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Sunday, August 10, 2014

No More Heroes: A Look Into Violent Media Part One (Warning Mature Content!!)

No More Heroes as always been a game I loved for a long time, but back then I just loved its insane violence and humor. Now these days I got to look into the game in a much different manner because back then I thought something this insane didn’t need analyzing, let’s just say I was wrong, big time! Suda 51 has made games before with many things to analyze about, just look at Killer 7. Now I will say Suda 51 hasn’t really made a game as great as Killer 7 and No More Heroes, but the closest was Killer is Dead which was his recent title so let’s hope Lily Bergamo will… oh wait that got changed into something else. So what is No More Heroes deal, well it’s quite simple, the game talks a whole lot about violent media while at the same time being part of violent media. No More Heroes is a game that actually dives into about what violence actually does and some of the morality issues behind it which is something I don’t often see in the violent media, mostly video games. A great way of looking into this is the many characters that you have to fight in this game. There are ten ranked assassins to meet as they all have their own personalities and something to show about violent media and a something else. See more at:

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