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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Top Ten Favorite Super Sentai Villains

Super Sentai is known for having a simple plot with mostly the heroes fighting to protect the Earth. Kamen Rider is similar, but there is more of a story with it now these days. Sentai still mostly sticks with the simplicity which isnt bad because they focus well on the characters then. The best part for me though are the villains because they can be rivals with their enemies or each other.

10. Brajira from Goseiger
Now Goseiger isnt the best sentai series and most of the villains were weak as well, but they had two great things. First is GoseiKnight who is an epic warrior who fights with his reasoning and there is Brajira. First starting with Warstar and moving on with different teams. Soon though he reveals himself to be a fallen angel and becomes the last villain of the series. He was always an interesting villain because there was a mystery with him and when we find out the truth the series was doing great with the build up for the final episode, too bad the finale sucked.

9. Bandora from Zyuranger
First this character got a great actress who acted in many sentai series before her name is Soga Machiko she was great, but my favorite is Bandora. Back then during the time of dinos her son was killed by one she becoming furious she starts to kill them. She was sealed away, but is now free and starts havoc in the modern world. The acting by Soga for this character works greatly and she can be happy, mad, and sad. The ending of Zyuranger actually made me feel sorry for her :(

8. Basco from Gokaiger
I have a feeling he could be higher on this list soon because of the mystery behind him. Basco used to be a part of the red pirates with Marve and AkaRed. He betrays them though and during the ambush AkaRed seems to be dead, NOOOOOO! Well he is an asshole no doubt he will attack anyone who gets in his way. The first time he comes he takes the whole group expect Marve and even kicks Joe. The mystery though is how he has ranger keys that Marve doesnt know about. Where exactly did he find the keys and how?
7. Shadam from Dairanger
A commander of the Gorma tribe he is the most involved out of all the villains. Not only being the father of Akomaru he is also Kou's father. He even hides a big secert from everyone which I wont say because you know spoilers. I know I said other things about the other villains above, but those aren't that big compared to this one. He does become the leader though I will say that.

6. Yami No Yaiba from Boukenger
First I will say this, F*%$ OPERATION OVERDRIVE!!! They failed with everything that my favorite sentai series had. Even villains sucked because they were watered down greatly, but that's for another day. Well Boukenger didnt have only one group of villains, but it had four with them mostly working solo, but can work together at times to prove more of a threat to the heroes. Yami though is a solo man and fights for his reasons mostly with him wanting Masumi to be by his side. With that was a great rivalry with those two and probably one of my favorite fights from the franchise with the final battle they had. Yami even betrayed his own clan to get want he wants, now Disney why did you change him?!

5.Wolzard from Magiranger
Goseiger was similar to Magiranger with their villains, also with me not enjoying them that much. Magiranger was ok, but I didnt care for magic themes. At least we got a badass villain in the series who soon becomes an extra hero. Wolzard always fought the team and he had great honor, now Disney keeps him the same because they just copied Magiranger mostly. He even wanted to get stronger to prove a challenge to the team to see if they can go higher and higher. I wont say how he becomes and extra hero though because its one of the biggest plot points of the series.

4. Juzo from Shinkenger
Shinkenger was an amazing series and is easily one of the best of the 2000's with great characters and plot points. Juzo used to be a long time ago and was a swordsman who soon gained the pleasure of killing. He killed anyone he could find and slaughter many in his own village. Now he is a Gendou and waits for the battle he has been waiting for. Of course its with Takeru (ShinkenRed), but these two have great fights even before their final fight. At the final battle Juzo's death is so re-memorable because the last thing he sees before death is his sword stabbing himself. Showing that his sword is ending his desire as he burns away.

3. Demon Boxer Jin from Dairanger
The last Yutaka role we see in sentai and its my favorite because it has all the elements of his past characters all rolled up with an anti hero. Jin was a man who wanted revenge on martial artists because of what his master did to him. His master cut his arm off so he would let go, luckily Jin survived and gets a new arm. Now he works as an assassin and kills his targets with no challenge. He becomes a rival of Ryou and they have awesome fights, but what got me the most were the out of suit fights they had. It really proved how powerful they were, Jin lost once as Zaidosu gives him a new form to fight with. now Jin wants to fight Ryou and that desire made him into the anti hero because he even fought the Gorma. Sadly the worst happens to him and you have to find out, srry lol!

2. Mele from Gekiranger
Oh yes I really enjoyed Mele the most from Gekiranger. At first she just seemed like the usual support villain for the main character. Sure that was her role, but she kept that, but was still able to jump out! She really set herself higher than her limits just for her love with Rio. She actually almost defeat Shafu! Mele also goes through changes when GenJyuKen was introduced and she proved the become a bigger villain. Also along with Rio she becomes an extra hero because she soon joins the team not for long though because (I will say this one so skip if you must) she is killed by Long. Her death is very memorable because the last thing we see is Rio who has died as well with Mele.

