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Friday, April 6, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 29 Review: A New Chapter Begins!

Starting this episode off is Meteor Storm defeating two past Zodiarts for his search for Aries. It was nothing, but a dream as Ryusei wakes up next to Jirou. Now at the school as it's the new semester and Gen is thrilled to see all the new students. His over excitement though is scaring the freshmen though, but Gen swears as soon as their hearts clash he will befriend them all. To find new friends, Gen runs up to a lost student who is called Haru. He quickly runs off with him to find the destination and this leads up to comedic issues. Gen starts to run through everyone, flips around tables, even losing Haru, and mixing him up with a girl. The two stop though as a friend of Haru's appears in front of them. Gen then tries to befriend her, but he ignores him and tries to take Haru with her. Gen tries to stop Ran, but this girl has some skills in Aikido as she flings Gen into a wall! This doesn't stop Gen though as he will make Ran his first freshman friend. Ran though just leaves with Haru as Yuuki says she's a strange girl. (Can I pause for a moment, Yuuki out of all the people says she's weird.) Alright back to the review and Kengo replies that she is actually normal because rejecting others is a common thing with the youth of today. With the opening credits over, we see the new homeroom teacher for class 3-1 is Ohsugi. Already he is proving to be annoying to the gang by having Gen, Yuuki, and Kengo in the front so he can keep an eye on them even after school! Ryusei sees this has a pretty bad start and before Gen could speak his mind, Ohsugi starts to talk about how Sonoda lost her confidence because of them. Ohsugi then starts to think too much about Sonoda and starts to bawl like usual.
We then cut to Haru who is lost again. Libra soon appears though saying that Haru hates how helpless he is. Libra soon gets Haru interesting when he mentions that Haru can become stronger and won't need anyone to back him up. Haru then gets a switch from Libra, but he soon runs away as Ran comes looking for Haru. He puts the switch in his pocket and before Haru follows he hears two girls saying Sensei and suspects that Libra is a teacher. Back to the gang as they are being stalked by Ohsugi, but Yuuki thinks of something. She calls out Sonoda's name and when Ohsugi is distracted he is attacked by the food roids. Ryusei gets out of school and sees Ohsugi running away and also sees Haru with a switch. The two stop at the roof where Ryusei watches them and we hear Haru talking about Gentarou. Haru wants to believe in Gen's friendship passion, but Ran says that he shouldn't befriend people who want to make friends quickly. She also says that she is Haru's only friend since she protects him. Haru though wants to be more like a man since he is in high school and that desire makes him use the switch to transform into a Zodiart. There Haru jumps off the roof as Ran tries to follow him. Ryusei also starts to give chase, but he is stopped by Ohsugi who asks Ryusei if he saw the others. The three get to the Rabbit Hutch as they complain about Ohsugi, but Yuuki gets on with something else. Since there are new students its time to find more members for the Kamen Rider Club. Jake would like this so he can be a Sempai, but Tomoko is fine with the current cast. Kengo though wants to test the new switch, but before they could Miu calls.
Miu and Shun found a Zodiart and is chasing him with a car? Haru is causing havoc in the city as Miu tells the gang to get here soon. Shun tries to keep the chase up, but his car runs out of gas... Luckily Gen appears on his bike as he transforms. Fourze tries to get the Zodiart with his bike, but he is jumping around too much. Soon Kengo calls him to tell Gen that it's the Musca Zodiart and Gen still tries to use his bike, but it's stopped by a strange chemical from the Zodiarts mouth. Gen tries to fight back with the Magic Hand and Hopping Switch, but the fly keeps dodging his attacks. Ran comes in and screams Haru's name as Gen finds out who the Zodiart is already. Soon though Meteor appears and kicks ass like usual. Haru tries to run, but Meteor keeps bring him to the ground and kicks him till he falls to the ground. Meteor already walks away though because he doesn't see that he can be Aries (then finish him off!). Haru then is disappointed in himself and runs away. Gen cancels the transformation and before Ran runs off he asks her if that was Haru. Gen also tries to stop her, but he gets thrown again. Of course he doesn't give up yet and tries to convince her to trust him. It seems though she has a checkered past as a flash black says that she won't trust her Sempai again. Now we are with Hayami as Virgo asks him why he has the Cancer switch. Hayami lies to her saying that he got when Cancer was defeated and Virgo tells him that he is digging his own grave. There is no need for any worries though as it seems Hayami is working on something grand.
