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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 29 Review: Rampaging Ahim!

Well I may not seen every episode of Abaranger, but I know the feeling it has and the characters as well. Abaranger was more of a comedic series and I liked that because it got me laughing pretty good and yet being a serious series as well. Well I'm not reviewing Abaranger yet..... Well this episode of Gokaiger starts with Lord Gils having a rare cold and it can only be cured with women's joy, Barizorg sends the MOTW to get some. The team ate a resturant and Gai is wondering why Ahim is on the team because she was a princess and she acts unlike a usual pirate. Well they fight the monster in the mechs already since he can make himself grow and shrink. When he shrunk he got in the Gozyujin and tried to control it, but he ditched that and went into Gokai-oh. He thought they wouldnt fire, but Marve, Joe, and Luka didnt care as they begun to shoot him down which damages the cockpit. Soon they get to the room area which is odd because Gokai Galleon is in Gokai-oh form wouldnt they be on the walls by now, oh well dont ask questions. The monster also shrinks and gets in Luka's suit (whats with monsters going for Luka?) well at first Marve was going to help, but Don reminded him of the price, but he doesnt care. Luckily Ahim comes and sprays him down with bug spray and he retreats damaging Gokai Galleon. There we see Yukito (AbareBlue) and Emiri and they discuss about how Abaranger's powers can be used with Gokai-oh. Emiri even knew that and she calls herself a member of the team even though Yukito doesnt say so like anyone would have.

Duirng the repairs Ahim says to Gai that its time to get married and of course who wouldnt freak out it comes out of nowhere! Now at a church Gai is already in a tux as the group gives him some advice, hehe. Well Ahim is already in a wedding dress as well (where did she get that?) and its time for the kiss, but not before the famous pause moment that Abaranger is know for. The monster came back and is waiting for the right moment to take the joy, and he comes out right before they were going to kiss and Ahim shoots him. It was all a trap of course because if it really happened Gai had to fight so many fan boys. Ahim thinks of a plan again and at first she dresses as a highschool girl and tries to take the staff he has, it fails, but she tries again as she kicks him to another room. Ahim comes as a nurse and tries to put him to sleep (not killing him, a sleeping serum) and tried to go for the staff again. Its not working as she takes him outside where she is in a police uniform and drives into him! There she gets out of the car and smashes the staff with her foot, holy hell! Soon the rest of the team show up as well as Yukito and Emiri who tell them about Abaranger's powers, but Ahim needs another key. Luckily Emiri made her own key with the powers of ABAREPINK! Even Gai had no idea who she was and she is even Akito's wife?!, but the team transform into the Abarangers, and yea Abarepink has no powers at all as Ahim leaves the fighting to the rest of the team. They finish him off Gold Mode and the group sword and gun finisher.

In the mecha fight Gokai-oh uses the arms of Gozyujin to fight and it was a quick fight showing the finisher which was the head and drill attacking him mostly. Back in the ship then the crew wanted to see Ahim actually doing this, but Gai was taking pictures so he got some great shots even though he was mostly in the background. Well Ahim is embarrassed because everyone knows and is seeing what she mostly did. Also Gai now sees why she is on the team because she can actually go crazy. Also Yukito says the more you rampage the stronger you get. I will easily believe that. So this was another good tribute episode it was comedic like the Abaranger series and it brings back Emiri which was smart and funny because seeing an Abarepink key was cute. Also I love the pause moment I tried so hard trying to find that picture too, but I got nothing. Well that moments just got me cracking up because it reminded me so much of Abareranger and seeing the two returning characters say whats going on made it much better. Overall this is a good episode with Ahim going all out and good comedy that Abaranger had, B+


  1. This is one episode that cements my favoritism on Ahim. She's awesome! And the fanservice here is flooding and Ahim certainly look good at every single thing she's in.

  2. yea I agree, but I like Luka more still mostly because I like those type of characters, but Ahim also can be like that and proof is this episode.