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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 9 Review: Witch!

After a recap of the past events of the series so far we see Gen and Yuuki racing to school. They like to do this because it gets them pumped up for the school day. Tomoko was nearby and sees that is crap, Gen tries to be friends with her, but he is freaked out by what she has around her. Then a person named Ritsuko who I heard is the same actress who played as Amane in Kamen Rider Blade. Ritsuko and her group are calling themselves witches as Gen freaks out. Before Tomoko leaves with the group she invites Yuuki to come to a witch meeting. Also it seems that she could predict that it would rain as both Yuuki and Gen are freaked out, but Kengo doesnt believe in magic. After the opening sadly no updates for it with Fire State in it we see that Gen is testing new switches as we see the Flash switch. Its mostly a giant flashlight as Gen gets blinded because he wasnt paying attention as he was thinking about Tomoko. The gang then talk about Tomoko as they have negative views on her because of her being a goth. Jake talks about the witches and how they can actually be real as Ritsuko made someone's drink explode after she cursed the man. Gen is believing this as he wants to go to the meeting with Yuuki. During the meeting Ritsuko tries to kick Gen and Kengo out, but first Tomoko senses something as she gets out the Fire switch saying it will get in their way. Gen and Kengo watch the meeting from a window as they see a spell actually did work as Yuuki changed appearances.

The witches then go to the swim team where one of them was a former member as she wants revenge for kicking her out. She beings to chant the spell as she begins to control the water as everyone freaks out. Gen transforms and tries to fight the witch as he uses two new switches, shield which blocked the water and Gatling which begun to shoot at her. The gun fire scares her as Gentaro remembers that she is still a person. Kengo gets him to use the camera switch so he could record the attack and when he uses camera its much better than the Burgermeal. After the girl's attack she vanishes as Gen and Yuuki begin to freak out, but Tomoko is happy as she sees that the powers are real. The three then are being yelled at by the two teachers because they are the blame for the damage. They do talk about the witches and the teachers don't believe them as Kengo promises to prove that there are no things as witches. Jake takes Gen to a common place Tomoko goes which is a magic shop and Gen starts to freak out because of the old lady and the many creepy things around. The two soon find Tomoko as they talk about the Lunar Witch as they are chosen by the moon and those who are chosen will be the only ones to survive the Judgement day of 2011 (Thats next year, lol) Even if this doesnt happen or not Tomoko just wants to be a witch because she really had no place on this planet. They walk outside as Tomoko talks about how she met Ritsuko and soon the other witches appeared. They convince Tomoko to use a spell and she beings to fly around freaking out Jake and Gen. Now Tomoko is completely sure that she will be saying goodbye to this world. As the witches are now going to get revenge once more.

Back in class Kengo isnt around, but Jake and Miu come in and tells Gen that they know where the witches will strike next. One of them used to be a cheerleader and she was dating one of the football players, but she was dumped and she wants revenge. The witch meets up with her ex-boyfriend as Shun comes in trying to break things up, but the witches pushes the two into a building locking them in as Tomoko and the other witch help her to set the building to a flame. At first they didnt know it was going to be this strong, but Ritsuko says its a good ending for those two. The group get to the burning building as Miu tries to get them to stop (again points for bravery). They find out though that the two are in the building as Gen transforms in front of everyone and jumps into the fire. There he thinks about what Tomoko says about the Fire switch as he uses it and becomes the Fire States form and puts out the fire with the new weapon. He gets both of them out safely as Tomoko sees she was right about those powers. Kengo comes back as he tells him that they arent witches as the zodiart appears. The witches powers were all caused by the zodiart as it is Ritsuko who uses the switch and she uses those powers to trick the other girls. Gen fights the zodiart as he uses a new mode of the weapon as it shoots fireballs. The fight is cut off as Scorpio shows up and gives Tomoko a switch.

Episode 9 isnt an action packed episode, but its a great comedy episode and its a great focus episode for Tomoko. We can already tell she sees herself as an outcast, but now she can finally be something as a witch. The episode is more supported by the comedy which was good most of the time, but Gen was getting scared too many times. I like that we finally see the camera switch and the Fire States form is awsome being a tool and a weapon as it saved two lives and can fire at villians. I like the ending as well because it shows that Scorpio is watching over what is happening in the school and its why he gives a switch to Tomoko because she wants power. Overall a great episode with strong writing and good character moments as we see that they are helping out more like Shun is trying to help out his teammate and the girl. Jake giving Gen good info and Miu being as bold as before. There wasnt many fights and the running gag of Gen getting scared did get old, but its a B+ because of the characters and good scenes. Next week we get to see Tomoko without all her makeup.


  1. This was a pretty fun ep. Nice review dude! ^__^

  2. Its too bad that episode ten will air next week, the wait better be worth it.