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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Return of Ninjaman!

Well its official and mostly everyone was right as Ninjaman is going to be in the Gokaiger series for the Kakuranger tribute. So far no other cast members have been released, but he could be the past veteran for the tribute. I bet some fans won't be too happy with this if no other cast member appears, but there is a high chance that Teruaki Ogawa will play the role of Sasuke since he came back in the Gingaman tribute. Either way though having Ninjaman is going to be sweet because this could mean he will count as an extra hero. He can easily fight with the team then and the mecha fight is going to be jaw dropping as we will see Ninjaman in Samurai mode again. Overall I'm excited to see this veteran extra hero fight along with the Gokaigers as he will appear in episode 45. I have also been thinking if Gokaiger does get adapted Saban could easily use this episode for a nice tribute.

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