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Monday, October 31, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 36 Reivew: Final Lap!

Well the episode starts off with the Gokaigers having no way to enter Human World as the three engines try to bust it open, but they dont have full power so it doesnt work. Doc has an idea to go to Machine World to find MachFalcon because he should be fine since he didnt fight the Gariack yet. Back at the Human World the Gariack begin their attack as it seems nothing is in their way. The Zangyack see what is going on and Gils' first reaction is why havent the Gokaigers shown up since they always ruin his plans. The team get to Machine World and everyone is amazed of what this world looks like, but they soon find MachFalcon. At first Speedor and Bear RV try to get him to help and even though he did stop he just ignored them later and continued to run away. Sosuke tries to talk to him as he tries to act like a police officer, but he soon goes crazy and makes nonsense. Mostly about how he knew MachFalcon as a boy and how he acted with his family back then. Gai is mostly correcting him, but Sosuke continues on and says that he should act like a hero because of his parents. That got MachFalcon pissed then as he attacks the Gokai Galleon and soon Marvelous and the gang fight back.

Back with the Gariack they run into the Zangyack and the MOTW forgot about them since he was mostly focused on the Gokaigers. Gils is pissed off at him as a fight soon breaks out between grunts, but with Insarn and Barizorg it seems the Zangyack have a better chance. In Machine World the group try to hit MachFalcon around, but he soon gets Ahim and Luka out. Doc gets a good hit on him and Joe fires away at him. MachFalcon though beings to fly, but Marve is on him. He says as pirates they will take whatever they want even by force as he soon starts to talk about how MachFalcon is just running away from his parents. As soon as Marve gets MachFalcon on the ground the three combine to make the upper part of Gokai-oh and land on him putting chains around him. After the fight MachFalcon says he was jealous of his folks as they were fighting for something and he had nothing. Marve says that there are many worlds and he should travel around to find that purpose. MachFalcon then says he wants to join the crew as Marve agrees. Mach's first job is to open up the portal to Human World as Mach gets through as the team go forth while the Engines and Bomber stay in Machine World.

When the crew arrives they see that the fight is still continuing as they just jump right in as they take both groups on. Gils though retreats with Insarn and Barizorg as they leave their grunts around. Soon the team use Go-onger's power as they do the "met on" from the Go-onger series and yes Gai is the Go-on wings combo. The team take down all the grunts as they face the leader who actually gets a good hit on them first. The group use Go-onger's weapons and Doc does a new move for Go-on Green as he follows Marve with the Saber Straight and performs Axe Touring. The team attack him with the Galleon Buster, but that doesnt kill him as he grows big. The team fight him in their mechas and again the leader proves to be strong as he starts out with good attacks. The team use Go-onger's powers as MachFalcon was summoned and they inserted the Engine Soul in him. Gokai-oh combines with him by lossing it's legs and riding on top of him. They finish him with a simple slash from above (yea its a bummer I thought it was going to be awsome since the finisher was called Grand Prix). After the fight MachFalcon tells the team they can summon him anytime they want as he leaves. Sosuke then talks about how his views on them changed because they do care about other worlds as they got an engine partner now. Everyone then tells him that the whole team is made of people from different planets as Marve was the on who recurited them. Sosuke then rambles on about how he should join the group as he starts to think of names like Gokai Fire (I would love to see that).

I really liked this episode as it really felt like Go-onger. This episode focused on the team recuriting an engine partner like the Go-onger series did for some episodes. Sosuke was still funny like he was before and how the villians interacted were good as well and got a laugh out of me. I loved the fight as the team used Go-onger's powers because seeing Gai as the combo form is always awsome as he uses both Jet Daggers as he uses the full power of them in Mission Six! Also seeing Doc doing the Touring Axe along with Marve doing Saber Straight was funny and awsome. The Gariack villian was good and he did seem like a threat actually because he thought of a smart plan and was pretty strong I wonder how he did in the fight before the Gokaigers came back? MachFalcon is pretty cool as well because he is voiced by a pretty famous voice actor and has good tricks. Sadly though the mecha fight was lame and I mean it, it was a bummer seeing this fight. It was a little boring, Gai mostly did nothing, and the finisher was lamer than the finisher in the Go-onger and Shinkenger team up during their mecha fight. Overall though its a great episode with good humor and introuducing a new memeber of the team and I still like how the Gokaigers actually had to fight him to make him calm down. The villian was pretty cool even though he is the same as the villian from Go-onger and Shinkenger team up, oh well the Gekiranger tribute did the same as well. Its just the mecha fight is really disapointing as it feels really anti-climatic, but thats the only bad thing about this episode so an A-

I really did like that they used an Engine Soul like the Go-onger series.


  1. This episode was awesome. I really felt like the episode made full use of Go-onger's concepts (actually, even more than Go-onger itself). I loved how it made full use of the Machine World and how they used the mecha models as part of the plot. The plot was original and was very fun to watch.

    I still don't find Sousuke funny. He just tries way too hard and just fails at it imo. Which is why I think the whole partnership theme worked so much better with Marvelous. Instead of Sousuke, I would've much rather seen Gunpei, since I thought he was actually funny.

    I really loved the fight between Zangyack and Gaiark. That was a really badass fight scene.

    I would love to see GokaiFire too. LOL. I picture flame designs on the suit. xD

    MachFalcon was pretty awesome too. Though I wished he had more scenes with Speedor and BeaRV. Ah well.

  2. Well I really like Go-onger and they did good with allying with engines like when Sosuke got the older engines. I like his humor because he goes over the top like I am at times. It was nice to see Barizorg and Insarn fight for once again. Also I know MachFalcon could be used more often and will be like a minor character for the show.

  3. Excellent episode. I liked this one better than the first part. I loved some of the oddities of it, such as villains fighting villains and anti-heroes fighting an anti-hero engine. Sousuke is adorkable, which is why I like him. Though I'm a bit disappointed that Hiroto didn't get a spot in this show, considering that his actor is a big tokusatsu fan and that 4 other Go-Onger characters at one point or another appeared on Go-Onger. Oh well.

  4. Well Go-onger was a recent sentai series so it hasnt been a while since we saw them. Its like with Shinkenger they showed Karou because that series was recent. Saki is coming back in Gokaiger movies so thats fine with me. Always remember getting actors can be hard because they could be doing something else.