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Sunday, September 11, 2011

OhPink in Gokaiger!

Well the ohranger tribute has been a rumor with Red and Pink returning. So far we got a picture of Tamao Satō in her outfit from the series again. I have seen 4 episodes of Ohranger so I know little about it, but I do know that it had low ratings and some fans really hate this series. People say though its only because of some bad things being said about it and now I mostly hear its an under rated series. Also no picture yet from Masaru Shishido (OhRed), but high chance he will be in the episode as well. Another thing about the picture is how Tamao looks, Ohranger aired in 1995 and she still looks young. I know she is has a movie career so maybe she was taking good care of herself for the movies. Still we got two older sentai veterans who still look good even after a good amount of years the first one being Toshihide Wakamatsu (Gai Yuki).

Also rumors for Go-onger's tribute is out with Yasuhisa Furuhara (Go-on Red) returning who is a personal fave of mine and Go-onger was the first sentai series I watched so I cant wait for that episode. Then there is the Dairanger tribute with Keiichi Wada (Ryuranger) coming back like he did for the first Gokaiger movie. Im still hoping that Yutaka is coming back for this tribute because this will be a great moment for Ryou and Jin to have a final fight.

You know you want to see them fight again.


  1. There's one problem though. Yutaka Hirose's reasons for leaving acting is because he's been disillusioned with how the actors are treated these days. Chances of him coming back is pretty slim. But anyone can hope.

  2. You are probably right, but I have hope for this happening because if it does happen it can be a very rememorable episode for many fans of his work. If he doesnt appear I will be fine with that because of what you said.