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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Akibaranger Opening!

The time has finally come for the first official parody Sentai series, Akibaranger! I saw the first episode without the subtitles and I am happy with it so far. I can tell what's going on so it's pretty easy to follow and I can tell what some of the jokes are. This episode is kind of tamed for an adult series, but it's the first episode and by the preview of the 2nd episode they show why the series isn't for kids. The opening theme is pretty catchy and sounds more like an anime, but hey some of today's Sentai openings sound like anime openings. I really like when Yukio Yamagata starts to sing because his voice brings a very nice touch to the song. I really hope this series will do well because I really laughed while watching the first episode. Now it is more of an adult series, but it doesn't matter what people say. There will always be a child somewhere watching it and heck when I was young I watched things that were more mature. Overall I fully recommend any fan of Sentai to watch it and next episode Ban (Deka Red) will make an appearance!

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