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Monday, September 26, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 4 Review: Oops!

Well we start off where episode three ended as everyone is hating on Miu since they heard her speech about how she thought about the other students as even Shu is mad. Gen comes back in and tries to help Miu, but she walks away. Also we see who the owner of the switch was one of the other cheerleaders Tamae no they show her holding the switch (thanks for giving away the mystery). Well there are already polls for who will probably be picked and it seems Tamae has the highest chance. Yuki wonders who else voted for because she only knew Gen and Kengo did, but she sees Tomoko outside the window and she finds out pretty easily. In the locker room we see Tamae trying to talk Miu out of the festival because she says she is worried about her, but after she leaves she is really happy and gets a little too close to the other cheerleader. Back at the Rabbit Hunch Gen is training with the Hopping switch and shows us how he used that switch effectively in the last battle. Kengo says he is a try hard as Gen sees that Miu is the same.

Gentaro finds Jake again and makes him tell where Miu could be. She is at a bowling alley where she is mostly getting strikes it seems, but I think she was actually missing one everytime, hey its better than me. Well Gen finds her, but she is scared at first as a bowling ball hits his foot. Miu thinks he is here to gloat about his win, but actually he is trying to help her win. Miu is confused because she knows if she does win Gen will have to leave, but he says that isnt what is important right now. During the talk the zoidart appears again, but Kengo comes in and reveals the identity of the monster to be Tamae. Miu is shocked to find this out and at first it seems the conservation is going well as Tamae only wanted to be Queen very badly and was jealous, and Gen and Ken are relaxed, but Tamae uses the switch again and attacks Miu. Sadly she is is beaten up and Tamae gets away from Gen because of the Scorpio Zodiart getting in the way again. Yuki hears about what happens at the hospital and says that the Queen Fest should be cancelled, but Gentaro says no. Before the final part of the fest, Shu finds Tamae and hits on her because aking should be with a king. After he leaves though she throws the flowers he gave her and gets closer to the other one and even puts her arms around her....

Well its time for the final part as Miu is the first one to give a speech, but she isnt there. Tamae steps up though and says that she wont be coming because she has withdrawn, but Miu comes back as the haters start to hate again. Miu says that why she doesnt like the fact that people shower her with gifts is because they are just trying to impress her as they should be trying to impress themselves and make themselves shine like she does. She always will try to be Queen and nothing will stop her as she gave her speech. Tamae's switch goies into Last One mode as Kengo tried to stop her, but fails as she uses the switch. Tamae kidnaps Miu as Gentaro follows them and tries to fight her, but she is using Miu as a shield as he cant even get a hit on Tamae. Tamae soon threatens if he doesnt detransform she will throw Miu over the cliff, but thanks to Miu distracting her she is thrown off as Fourze uses the Magic Hand switch to save her. Gen then finishes the zoidart off with the Rider Rocket Drill Kick and destoryes the switch.

The group go back to Tamae as Miu says she actually as to try by herself to be Queen. The next day we find out that Miu won and is Queen once more. Somehow Gentaro is still in school and shows up at the base, but Miu is with him. Gen told her of the Kamen Rider Club so he could stay in the school, but now there is a new member, but Miu wants to be President. Yuki though wants to keep that spot so now the two begin a rivalry as Kengo says that Gen as to fix this. So that was episode four and it was a really good episode, it had a nice message that you should focus more on yourself than others. Now that might sound selfish, but in this episode the message is for anyone who wants to try to complete their goals and never giving up. You should let yourself shine and not just stand close to a star. The episode did give away the mystery in the beginning, but I think it works because Tamae was giving many signs that she was the user and I bet if they didnt show in the beginning we would have been going "It's her we get it!" Also the action was good as well, but not as much as usual there was a quick bike fight, but Scorpio got in the way. Then the final fight was more of wit winning the day because of Miu risking her own life, having Gen save her, and then finishing off the zoidart very quickly. So I give it an A, it was well made and the dialouge was good as well, but whats with Tamae getting close to the other girl?

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