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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Poll Results #7

First I'm srry if these results are a little late I got lazy so I extened some of the dates and then when I was going to do it the power went off. Fing rain!

Did You Like The First Episode Of Fourze
Yes- 21
No- 2

How Was Episode 28 Of Gokaiger For You?
Favorite Episode So Far- 9
 Great Episode- 9
Ok Episode- 2
Bad Episode- 1 (WHAT!)

What Do Think Of the Song Switch On?
Great- 11
Good- 14
Bad- 1
Horrible- 1

What Do You Think Will Be Fouze's Strong Points?
Characters- 11
Story- 8
Writing- 11
Fight Scenes- 15

What Do Think Of Kamen Rider OOO
A Great Series- 30
A Good Series- 5
A Bad Series- 1
A Horrible Series-1

My Thoughts
Well for the episodes you know how I feel about them if you say the previous posts. I like Switch On its catchy, but not as catchy as OOO's theme. Also someone really said episode 28 was a bad episode! I guess if you havent seen Jetman, but still!

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