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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kamen Rider Meteor, OOO Super TaToBa, and Double Rocket Fourze

Well pictures of the secondary rider have been appearing and no his name isnt Grey its Meteor and this isnt confirmed yet so always be ready for something else. Now I have to change one of my riders, dang. Well it seems this rider is from Mars who will warn Gen about a space war. He will also be a transfer student in the school even though hes from space....ok. Well besides that I really love the design of this rider! At first I was thinking he would be a red rider, but no hes blue and it works great. There has been more blue in rider recently, Nadeshiko has some blue, Poseidon has a blue head, and Aqau is completely blue. I wonder if there will be a water or ice form for Fourze because thats even more blue. Well with this rider's helmet it looks pretty damn awsome that resembles a meteor and high chance the reason why he is blue is because of Granzel. I bet when we first see him in action or see much clearer pictures we can find some other good similarites between him and Granzel. Sadly I cant see his belt that much, but so far it looks pretty big which could be bad. Overall I really cant wait for this alien rider to fight along with Fourze.

The same goes with these pictures as nothing is confirmed yet. With these pictures we see the Super TaToBa and Fourze's Double Rocket from which will probably be called Rocket States. First lets start with Super TaToBa its an interesting form and high chance it will become the final form for OOO which is why Putotrya isnt the final form. I bet these medals are from the past because the film is going to have time disortion so they could be from the past or from the future. I like seeing the TaJaDol head on the form and to make sure it doesnt look odd they updated the rest of the body. It looks pretty good and high chance it will look better in the movie. Now I talk about Rocket States, I would like to start off with the orange color. It really stands out big time and the rumors were false because I think his head is the same size and that monster from Metalder didnt have orange. This time Fourze will have blue eyes with some blue on his chest. I really do like the idea of two rocket switchs, but using the Limit Break would be tough dont you think? Also how would he use other switches if he has both rockets? I bet the series will have someway of doing this because the form will fall flat if he cant acess the switches while having two rockets. So good images today and not bad overall in designs. I really cant wait for Meteor though he looks awsome!

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