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Monday, October 8, 2012

Wizard's Secondary Rider: Kamen Rider Beast

 Again it feels like Toei is watching me because I literally had an idea for Kamen Rider Beast. I kid you not he would switch to different animals that have their own elements. For some reason I think Beast could do the same possibly. I even thought of yellow armor for the base forms. I really need to draw my ideas, too bad I can't :(. Either way I like the look of this rider. It does remind me of past lions in Toku, but I hate comparing to past things. His ring looks different and since he has a different belt I have a feeling that Wizard won't be able to use his rings. The green eyes are a nice touch and I really like how his helmet has the mane and lion's mouth. Some really good details and that's just the helmet! I can see his shoulders have lion pads on them or just the one. He will also use his left hand for Henshin Rings. Finally I bet he is like Haruto has he faced his Phantom and now keeps it inside of him. What I am hoping that his character was forced like how the people were forced to be Phantoms. I want this because I am thinking of what a possible route the series can take. No word on his actual character yet or when he will be revealed, but high chance he will appear in the upcoming movie. Going on with this, does this break the rumors of the witch and shaman rider? I don't think so since the rumors said Witch will come during Wizard's summer movie or is it possible that the witch and shaman will be movie riders?
Onto his belt, it reminds me a lot of the Samurai Battlizer belt. I remember saying that it looked like a rejected Kamen Rider belt and now for some reason I think this belt was it. Who knows this rider could have been rejected before. This belt seems big, but so far I have no real idea on the actual size. It looks pretty basic and reminds me of a belt for my rider Gatekeeper. Two big doors showing something in the middle as this will scan the rings. It will probably be another basic belt like Wizard's and I'm happy because it's better to have a basic belt than a huge brick. Next his sword and it's ehhhh. The weapon looks very odd and is it really a sword? Maybe it just looks like this because it's the actual toy and not the prop. So far there are no details about the exact powers of the belt or sword so we will have to wait.
Finally we get to see Beast's well beast. It's a Chimera  and that's freaking awesome! I also think that this beast could show what forms this rider will have. Since Wizard will have the Dragon forms I think Beast's final form will be Chimera. His other forms will be what the Chimera is made out of, Dolphin could be a water form, Falcon sounds like wind, Bull could be fire maybe since it's red, finally is Chameleon and I guess Earth, but it will highly be an invisible form. If this is true that is very similar to my Beast as he changes into forms based on animals on each element. The Chimera also proves that this rider faced his despair and became a Mage like Haruto. What's in store for the story is still unknown, but I hope that this rider can be as fun as the main hero. Beast from what I have seen has good designs with my only complaint being his sword. I expect Beast to be in the series during the late December or early next year.


  1. That's....just a wee bit kinda totally incredibly spoilerish isn't it?

    And here I thought this would be the first Rider series I could watch where I wouldn't know what to expect before seeing the episode...spoiled each and every secondary rider and various forms for myself thanks to toy searches and video thumbnails...


  2. Sorry I don't really see how showing the new rider is a big spoiler. For me a spoiler will be what the summaries of upcoming episodes. What I say is just predictions because so far we just got his designs and weapons. Also I just guessed on what could be his possible forms. This is mostly all predictions.

  3. Well, coming in late I've had each and every suit and form spoiled for me in some way or another. So...I mean it's not like it's a change in the status quo.

    I just kind of like to be surprised by things. Now I can't be.

  4. I see, well the biggest reason why I wanted to post this was in fact I thought of a rider named Beast. Don't you just hate when you think of something and then someone else does it.