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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gavan and Sharivan In Gobusters?

A new rumor has come up and its about the metal heroes and the upcoming sentai series. It seems that after Gobusters will make their appearance on the Gavan and Gokaiger team up it seems that both Gavan and Sharivan will be regulars on the new series. This is pretty damn awsome I must say, two metal heroes with the new heroes. Could metal heroes become the next type of extra ranger in upcoming series? If this is true and this does work well it could continue with other metal heroes as this could be the revival of the metal heroes. Super Sentai has been lossing some popularity sadly with Kamen Rider becoming more popular. I do love Kamen Rider more, but Sentai is great as well and is a huge franchise in toku. Maybe the idea of a team of five is starting to get old for people as some series do not do good with that like Goseiger. Anyways bringing metal heroes in Super Sentai could be a good new thing for the franchise as we get a team of five or three along with single heroes who could help the team at times. I wonder if it will continue though if this is true because I would love to see B-fighter team up with a sentai team.

The Metal Heroes could be coming back


  1. Sentai is losing popularity? Why do you say that?

    I'm not sure how to feel about this. Honestly, I always felt like Metal Heroes was the weakest franchise compared to Rider and Sentai, so I can't say I'd be jumping up and down in excitement for a revival like most people are. If they do revive, then great. But their new seasons better be better than what was offered last century! >:( Yeah, I thought a few seasons were good like Metalder and Blue SWAT, but that's pretty much it for me. It's just, Metal Heroes does a terrible job with it's villains imo, and is also the most repetitive out of all the franchises imo.

    I personally think Sentai is the best franchise out of the three, because I love it's consistent writing styles and awesome villains and stuff like that. I love Rider too, but I think a good chunk of it's seasons tends to fall flat on the writing, despite it's more professional and complex exterior.

    I really hate the idea of the concept of the "five-colored warrior team" concept getting old, cause it really isn't. You can come up with a lot of different ideas with that concept. It's just, whatever idea comes out every year just isn't going to appeal to EVERY single person.

    If Metal Heroes are actually merging with the Sentai franchise then... well, things are certainly going to be different. It would be a pretty big change. I'll be accepting of it. But I hope the sentai spirit doesn't die... =(

  2. I know what you mean and even though I like Kamen Rider more I still give credit that sentai has been making a lot of their series different. Its been around for 35 years straight and didnt have any stop with the franchise unlike rider which did have some trouble back then. I like metal heroes, I agree with Metalder even though I havent seen all the episodes. I can say the same to B-fighter which is like sentai which can be said to Blue SWAT (havent seen that series yet). I do like the first three metal heroes because they are older, but they do good with some special effects and fight scenes. Overall this is an odd move, but it could boost sentai up some more. High chance though it will be a one time thing because getting actors back is hard.

  3. Well with my saying with Sentai loosing pupularity its just I have been seeing more rider fans recently. Sentai is still strong, but not as strong, I think that a single hero gets more attention at times because fighting along does show great strength. Then for me I do like rider more because for me there is really only two series I see that were really weak which is Den-o and Decade. I still got some enjoyment from those two series though. I think the writing is at times better because it does try to make more of a plot within the story as sentai mostly gets complex with their characters a little more and make plots with those. Overall I was just seeing more fans of rider recently also if I remember correctly there was like a ratings list for sentai as some werent that strong. Also I do know that not everyone will like an idea, but there is still a majority to think about.