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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Superhero Taisen: The Team Up

Even with the plot of the movie having the two franchises fighting each other we all know that there is going to be one huge team up. This has already have been shown, but now we get what we all have been waiting for!
First is the reveal of the Kamen Rider OOO keys as the Gokaigers will transform into the six forms of OOO to fight along with him. First the OOO forms are some of my favorites so it's awesome to see them formed up as a team. I am a little disappointed with some of the match ups though. I would rather want Gai to be Putotyra and have Ahim be Sagohzo. It just makes more sense since Ahim has been white before and Gai can be the hidden power since he was the added teammate. Still the other four I am happy with because they match colors and I can't wait to see Don use Gatakiriba the most!
Next are the new Gosei cards which will be given to the three card riders. They are different stones and I guess Ryuki will be red, Blade is blue, and Decade is green. I'm not sure what powers they will have, but either way it should be great.

Finally is the Go-buster's mecha getting some new parts thanks to Fourze. Now what is strange is that I don't see a giant fourze driver on the machine. I was expecting that the final form ride for Fourze would be his driver, but maybe it will be whatever switch he has equipped?
So what are my thoughts on the upcoming crossover... I know the plot could be messed up, but who knows. Anyways this is a huge step for both the franchises and we all know this will be a juggernaut that will create a movie series soon. I am loving how to start it off it will bring every warrior. Now sure not every actor will be here because that is impossible. Also we got the cast list, but I know that there will be other cameos in the movie no doubt. Overall I can't wait for this war to start as we will get an epic fight with our favorite heroes!


  1. Wow, Gokaiger will have Rider powers. Rather OOOs the Den-O.

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  3. I am so happy that the OOO keys finally happened and luckily there won't be Den-o keys. High chance there won't be.