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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 29 Review: Everything is Back to Normal (Spoiler Alert!!!)

Starting off from the great twenty-eighth episode, Torin has taken the blow from Kyoryujin and accepts his death. Will our team find a way to revive him, or will they lose their mentor.
This is a rather big change for Kyoryuger, there was some advancement in the plot and death has fallen upon our heroes. I would like to say that stays, but I will get to that later. Even though I didn't like Torin completely I can still say his "death" was done properly. The team gathering around his body and seeing him slowly fade away. The cast of actors did well to perform in a more depressing moment which is rather different for Kyoryuger, even if some did better than others. Including the other three warriors was nice since they all have connections to Torin as well. Even if two of them are already dead, Torin cannot come back as a spirit since he is a Debos. Even King was more seldom, but he still tried to pick his team up since he doesn't want them to feel resentment because that is exactly what Endolf wants. Also this is for Torin's sake as King even gives Torin the bracelet he carried ever since he got it from his father. All of this was done well, but then this is where a bad flag comes up.
Somehow, King's stone starts reacting to Torin's body and now the team have a plan. Ramirez and Tessai also had these amber stones as these could revive Torin. The team get back to the base while Ucchi and the three additional warriors fight off the Debos. The team gather their stones together, but still nothing works. Then they hear a melody from Torin's body and start to sing? I was getting confused at this moment, but it was helpful for the series to bring up what the movie had. I am actually surprised the movie actually had some information since the Sentai series usually just bring back the movie mech. The information I am talking about is how music does live inside of people and this also explains why the team dance when they transform. So I guess I should watch the movie to get a better understanding of this. Thanks to this Torin is revived.
I will say I was more interested into the first half of the episode and one reason why is by having the three additional warriors fight for once. The three fight together and it starts out with out of suit action as Violet and Grey had their own character songs. I love out of suit fighting and for heroes we don't get to see often this was lovely. Yayoi used the gun and for some reason the camera was focusing on her skirt and legs... Oh well at least her part of the fight was still good. Ramirez did what Nobu does, but I do like seeing a bigger man doing those types of move compared to a middle aged, uncle. Tessai was pulling out his martial arts as this was the best part. The camera work was excellent for his moments and the actor was doing the scene. I love when actors do that so much as I would guess a Toku veteran easily picked up some skills for action scenes. This did continue on with them in their suits, but it was pretty much the same fight as it got cut off then later on anyways. So this part really made me excited for how the rest of the episode and it stopped.
Endolf was still being himself and this time Dogold was joining up with him since it seems that he has accepted Endolf..... The two didn't really fight together which was disappointing since I would love to see anger and resentment fight together. Then the Hunter monster was just there for another fight, which wasn't bad, but he still didn't have to be around. Now the villains had a huge upper hand in the previous episode so I was expecting them to be back on like they were last time. Endolf easily still had his moments since the three warriors couldn't take him on. Also Ucchi had to fight both Dogold and the Hunter by himself. There was a good level of suspense here as the villains were still having their advantage. It did die out soon after Torin revived, but it was great to see the team come back, could have it been done better though?
My major issue with their comeback is with King. After reviving Torin, he gets a sudden idea of how Carnival works. This realization is that he can use the mech batteries to give himself new weapons. I have to say this really come out of nowhere and again having King fight alone doesn't really show good team effort. Personally I think the idea of Carnival could have been done better, first is by not having it. This is how it could have been done properly though, the mechs get their own special battery and makes them tiny. This would have then lead to a new weapon for each member or an upgrade of their armed on weapons. For King just having all of these new weapons really just make him too powerful and I know he is the leader, but every leader needs help from his men.