We cut to the next day I guess as Yuuki and Kengo avoided Ohsugi again. He wasn't that far away though and goes into the room and finds no one. Gen though walks on in and is caught. Next we see Haru chanting to himself that he wants to be stronger and Ran appears so she can take the switch away. She doesn't want Haru to be a monster since it's dangerous. Haru says there is nothing to worry about, but before he leaves Ran asks him where he got the switch. He says he got it from a monster, but it seems it's also a teacher in the school. She looks around to find who gave Haru the switchand while looking around Ohsugi and Gen come into the scene. Ran tries to leave, but she is stopped by Gen and she flips him for the third time! She also throws Ohsugi to the floor. The Mag Phone was dropped during that and Yuuki calls him with her loudest voice possible. She tells Gen that the fly has appeared again and everyone around hears what she is saying as she even mentions the Rabbit Hutch. Ran hears where Haru is and runs out of the school, but Gen is trapped by Ohsugi and asks Gen what exactly is the Rabbit Hutch. Haru is rampaging again and is happy to see people being afraid of him, but he soon gets angry as Kengo tells him to stop. Haru attacks the gang and traps Jake in the strange adhesive. Ran tries to talk with Haru about how the switch is making him go insane and says she will help him. Haru though wants to protect Ran though and his form changes! Everyone is shocked to see a morphing Zodiart for the first time and Ryusei now wonders if he could be Aries.
Haru then attacks the club members as Kengo is knocked down and Tomoko is trapped by the adhesive. Ryusei though runs away so he could transform into Meteor. He jumps in at the right time and even with Haru's new powers he is kick by Meteor again. The two fight and Meteor is still wiping the floor as Haru stands no chance. Ryusei gets ready for the finisher, but he is attacked by Dustards. Libra sent them it seems as he wants Haru to evolve even more. Meteor goes into Storm form and is easily fending off the Dustards. Haru though is now free, but Gen appears and asks if it is Haru. Haru mostly says yes and attacks Gen, but he dodges and blocks the attacks as he transforms into Fourze. This time even Gen is easily beating up Haru and even attacks him with his head! He then transforms into Elek States and uses the finisher. The shock waves hit Har, but doesn't finish him!Somehow his body turns into flies and attacks Gen. While he is in this form Gen cannot directly attack him, but Kengo knows with the new switch he can. Meanwhile Ohsugi looks at a real rabbit hutch to see if he can find anything. He is bitten by a rabbit and notices Kengo running off somewhere. Haru's chance though vanishes as he reverts back to normal as he cannot fully control his powers. Gen then goes into Fire States and shoots at him and is ready for another finisher, but this time Ran gets in the way. Gen tries to talk with her, but he sends him down to the ground for the fourth time! Meanwhile Kengo gets into the Rabbit Hutch and gets the Net Switch, but when he starts to leave he finds Ohsugi in the passage way as he enters into the Rabbit Hutch!
That's episode 29 and it's pretty good. First I like that Ohsugi is interacting more than usual as he finally finds the out about the Hutch. Sure he can be annoying at times, but he can be funny at times and it makes sense for him to watch over the students. Even though he does take things too far it makes sense because Gen and the others are pretty suspicious at times. The Zodiart is okay, first I really like how he is actually evolving differently than other monsters and seeing how he cannot control it completely shows potential. His character though isn't special at all. He just wants power so he can be the man he wants to be, I knew that was going to be his desire from the first time I saw him get a switch. Ran also falls on the cliche bus because of how she protects Haru, but she sees that she is Haru's only friend because of that. Then there is her back story which I am pretty much predicting already and I don't think it needs that much focus for this arc. Meteor was odd in this episode, mostly with his first fight with the fly as he just lets him be. Did he really want him to evolve? By the way he talked though he saw no potential for Haru so wouldn't he just finish him off there? Also when he was Meteor Storm he wasn't shown again for the rest. Now he was fighting Dustards, but then show him seeing what is happening with the rest of the scene. The fights were good though as the gang got a little more involved with the action and seeing old switches like Magic Hand and Hopping was nice. Heck they even brought Fourze's head back into the action. Overall it's good, but it really seems that it's following a big cliche and the Zodiart only lives because of luck. I give this episode a C+
Next Time: A look into Ryusei's school

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