1. Grey from Jetman

This is my number one villain because he has the best rivalry and is the most emotional villain I have saw. First he is a robot that works with Vyram, but he is the most mature of the group and even falls in love with Maria. His rival was with Gai who also had love issues with his team so these two were perfect rivals. Grey was a villain who really did show his feelings and was mostly clam a lot even during battle. His character is sometimes forgotten I think though because of Tranza and Radiguet, not saying their bad villains, but Grey outshines them more. For his end after he sees Maria die in front of his eyes he still fights one more time with Gai. Gai wins and he lights Grey's cigarette showing that he accepted him as a rival. Before he dies then he thinks of Maria playing the piano and shuts down he doesn't blow up so it easily holds the sadness. This is why Grey is my favorite because even though he was a robot he was the villain with the most emotions and had the saddest moments of the Jetman series. 


  1. Good choices, although I'd like to add a few.

    Bladeron was a descent villain, but he only looks so good because the rest of the villains in Goseiger are terrible.

    Basco is interesting, but I think it's still a little soon to put him on this list. Especially since he's appeared only 3 times so far.

    Yaiba was ok, but among the Boukenger villains I like Ryuuon and the Questers much better. They were far more menacing and imposing figures than Yaiba was.

    Mele's great, but Rio is just as awesome as well. And Long would be exactly what I would think of as a villain. Devilish, and a complete monster.

    Gray was cool as well, but again like Yaiba and Mele, I don't think he's the best villain on his show. Radiguet is IMO the most menacing villain that I've seen in Sentai.

  2. Nice list. =)

    Eh, I actually thought Bladerun and GoseiKnight were just more problems to add onto why Goseiger was a bad season. I thought Bladerun was a really boring villain. Mostly a watered down version of Long from Gekiranger imo.

    Wow, Basco already made your list.

    Awesome! Shadam! =D

    Yaiba was a so-so villain. Wish he had more personality though. xP

    Yay! Wolzard! One of the many things I love about Magiranger.

    Sorry, but I actually thought Juuzo was a pretty weak villain.

    Jin, Mele, and Grey are also amazing villains. =)

  3. It seems that you have different qualifications for villainy. I'm just surprised that you do not add Radiguet. The biggest S.O.B there is in Super Sentai. Guess 'How much of an S.O.B this guy is' is not in your qualifications for 'villain quality'. Long would count.

    I'll have to reserve my opinion about Shadam. Thus far, everyone's been speaking highly of him and I'm not quite sure I'd rank him that high after seeing more Dairanger. Though I do say that with his treatment to Akomaru, people are reminded with some horrid fathers in the world of Japanese entertainment. E.g: Gendo Ikari.

    Overall, great list, even if they don't include the two guys I would put as 'S.O.B' (in my blog)

  4. For me villians can be just evil, but I like something more than that. That is why Grey is my number one because he was an emotional character and he just got my interest more than the others. Also I tried not to use more than one villian from each series, but Jin and Shadam were great

  5. I'm pretty tired so I will make my comment as concise as possible, but frankly the only villain from this list that it's in my top 10 is Grey(I'm not sure if I want to count Demon Boxer Jin as a villain, even though he's pretty cool). I like Shadam, too, but it's been a long time since I've watched Dai.

    Well, this is my top 10 male villains (there is a bunch of ties, though):

    10) Grey / Long
    9) Salamandes
    8) Dr. Man / Yamimaru
    7) Booba / Bio Hunter Silva
    6) Dr. Hinelar
    5) Kiros / Keflen
    4) Gasha Skull / Kempu
    3) Dr. Bias
    2) Tranza
    1) Kaura / Bazoo

  6. I disagree about Goseigers Finale Sucking It was one of my Favorite While waching it i had relaized I hadn't doeloaded all teh episodes so I was missing a couple of the last ones So I was screaming at my Computer to hurry up. I loved Brajira especially when he calls out the Goseigers out on their hypocrisy. Plus Loved Alata's final arc with gosei Knight, Speaking of him he was one of the most developed characters on super sentai that I have seen.(magiranger-go-busters) All in All the series was okay but the last third more than made up for it.

  7. The finale of the Goseiger had a lot of build up and it didn't go anywhere than just defeating the villain. Alata did get focus, but too much focus and I really only liked his character when he had the rivalry with one of the Warstar commanders. My favorite part of the series was in the middle part with the Yamajuu cause the two villains were probably the best. They had brains and brawl as they combined those strengths together. For me the finale doesn't hold up and Goseiger overall wasn't that strong even with my favorite part being the Yamajuu arc. Again you can like Goseiger because there are people who do.