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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 2 Review: Last One

Well its time for another review for Fourze and its second episode. So we start off with Kengo attacking Gentaro because he could haved damaged the driver. Soon the fights breaks up though thanks to Yuki. Then Kengo explains about the Zodiarts switches and how they have a user. Who ever uses the switch will summon a monster. Gentaro only defeated the monster for now also the switch wasnt destroyed as well so now Kengo makes a bet he could find the user, but Kengo took the belt back and says he can do better. The next day Gentaro meets up with Shu and the three cheerleaders asking about the monster, but they ignore him and move on while the goth girl was overhearing the disscusion. Gentaro tries asking the punks, but a fight breaks out and Gen kicks their asses. Kengo sends out the burger droid thing..... to search around for the user and again the goth girl is watching again. Gen ends up at the base again and he finds out he is actually in space! Yuki comes in and after explaining about the base Rabbit Hutch she starts to takes her clothes off! No nothing happened it was just so they could go in space suits, but Gen was thinking about it, hehe. Well there he finds out what happens to Kengo's father and how he died during the first event from the first episode.

Look in the background, BEWARE!

Well Gen goes back to school and finds Kengo trying to get used to the bike so he has some chance using Fourze's powers. Gen caught up to him and says he cannot find the user and how he cannot replace Kengo, but help him. With that said Gen gets a call from someone who knows about the monster. Gen and Yuki get to the stadium and find the goth girl and Gen's first reaction is too pounce her because he thinks she is the monster, I mean holy crap calm down Gen. Yuki gets things calmed down and the goth girl (was her named said yet in the series) talks about how she tracked down the user by the threatning message that the school has been getting from the first episode. Next we see the football team going to play a game, but Shu is stopped by a member of the team who is mad because he was never allowed to play. Gen and the other two get there and try to talk things out, but his Zodiart switch goes into Last Chance mode and now his soul is transfered in the monster. Gen tries to hold back the monster, but has no chance, Kengo comes though and Gen transforms into Fourze.

Gen asks Kengo to look for a weakness and now Kengo and Gen start working as a team. Shu runs away as Gen takes the fight outside and he uses the bike. He uses the jets and wheels to attack the monster and soon Kengo calls in and says that the switch is on the left of the chest and all Gen needs to do is to take it and destroy it, but the problem is that the monster is using too much energy. So the Power Dicer is summoned and Gen uses it as a lift off pad with the bike and takes the monster into space with him. There he summons the rocket and drill equips and finishes the monster with the rocket drill kick again, but the diff is he did with the radar arm and it was in space! There he gets the switch, but he is falling down back to Earth so he uses a new switch the parachute switch for safety.

Now the switch is destroyed and the user is ok as well and then the goth girl mentions the name Kamen Rider. It seems that kamen riders are urban legends about masked warriors fighting in the shadows showing videos of Ichigo, Super-1, Black RX, and Kuuga fighting villians also there was an article with the a picture of Fuuto. Back at the base Kengo gives Gen the belt and now Gen starts the Kamen Rider Club! So thats episode two and its another good episode it still follows what today rider series which is an arc per two episodes. I really liked the humor, writing, and the characters are actually turning out different than I thought. Mostly with Yuki because she can be serious and calmed down so Im glad she can be like that. Also with the goth girl who I think is named Tomoko where I thought she would be completely shy, but nope she was a little creepy and yet cute someway.... Well the fights were great as well mostly with the bike scene which reminded me of how Kuuga uses his bike in fights also the bike is really cool it can go into space! So with characters that are already proving me wrong and great fight scenes I give this episode an A.


  1. The goth girl's name is Tomoko Nozama. Tamae is one of the cheerleaders ;)

  2. damn..... thanks for the notice I will make sure to fix it and wont mess it up next time

  3. Wowzers. A DRILL-shaped Rider Kick? Looks awesome.

  4. Yea and there are many more astro switches still so who knows what other type of kick finishers there could be.