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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gokaiger VS Gavan Images

 I know this is a little old news, but I have been busy a couple of times and I forgot to make this post. Well with that, more images of the upcoming team up movie have been released. First is the usual group transformation and its nice to see Kenji in that pose again. I still wonder though if Gai will know about Gavan and other heroes.
It seems that Marvelous encountered Gavan before as he was saved by him when he was a child. Now he is going to try to arrest them and and he does! You don't mess with veteran heroes! Also the great shiny suit is coming back.
We also see the prison where our heroes will be held at as we see other past villains. First is Shizuka from Boukenger along with her master who is held in the bird cage with Yatsudenwani from Abaranger who also as Bae from Gekiranger in a cage. The three pollution ministers return even though they are dead. Even our favorite jealousy, pet, and hot spring owner Jelashitto is held in the prison. Even past Goseiger villains are held in there like Mons Drake, Kinggon and Robogog. The new monster is also shown in the picture who is the prison chief has inherited the blood of the Makuu leader Don Horror as he wants revenge on Gavan. I really like seeing the old villains return again its a nice treat to see returning actors even if its a small role. Even referencing to Don Horror from Gavan is a plus because that was anniversaries do they have elements of the past shows.
Here is the best part though, Gavan, Denji Blue, and Battle Kenya will fight together! Sure its the same guy, but how sweet is it to see the great roles of Kenji together. I really hope they act like a team in battle because it would be interesting to see combos they can make. There better be a final group attack with these three.

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