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Monday, April 1, 2013

Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 28 Review: Missing Belt

In this episode of Wizard we see Kousuke having issues again with having low magic to consume on. His luck could be changing though as he makes a discovery that someone has found an ancient item that resembles one of his rings. Can this be the big chance he has been waiting for, or will his chance slip away?
First thing I will talk about is the Gate in this episode. This is the man who finds one of Beast's rings and a strange device. He is named Nakamoto and I was surprised by this character. At first I thought he would just be doing research with Kousuke for the most of the time. Actually this guy thinks for himself mostly. He was hoping his discovery was going to get him some fame for once. He did have a huge fascination with the Beast belt with was pretty funny I have to say. When Kousuke first transformed Nakamoto is right in front of him staring at the belt and it's too close..... Again I think this series is so pulling some sexual innuendos and I find it funny. Going on with Nakamoto I really enjoyed how he and Kousuke acted with each other. They are both archeologists and they got the same passion. Now I will admit the big plot point of Kousuke loosing his belt is obvious since we know who clearly did it. Still it works with Nakamoto's character as I said before the amount of depth he gets shocked me.
Now onto Kousuke who doesn't get too much, but I can tell in part two he will. He got some nice humorousness moments when he is with Nakamoto. I really enjoyed these scenes since both of the archeologists working together was a delight. Then Nakamoto was was focusing on the belt while Kousuke who was transformed tries to pose for some pictures. Kousuke really took a liking to the guy and you can tell since he had a drink with the guy, but sadly Nakamoto easily betrays that trust. Finally when Kousuke's belt is gone he still goes into action without it! He thinks Sora took it and so he tries to take it back. I have to keep giving credit to Tasuku Nagase as he does more and more out of suit action. I can really tell he is doing most of his stunts and even though it's not the biggest I always enjoy an actor doing all he or she can. Overall Kousuke did a good amount of greatness for this episode as he got nice scenes and keeps showing how much the actor does.
Kousuke is the main focus for this episode so of course the other heroes didn't get many other scenes. We do see somethings though. First is with the Golem familiar, as Wajime said he will find his use soon. The Golem actually picks up some of the crafting tools and will he actually make something? He actually does make a chest for Haruto to put his rings in which I bet will be sold to help the collectors. We even see Koyomi getting magic energy from Haruto which wasn't seen for a while so it was nice to show it again for a callback. Haruto tries to do the usual by being around the Gate, but Nakamoto doesn't want him around. Kousuke says it will be fine since he will be around the Gate so they let the two be. Now we do usually see Phantoms just go for a single target, but having Haruto being back up is better since last time Beast had to stay to fight Sora while Wizard had to save Mayu. So we see that our heroes learned from the last arc since there were two Gates last time. There was even a nice line of dialogue for the other Gate from the last arc as she is now safe as Haruto said she is out of the country. So again some nice scenes for our other heroes.
The Phantom for this arc is pretty simple as he is just going for the Gate. What makes him slightly unique is his shield as it protects him very well. It took on many attacks from our heroes which I will get to later. I will say I really love his design. There is a look of defensive qualities with his skin looking like armor. The half and half with blue and white really works well with each other. There are even additions of gold and red to give more of a contrast as it works very well. His back is very impressive as he got a prehistoric looking double cannon thing as the details make it look old. Even his shield has that similar look. So yea the character isn't much, but I just love his design a whole lot.
 For the other Phantoms we get a fun time with Sora as he first fights Kousuke in his human form. Also I give credit to the scene when he comes when Kousuke's belt is gone. Sora acts like he knows where it is so making him look like the culprit in Kousuke's eyes. I bet Sora does know and is just messing around with Kousuke and he takes this chance to have fun and boy he did. With Medusa she is back doing to normal as she is following Wiseman's orders. You can tell that she is somewhat broken down by her failure so she is going back to basics and hoping it will work. She even asks Wiseman about the White Mage and it seems he knows about him, but doesn't say anything to Medusa. All he wants is another Sabbath as he wants more Phantoms. So the most we got was from Sora and I am not mad about that since Medusa failed before so she is going through that and seeing that Wiseman knows of the White Mage still leaves much mystery for both of the characters. Even Sora knows of the White Mage, just how much does he know?
The action portion of the show got a little boost thanks to nice variations. As I said I loved seeing Kousuke going straight in without his belt. It was well done and I always love seeing actors doing more than just act. Going on with Beast we got a look at the Buffa Saber Strike as it does summon Buffaloes and they are big in size. I bet a one with that wouldn't be so bad. With this Saber Strike it was a four and still the Phantom blocks all four of the attacks with his shield. Wizard first came in Hurricane Styles and did the sick sword moves like before and even Water Styles was used. Both of these forms came before Flame as it soon came after Water during the last fight. Flame Dragon was used at the very end and still he struggled with the Phantom. To make things worse we got Kousuke and Nakamoto in danger so focusing on one thing is impossible for him. With Water Styles we got to see the Liquid power being used again and that effect always looks good. The action did have more of a suspenseful level like in the last episode, but it still works well.
Overall it's another satisfying episode as we get a great Gate. Nakamoto gets many character moments as he looks for fame and his discovery could be that ticket for him. Kousuke was tons of fun as well along with Sora as one went all out without powers while the other trolls out heroes once more. We got nice scenes for the other characters and see that Golem can be a helper for Wajime. Finally Wizard's power were being switched around which is nice since the previous episodes have been doing variations before so the series is keeping up with that. I give it an A and it would got the "+" if the Phantom was a little more characterized.
Next Time: Hyped for Hyper Form!

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