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Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Favorite Kamen Riders From Each Series

There are some rider series that have more than two riders, like Ryuki had 14 riders with the series and movies. Now I will only chose riders that I saw and during the Showa there are mostly solo heroes.

1971. Kamen Rider

For the first series its a tie between the first two riders because they are similar in some ways, but have big differences. Also when they fight together they are mostly unstopable and these two both almost died trying to protect Japan during the V3 series.

1973. Kamen Rider V3

For me I like Riderman a little more than V3, but its pretty close. Riderman is the first anti hero in the franchise and his character couldnt fit that any better. He wanted revenge on Destron for what they did to him and sure his design is ugly his character makes him shine like gold.

1987. Kamen Rider Black
Now some people will go, Black was a solo rider series. For me that isnt true because of Shadowmoon. He was a villian, but I see him as the evil rider that made it big in the franchise. The shocker riders were first, but Shadowmoon made it popular. Still Kotaro outshines that great villians because of what he does to protect the world from Gorgom and it will not be forgotten.

1990-1994 The Movie Riders
I did like all three of the movies even though they were short movies, ZO and J kept the original rider feel, but with different powers. Before them though there was Shin and it was different because it was more of a tragic story. Shin was an interesting rider as well, some people still dont count him, but he will always fight on for his peace, too bad there wasnt a sequel.

2001-2002. Kamen Rider Agito

As I said before Gills is an interesting character who is trying to solve a mystery about his body and a past event. I find this more interesting than the main hero who is just trying to regain memories. G3 is mostly there to be the human witness mostly and he himself has a good past and connection to the story. I havent seen all of Agito, but Gills will always excite me when I see him.

2002-2003. Kamen Rider Ryuki
Ryuki still has the most riders, and some didnt even last long in the series. Imperer only lasted 4 episodes, but he left a lot behind him. He was just a man trying to find happiness and I couldnt resist that type of character. Also his fighting style is really nice with my favorite Final Vent. Then finally I think he had the most saddest death because things were doing great for him and then he is simply attacked and killed.

2003-2004. Kamen Rider Faiz
Even though only one rider from Faiz made the list which was Psyga. Kaixa was close to being in the top ten secondary rider list. First his desgin is flawless and the best from the series and he is clearly the biggest anti-hero in the franchise. Kusaka fought Faiz a good amount of times and even other allies, he fought for his reasoning mostly and I think he was influenced by Riderman somewhat. He even has much better finishers than the other riders in this series and better weapons. But his character is too cruel I think, but he can still be enjoyable because of that at times because it helps the show move on.

2004-2005. Kamen Rider Blade
I will say this I think Garren is under rated, when people talk about Blade its always Chalice. I have no problem with Chalice since he is a great rider, but Garren is better IMO. Tachibana can move the series greatly and even make the big decisions as well. He even has the best fights like with Isaka and his fight facing a king undead.

2005-2006. Kamen Rider Hibiki
Its another tie with the Hibiki series with Todoroki and Zanki mostly because they had something similar to Birth, but they did it first and much better. Zanki is great because even if he didnt have many fight scenes he helped Todoroki a lot with his fights and Zanki still got in the battlefield. Todoroki is the funniest character of the series and was the pupil who took over for Zanki's position. These two had really good scenes together if it was funny or sad. I love the final fight these two had because its the last fight that Zanki had with his student. They were easily the best part of Hibiki always making me watch their episodes again and again.

2006-2007. Kamen Rider Kabuto
If comedy is done correctly it can be the best thing about a rider series. For me I think Kabuto is the funniest with the odd characters it had and the weirdest was Tsurugi. He always aimed to be the best and the first time we met him he faced Tendou in everything possible and it was always a draw. Through out the series as well he continusly makes me laugh with being an idiot or with lines like "My Best Friend, Kagami!" He even had a love connection with Misaki and he always tried again and again. This character has the funniest moments in the series and even the most tragic.... :( Sasword is a rider that I will never forget for being funny, but also one of the most serious characters on the show.

2007-2008. Kamen Rider Den-o
Now while were talking about comedy, for me Den-o didnt do that good with it. I like the bad luck scenes, but some scenes with the imajin were more annoying for me. I actually felt like quiting, but thanks to Zeronos he saved the show and made it more watchable. Yuuto got the best scenes and the best imajin Deneb. I like their comedy a lot it made me still want to watch Den-o. The design was much better than Den-o and he was just better no doubt. We will always remember Yuuto saying "BAKA!"

2008-2009. Kamen Rider Kiva
Den-o is easily one of my least favorite main riders, but thank goodness after that series we got a much better hero. Kiva was a much better series and its mostly because the humor was better and it didnt lose focus on the main hero. Wataru at first acted like Ryutaros, but the first time we saw him fight he got away from that. Even if he acts shy around others he progresses through out the show and is always serious when he had to fight. Another great design too its a halloween style and it is clearly seen. Kiva is one of the only vampires I can stick with.

2009. Kamen Rider Decade
Yea everyone knows why I pick Diend. Sure he doesnt have a great design like Decade, but hes a much better character. Always having badass moments with a badass attitude. Also I like how he summons riders which I find to be more useful. Also Decade was a $%#@! I know he is supposed to act like that because he is said to be the rider who will destory all, but still.

2009-2010. Kamen Rider Double
You probably saw him coming didnt you. Well I already explained every reason why I love this rider A LOT! So just look back at the last list, lol! No I'm kidding, but yea Terui is another badass secondary rider with a good actor, good devleopment, and great fights. Enough said.

2010-2011. Kamen Rider OOO
So far it has been three times in a row that I love the secondary rider more than the main hero. First with Diend, then Accel, and now Birth. I like Birth for the student and teacher characters for Gotou and Date had like Zanki and Torodoki. Even though the rider system itself was seen as weaker as OOO its because it was built to fight Yummies so whoever uses that has a big disadvantage facing Greeeds. The great devleopment though that Gotou had with Date was really strong with the great writing with it. I'm still hoping that there will be a return movie just for Birth someday or give a really great fight in the MegaMax movie coming up.

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