily take the whole team by himself and his anger just encourages him more to fight. Don's back story was nice and simple as he joins the crew and is forced to have the name Doc. The fight was simply jaw dropping as the team really have a big lost facing Damaras and Basco. Now I know the four aren't dead because if they were really dead they would have gave more time to show it. This episode gets an A- mostly because of Damaras who wanted our heroes dead, but the overall episode was okay with Don's back story and there wasn't that much team interaction. What is always great though is Don's actor as he can really act well and is probably the best of the cast.
Next Week: Don to the rescue!

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