Going on with Carnival, the fight itself was good, but the presentation was annoying. There was way too much switching around so there was a lack of focus for the different weapons. At least the editing was good with this since the song did have lyrics for the different types of Carnival. The switching got on my nerves though as every time King had to use three batteries and do some flashy effects. This really bothered me since it just felt like the series thought the fight wasn't interesting on it's own so they had to jingle pretty effects on the screen. It didn't need this and the different change around could have been done better like, just showing the change itself. As I said before the fight was good because the different changes did have their own moment in the fight. There was Samba with the use of the shield and drill, Macho with using the hammer and drill together, Kung-Fu with the ball weapon which was all nothing, but a CGI effect yet it was handled well, finally there was Western with the claws and gun. Also I'm not a fan of only the littlest parts like his arms and legs changing colors because they just stick out and don't match with the overall suit. Overall, Carnival is still not something I like and I don't think it will be anytime soon.
Another part of the action is that the other five took on the Hunter and it was a short moment overall. It was nice to see these guys working together though as they act more like the actual Sentai. The four come to help Ucchi, Dogold fless, and then at the point of transforming we cut to the other three rangers. I can see why they did this because the special effects got blown over because of Carnival. Yet they still had time for a flashy finisher with the five members. First the five had one hit each on the monster and they go straight for the finisher. This isn't my favorite style of execution, but as stated before the finisher was nice. Black, Blue, Green, and Pink unite for a team blast attack, I have to ask why they needed to be on each other though. The four fire their finishers and Gold jumps into the blast while doing his finisher. The blend of colors on Ucchi was beautiful thing to look at and still Ucchi's attack are never disappointing.
Thanks to some nice fight moments I can at least have some fun watching those parts of the episode. Sadly I wasn't fully enjoyed with this episode. By the look of things, Endolf the new villain was going to bring a lot of changes to the series. Personally I think Torin's death should have stayed as a death since this would have moved the team together and having all nine together to help each other would have been great. Then having the amber stones that we were wondering about lead to being the revival of Torin. So that mystery is done basically and the good story moments with those regarding King's father and the death of Ian's friend is no more since what else could come from the stones since they were used up? Then was Torin predicting he would have died and just hoped that he would have been revived? There are some major plot holes here as this could have been avoided if a death stayed as a death. Does it get worse though? Yes it gets worse.
Endolf, a new villain who I was having a lot of fun watching is already gone. Endolf just got the MOTW treatment as he only had three episodes! Dogold actually tricks Endolf in the end as he wants his body to use. It's been so long since that issue of Dogold finding a body was mentioned that I forgot about that. Dolgold tricks him by not having Lucky come to the battlefield. When Endolf was defeated by King, Dogold strikes and takes his body as his own. This really got on my angry since the series just went back to normal. Any change is gone already. The only things that remain are new members of the heroes' team and how Debos is alive in Chaos. This is exactly the same method as when the villains reappeared making the whole Pluezon arc pretty pointless. All of this struggle and build up was pointless. Endolf was wasted, the amber stones, wasted, and Torin's death could have meant something more. I really despise this as the series still cannot take a step up and change for once.
The episode started out with some good moments and some good build up. There was suspension and some risks for once. Yet so many things were wasted here and the series just went back to step one. Carnival mode got ten times more annoying and makes King too powerful. Endolf was a good villain and any potential he was going to have for the rest of the series is now gone. Even with some good action moments the story portion of this episode really sours the experience. I give this episode a C- it could have been worse, but personally this is my least favorite episode. It made be better made than other episodes, but this just irritated me so much in the end.
Next Time: Back to the comedy..... *sigh*


  1. You know endolf isn't dead he's just sealed within dogold so there's always the possibility he will come back. And trust me the amber stones does do something later on ( then again you are about 7 episodes behind everyone)

  2. Pretty much Endolf is screwed though since how long was Ucchi taken over by Dogold? If they just have that be a last second twist, it's not really a twist since we know Endolf is his body. Maybe if he just vanished and we didn't know what happened to him it would have worked better. Also the biggest part why I am mad about that is because Dogold of all people replaced Endolf. I avoided many spoilers as possible, but I do hope those amber stones get a better purpose. Those facts don't save this episode though as many reveals are treated horribly.