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Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Megamax Movie Poster

A new poster is now revealed as we now see the seven riders, Aqua, and Nadeshiko. We still have the moon like the previous poster. This time Fourze takes most of the poster with his Rider Rocket Drill Kick as OOO is 2nd with his head. Sadly no new images of Rocket States is shown so far, but thank goodness they didnt show Super TaToBa on the cover.

Now I also want to talk about some rather sad news about an actor from Kamen Rider Den-o. Yuichi Nakamura is quiting his singing group called D-BOYS so he can recover. I actually didnt even hear of him having any issues, but it seems he had it even before Sabara Kamen Rider Den-o which now explains why he had less appearances in the other Den-o movies. It seems thats it cronical pain he had for a while and now recently it has been getting a lot worse where he can barely do anything. I'm glad he is focusing on his health right now and I really hope he can recover. Yuichi is a great actor and I'm hoping we can see him in more roles and to continue his singing carrer, but first he has to recover so good luck Yuichi.

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