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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 13 Review: Lust For Power (Spoiler Alert!)

After a flashback of Tomoko's episodes and Kengo's episodes we see that the club is making sure the locker cannot be moved again. Yuuki brings Gen the offical Kamen Rider Club Brand as Gen is happy about the 24th switch. Soon though they hear a lot of yelling from outside as they open the window they see many mothers attacking Oosugi and Sonoda with many questions about the monster attacks. Shun notices one of the mothers as it is Miura's mother. Gen remembers him as he was the first Zodiart user in the series, the mother says that Miura hasn't been able to come to school ever since the monster attacks. Oosugi tries to clam them down and talks about boosting up the security, but the mothers take him down as Gen tries to help, but a man drives in with his car. Gen doesn't know who he is and even asks him as Yuuki smacks him with a slipper (Double reference) as she tells him that's the principal. For someone who is young he is in fact the principal and even has a doctrine in physics and he is another reason why the school is popular. Of course all the women calm down and adore the man Hayami as he tells them about the boost of security as well. During his speech though he says very familiar words and Tomoko catches on with that as she remembers about Scorpio giving her a switch. Even female students fall for this man as three girls fall onto Oosugi and when Sonoda even adores Hayami, Oosugi goes down for the count. Gen is then inspired by his words as he promises to protect his friends from the monster attacks as he grabs his hand. Then hearing his name he finds out that the legendary Gentaro as his smile soon goes away after finding that out as Gen jumps for joy.
Finally some love for Garren!
After the opening and seeing more scenes from Megamax we find out that Gen wants to help the past Zodiart users to come back to school as we see flashbacks of the past villains. Not everyone though likes this idea as Jake says that they are just taking a break which does make sense because how would you act if you were a monster. Even Miu agrees as Miura needs to calm down on his own and the same goes for Tomoko as she gets a bad feeling about it. Yuuki wants everyone to help so she gets the roids to flash at Tomoko and cut Jake's guitar strings (Friendship!). Shun even wants to help because he feels that Miura was his fault and he did apologize before, but he acts like Shun isn't even there. With Gohma we see that the next plan is to get a past user to go back to using the switch. Scorpio will do this task as he is happy to be with Gohma and to make their dreams a reality as he will kill Fourze to accomplish that goal. Back with the gang Shun brings Mari along because she is Miura's girlfriend. She is part of the photography club and she instantly takes picture of Gen because of his high spirits. That high spirit though makes her think of Miura as she thinks back then when he used to smile. She then starts to cry because he wont talk to her or come to school anymore, as she is worried about him. Gen then starts to get a little emotional as well as he promises to bring him back because he needs to be friends with him as well, as Mari hugs him. We then cut to Mirua who is also seems to be in photography as he walks into a camera shoot for two young girls as he gives another camera to his father and then starts to leave. Gen comes in first though as he wants to become his friend, but Mirua isn't happy about him being around. As he still doesn't want to go to school and Shun begins to apologize again, but what happened back then isn't the problem. The problem is that he will never be happy again because to him everything is boring. Gen tries to help him, but he rejects his help as he imagines seeing a switch and then runs out as Kengo doesn't stop him.
The gang try to chase him, but he gets away for the time being as Scorpio appears before him again with a new switch. Gen comes though as Scorpio is finally going to kill him and the fight between the two start. Shun and Yuuki drag Mirua away, but he wants that switch badly as he holds his arm out. Gen uses the Hammer switch as he knocks Scorpio to the ground as he goes into Fire States. Scorpio now doesn't stand a chance as Gen blasts him away with the Hack Gun. Gen then uses the Launcher and the Gatling switch along with Fire in a limit break to unleash a strong attack, but somehow Scorpio blocks it with an attack that summons Dustards the minions of the series. The Dustards act like ninjas it seems as they throw smoke bombs so they can get away as Scorpio says the next time will be his last. Gen thinks he has helped Mirua, but he gets pissed at Gen for making Scorpio run away as he says he will never understand him as he runs away with Mari chasing him. With the teachers they wonder about where the gang got to as Hayami steps in as he wants to talk with Sonoda privately and he soon does after he says it again. Hayami wants to talk about Miura as he does the hand motions that Scorpio does as we see quick images of Scorpio and the constellation.
Miu comes to the Rabbit Hutch and brags because it seems she was right not to be involved with Miura as Gen hasn't given up yet. Yuuki though thinks of a new idea and calls it "School Days Theater" and everyone else joins in to say "Oops." Next day we see Miura still down as Gen disguised as a construction worker saying there is a detour and Miura doesn't care as he walks the other way as this continues with Kengo as well. Soon he reaches to the "Theater" as Yuuki and Mira come out in cheerleader outfits to begin the play as Shun and Miu come out. Kengo takes the role of Miura as Shun and Miu treat him badly. Gen then jumps in to act as himself as he saves Kengo. The play seems to be angering Mirua though as Kengo cannot do this anymore and snaps. Everyone then starts to argue as everything breaks down, but Miura sees this has having fun as this ticks him off even more. Miu says that he actually loves school and  Miura confirms that so Gen is wondering what his issue is then. Miura replies that he cannot go because that's where the switches are as he runs off. All of a sudden Sonoda shows up and wants Miura to meet with Hayami, but the Dustards appear again when Gen promises to protect Miura from the switches, but he is wrong again, but he couldn't finish what he had to say.

The Dustards take Miura away as Gen chases them down as transforms after Sonoda is away and he fights them. With their numbers though he is in trouble, but he uses the Hammer switch and finishes one of them, but they get the edge again. Kengo comes in though and finds out they are similar to Scorpio and he tells Gen to use Elek States. Still having issues though he uses another new switch, the Water switch and at first he is confused how to use it. He twists the knob though on it and blasts water at them and kills two off with it and then finishes the rest with the Elek finisher. Miura then starts to gather the star dust (I guess) from the dead Dustards and it seems that he wants a new switch as he became obsessed with the switches. Even Gen wonders how he is going to save him because the fault is with Miura himself. He then gets a river as Sonoda gets to him as she says his fate is with the heavens as she shows two switches. One is the usual one, but the other is for Scorpio as she transforms into it and offers the new switch to Miura.
Well I think these reviews for Fourze are just going to get longer for some reason. Now its not because I love Kamen Rider more its just there is more to talk about as the series are a little more complex at times. Anyways this is another great episode as we see how a past user deals with his life now, its something you don't see a lot in rider recently. Miura is a messed up person now because of the switches because they gave him great powers and its understandable why he wants it again. The characters were fun again, but Tomoko was barely in this one I thought she would help in the play as well. Kengo is really changing as he takes part of the plans, he is helping the club now as a friend this time which is very nice to see, but he does act like his usual self at times. The episode also has great comedy and great drama as Miura's issues make us feel sad for him and seeing the gang interact with each other like the group "Oops" and the play. Also Gen had funny moments mostly with him trying to help at first and was calling himself medicine as he says its time to take a dose of him and everyone is confused about it. Reminding me of Gen he is great as he has a great challenge of helping someone this time. Another great thing is to see his experience is paying off as he almost had Scorpio well Sonoda to be exact. I knew that Scorpio was Sonoda sure the series didn't point to it that much, but that Kamen Rider they try to be mysterious and make twists so I'm used to any possibility and the last episode did reveal her identity. Overall a really great episode with strong drama and humor, an A+
Next Week: Another pissed off villain!

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