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Friday, April 6, 2012

Poll Results #24

Did You Like Episode 27 Of Fourze?
Yes- 18
No- 0
Did You Like Episode 28 Of Fourze?
Yes- 19
No- 0
What Do You Think Of Meteor Storm?
Amazing- 19
Good- 7
Bad- 1
Silly- 9

Did You Like Episode 4 Of Go-Busters?
Yes- 26
No- 0
Did You Like Episode 5 Of Go-Busters?
No- 0

Which Do You Like The Most?
OOO Rider Keys- 18
Gosei Rider Cards- 4
Fourze Buster-oh- 4

My Thoughts
The episode arc for Meteor is probably his best so far since we see that Ryusei is acting more like a hero. Sure his sense of justice is different, but it doesn't mean he cannot let be people get hurt right in front of him. Go-Busters have been doing great with the past two episodes because episode 4 shows the intelligence of Enter as he got Enertron energy already. Episode 5 for me though was better because of Ryusei's overheat mode. That fight was really great and seeing how he finishes the creature is something I have seen in Super Sentai for a while. To be honest Meteor Storm is a great form, but the spinning top is a little silly as I said before. Then finally of course the best thing from the Taisen movie is going to be the Rider Keys I mean come on what could be better. We finally see a team made up of riders from the same series. Sure the OOO movie already did this, but this time it's going to be done in Super Sentai fashion so I'm really interested how it will work out. I am also expecting to hear Anything Goes in the background during that fight.

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