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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Go-Busters Episode 4 Review: Enter into the Struggle

To begin this episode we are given information about the Go-buster's HQ. It is underground and it has many tunnels that connect to many secret door ways. After that there seems to be a plan to upgrade the Buster machines and Hiro thinks that this will give them the chance to attack the Vaglass up front. There are many issues with that though as the only way of getting to the Sub Dimension is the teleportation device. This is shown when a Megazord is summoned because the Metaroids are uses as target points, but every time a Megazord appears it is away from that target point. Then the team have no target points like that so going into the Sub Dimension could end up into a total failure. Hiro though still wants to try though because he wants to save the people who are in the Sub Dimension. Yoko also agrees, so the boss has to say something to clear their minds. He says that there is a high chance that there are no survivors and the only mission they have is to destroy Messiah. The team is soon deployed though as it seems Enter as been spotted again. After the opening credits Yoko talks to Ryuji if he believes what the captain says. Ryuji responds by saying that normal people usually wouldn't survive in the teleportation. Yoko isn't completely crushed by these facts though because she doesn't have many memories of her mother. She worries about Hiro though and Ryuji worries if he will lose his passion to fight now.
The team soon find Enter who was waiting for them as he is eating pizza? He tries to talk with them and wants them to join him, but that doesn't work so he summons a new robot. He makes the Cutterroid with the pizza cutter he had around and a Megazord is being transferred. Hiro finds out that Enter wants to summon roids close to the tower so that the Megazord can be closer to the tower. After Enter leaves the team transform to fight the Cutter. Hiromu jumps in first as he dodges the incoming blades with his super speed, but he starts to act more recklessly in this fight. The team back him up though with their blasters, but the enemy easily deflects the blasts. The Cutter summons the blades one more time and when the team was distracted he runs away. The team think that everything is over, but they hear a scream not that far away. Two officers are being attacked by the Cutter, but Hiromu saves the two and gets hit in the process. The other two then come in to blast at Cutter, but he keeps deflecting soon enough that too much smoke appears. He uses the smoke as a distraction so he could get away again. In around 4 minutes the Megazord will appear and the team cannot defeat the Metaroid. The captain then asks Morishita for something and we cut away before we could hear anything to Hiromu tending his wounds.
The team then start to think about what Enter is thinking and Hiro thinks that the tower isn't what they're after this time. Even though the Metaroid was summoned near the tower the Megazord as a teleportation error. Also with another tank near by this could mean that the Megazord could go after the one or the other. The team has to go into action now as there are only two minutes left, but Ryuji wants to check something first. Ryuji noticed how Hiro was fighting and knows it is because of what the captain said earlier. Hiro though responds by saying "This is about what the captain said" and confuses Ryuji. With one minute and thirty seconds now Usada and Gorisaki are held onto standby and the CB-01 is ready to go. Back with the team as their talk to interrupted by the Cutter as he tries to attack them. Yoko and Ryuji transform and defend Hiro as he escapes. The Megazord appears and it goes for the tank farther away from the team. The captain was waiting though so he sends out the CB-01 now. Hiro gets to the scene, transforms, and gets into the machine. There he changes it into the Ace mode and defends the tower from the Megazord. With Ryu and Yoko they cannot reach Cutter yet as they are mostly dodging his attacks. For Hiro is having more of a challenge with this robot as it summons a barrier to defend itself.
Thanks to the barrier the Megazord gets a good attack on the Ace as it damages it well. Luckily Morishita comes back to the base and there the captain summons the other two machines. Nick reports the damage as the Megazord keeps attacking the tower. Hiro tells Nick to transfer all power to the arms and legs so that the Ace can freely move. This time though the Megazord cuts through the defenses and starts to steal Enertron! Finally the two other machines get into the scene and attack the Megazord, but not even they can break through the barrier. Also Cutter is winning his fight as he starts to slash the two with his blades. During this Yoko thinks about what Hiro said before they were attacked by Cutter. It seems that Hiro wasn't bothered by what the captain said as he forgot about it already. Hiro will still fight for his reason and it will be to save the people from the Sub Dimension. Ryuji tries to tell him that normal humans cannot survive, but Hiro knows that they survived and that could mean that the other people could have a similar vaccine in them. The two get inspiration from what he said and continue to fight Cutter. Meanwhile the Megazord continues to absorb Enertron and attacking the robots. The Ace is now almost at one hundred percent, but to get it there Hiro will turn off the pressure in the cockpit.
Meanwhile Yoko and Ryuji finally get an awesome moment as they catch and stack the incoming blades sent by Cutter. After tossing them back the two slash Cutter down to the ground. Now the Ace is at one hundred perfect and Hiro throws the sword at the robot. Of course the barrier stops it, but Hiro continues on, but pushing the blade through the barrier. There though the robot is ready to attack and his blade gets into the cockpit! Now Ryu and Yoko defeat Cutter by blasting him down for the last time. Also Hiro wins his fight as the blade almost reaches him, but his sword gets through the robot's head first. Enter now leaves as it is a successful mission as he just leaves the robot there. It may seem that they have lost today, but inside of the Enertron was a transmitter which was planted by Morishita. It works just like how the Metaroids are target points, but sadly they cannot find the signal. Yoko is a little mad about this because she went all out for this, but the captain didn't want Enter to catch on. The captain put their lives at risk on purpose and Yoko is mad again and even Ryuji is as he tries to punch him! Hiro though catches his fist and the captain says he will use the three as decoys if it means destroying Messiah.
Episode 4 is another really great starter episode as we get some good character traits from the captain. I really like how serious he is about the mission. He knew that that they could fail for once so he tries to counter which is smart. This doesn't mean that it was the best way possible because the team were almost killed in this battle. I love seeing that in only four episodes the villains of got a win already and it shows how smart Enter is. From the last episode where Enter was just trying to please Messiah to him thinking of a new strategy and it works and this could mean he could try it again. He uses his resources and even with some flaws he actually uses them for his benefit. The fights were also very well done because I love seeing a struggle as it builds more suspense. Also when the team finally start to win it gets more exciting then. Overall this episode perfects a lot of things that action shows need to do. The villains give a great challenge, the heroes are having problems with each other, they struggle because of that, and having them lose for once. It makes you wonder how Enter will attack next and it could affect the team's moral. I give it an A+ the first perfect ranking for Go-busters!
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