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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Poll Results #11

Did You Like Episode 7 Of Fourze?
Yes- 23
No- 0

Did You Like Episode 8 Of Fourze?
Yes- 18
No- 0

Do You Like Fourze's Fire States Form?
Yes- 23
No- 1

Do You Like The Song Pirate Girls?
Yes- 22
No- 2

What Do You Think About The Origin's Episodes Of PR Samurai?
Good- 11
Bad- 6
Pointless- 12
Why Weren't These The First Episodes- 15

Which Movie Do You Want To See The Most?
Fourze and OOO Megamax- 16
Gokaiger VS Gavan- 13

My Thoughts
I loved both episodes of Fourze as they were strong and Im still loving the fact that the characters are doing a lot better. Fourze is starting strong and I hope it can keep this up. I talked about the Fire States Form and I still like it because of the design and the weapon it has. Pirate Girls is an good song as its catchy and it does good with the techo parts. I hated the origins episodes because there is no point of doing them now because they dont really explain anything and its copy and paste. Finally I want to see the Megamax movie more because even though Gavan is coming back the Megamax movie always shows new things like forms and riders. Also seeing Double return is always a plus and I have a feeling that Double wont be forgotten for a while because its been two years since that series and they have 5 movies so far, and the returns movies are great and much better than some of the Den-o films after that series.

I really hated this movie!


  1. I've loved Fourze so far.

    Fire States Form was cool (so far).

    Pirate Girls sounds kickass! =D

    I only watched bits and pieces of the Origins of PR Samurai. I just couldn't stomach it.

    Can't wait to see those films! ^__^

    As much as I like Den-O, yeah, the 4 Cho Den-O films were bleh.

  2. Its only cho den-o and decade that I really hated. Episode Red was a disapointment, but it did give some good devleopment with yuto and airi. Episode Blue I actually liked because it used the bad luck comedy I liked in the Den-o series. Episode Yellow was ok for me the writing was a little bad, but I like Diend and he saved that movie.