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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 37 Review: Zu Zu

Well I will do this episode review because there isnt really any spoilers, but I will probably continue, but they could be cut short then because of upcoming twists in the series. Well this episode starts with the gang fighting off Zangyack troops in their mechas as MachFalcon is used to defeat them. Gil is getting pissed off again and Damaras is trying to calm him down, but they spot that an imperal ship is coming. Gil is wondering why emperor troops are here and it seems that they were sent to deliever Great Walz a mecha. Damaras is saying with this weapon taking over Earth will be much easier as anyone can pilot it. With the gang they are talking about how the Zangyack will not give up, but Gai is still in high spirits as he is happy protecting the earth. Gai asks Marve though about what they need to do to protect whatever it is. Everyone pauses as Marve thinks about Akared dying protecting him. Back with the Zangyack Gil is saying that he will pilot the mecha and Damaras is trying to stop him because its not in protocol to have the commander to go into battle (didnt he do that before). Gil though is yelling at him about the fact that he knows how Damaras thinks about him being an imbecilic prince. He then thinks about when his father assigned Damaras to protect him because Gil is the prince. Gil goes away and talks with Barizorg saying he is the only one who will stay with him. Also he tells Barizorg to find the Gokaiger's ship.

Joe meets up with Gai and talks to him about how Marve was part of the red pirates. Also about the death of Akared and how the Zangyack have always won no matter what. There have been many allies who were close, but somehow they lost in the end. Gai says that no matter what he will always fight to protect the Earth. After that they are attacked by Barizorg and some grunts as they go down and fight them. Joe and Barizorg go away as they take their fight in a nearby building. Joe still wants to try to save Cid, but if not he will use his swords to say what he wants. The rest of the gang take out the rest of the troops with the Galleon Buster with Silver this time. Soon the red guards show up and attack the gang as they get a great first attack. With the help of the extra hero keys they fight off the guards as they retreat. Joe and Barizorg are easily matched as they both use the special move as it blows them away. Joe wants to continue the fight, but Gil comes out and summons Great Walz. The gang go into their mechas as they summon MachFalcon again, but he was easily defeated. They then use Gozyu Gokai-oh, but they cannot face Gil. Soon a big beam blast Gokai-oh and Marve makes the crew retreat as he stays as Gokai-oh is sent flying. Gil then laughs as Marve is knocked out in the ship as the team run off to help him.

That's episode 37 and wow it is a really impressive episode. The best part it that Gil is actually taking things into his own hands and it makes a much better image for himself. The whole series he was seen as a spoiled brat, but he knows that and he wants to prove that he is ready to be the prince. I bet he had some training with mechas before because he was skilled in that battle or it is really easy to pilot. We already know that the Red Pirates lost as it shows that the Zangyack remain at the top no matter what. The fight with Joe and Barizorg was good, but it was left unfinished which is because to get us hyped for their next battle. I loved the fight with the extra hero keys mostly with Luka going "Zu Zu" it was so funny hearing her say that the whole time. Still hate that Kuro Kishi counts as an extra hero, but oh well I already complained about that already. The mecha fight was short, but it shows the powers of the Great Walz and the true potential of Gil. Overall its a B+ because this episode is mostly leaving things for hype as the conclusion will becoming next week.

"Zu Zu!"


  1. Yeah, this ep was awesome. =D

    Hey Kamen Sentai, about that Chatango thing, I should've asked, in what part of the world do you live in? And what time do you think you would normally be on?

    I live in the east coast of the United States and I am normally on in the evenings.

  2. yea im in the eastern time and im srry as well because I do get pretty busy at times. After some reviews I have to do something. I always have bad timing so with school I'm on the evenings, but with work I will probably not be on at all expect for weekends.

  3. I once thought Oiles Gils was nothing but a spoiled idiot who deserved to be called "Toilet Gils" because of his idiocy. He's getting himself better in my eyes as of this episode and proves himself worthy of the position of Big Bad (and hopefully the competency stays even if his dad butts in), or at least not so much of a joke compared to Basco. Or maybe because he's got big firepower due to Great Oiles/Walz and once that's out of picture... well, hopefully not.

    But probably because believe it or not... I've seen WORSE...

    But yeah, I think I'm gonna drop this drinking game I had on Gils. He's pretty competent now, and I have to admit, for someone touted as Complete Monster, he's got a good, genuine scene of 'prove myself to dad' in this episode.

    Nice review.

  4. Gils is really proving himself, being more of a competent Big Bad and less like Superboy Prime, honestly it wouldn't surprise me if he told the Gokaigers "I'll kill you, I'll kill you all to death!" thankfully that won't happen (yet, you never know).

  5. @ Kamen Sentai

    Weekend evenings sound good to me, dude. Seeya then. =)