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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 6 Review: Don't Mess With the Pink!

For this episode of Kyoryuger we get more focus for Ramirez as the team try to get his partner back. Amy goes deeper into this though and finds out more about him and his partner. Will Amy save Ankydon or will the Dino Tamer keep his control?
First thing I have to bring up is Amy and she got a whole lot better in my eyes. She does a whole lot by herself all for Ramirez and his partner. I mean wow she kicked a whole lot of ass this time. First I really enjoyed her caring personality which works along with her curiosity. It's a nice trait to have for a woman like her and if she wants something done about it, she will make sure it happens! The last time she had the focus episode it wasn't much and in the last couple of episodes she didn't do much either. The whole "wow" thing was being used a whole lot and for this episode I'm surprised it wasn't used that much. So let's list what exactly she does in this episode. She shut downs Canderrilla's concert (I'll get to that later), gets the Debos monster out of Ankydon, and she finishes off the monster all by herself. I will say though it would have been nicer to see more team elements be used, but having Amy being the man of this episode was fun.
Onto Ramirez I found him to be more enjoyable in this episode. Last time his lines just didn't work for his acting style, but this episode fixed that. The more time he has with his dialogue the better he sounds and he got to express a lot of emotions. He was scared, he got angry, he was all lovey lovey, and he got shocked. Ramirez was used very well as his lines got me laughing a whole lot. What was disappointing though is that his warrior form was barely used. Kyoryu Cyan is his warrior form and when Ankydon was saved he got those powers back. Now the suit does get skinnier, but it still shows more width than the other members so it gives him a strong look. I really did like his power as he used an energy hammer to knock the villain away. Also the term Spirit Ranger was used which makes me think of Power Rangers Jungle Fury. Sadly, this suit was only used at the giant fight and he just does one attack and them summon Ankydon. I was hoping for him to be in Kyoryujin with the others since Ankydon combined with it. So yea Kyoryu Cyan should have been used more as I hope I get to see Ramirez again since he got me to like him now.
One more thing this episode improved with was how the villains were used. Canderrilla and Luckyuro actually did something! Canderrilla held her own concert to power up the Debos monster. Also the Debos monster, Virus put people to sleep with happiness so it works with getting the happy emotion for them. Luckyuro was more of a backup and he did fight Pink when she got there. Still I am disappointed with the MOTW. Heck I was thinking he wouldn't be a MOTW since he had an introduction of being a big villain. He didn't even get much fight either as Pink got him with a love bullet to make him fall in love with her. I will say this did lead to comedic moments which I really enjoyed, but it's still sad to see a villain like him just be used for laughs when he had a big entrance. What I also liked was how Sorrow and Anger soon got in the battle to prevent the heroes from ruining the plan. Overall the villains did a whole lot this time I just wished that Virus was more of a bigger villain.
Even his design is the best so far!
Now this episode still had some flaws for me though. First the concert was a nice idea, but I never liked it when the villains do these moments. Magiranger did it before and the bad music the villains sing isn't funny. I saw it to be time wasting as we could have gotten more scenes from the guys of the team. I know this was an Amy focus episode, but last time the episode focused on Ian and Souji yet we still got some strong moments from Daigo. This time it was just Amy and Ramirez the other guys just came for the fights. I will say I did like seeing Torin interacting with the team more since many times before he was in the background or only had one on one meetings. He still had one with Ramirez, but in the final moments he was with the whole gang. For a mentor character he or she should be with the team more and we all know how I feel about Torin and his plan to gather the team. Overall, if the villains got to interact more with each other, why couldn't the heroes have more with themselves?
Onto the action of the episode and it was well done the whole way except for the giant fight once more. The giant fight had another reveal for Kyoryujin with Macho form, but it was just another quick one. The sword reveal was much better since it was a way of showing that the team is together. With this it was a one time thing as Cyan wasn't even in the cockpit with the team. Also since it's another combination thing I bet we won't see it that much. The normal fights were very good since all the big villains except Chaos were fighting the team. Also Amy's fighting moments were very good as she really shown more of her amazing power. There was one disappointing moment though which was with Virus he didn't get much with action. He had a quick struggle with Amy, but after the love bullet he was just goofing off. This just really bothers me since he seemed like a very powerful foe since he is controlling one of the dinosaurs. The giant fight could have been better if he did control one of the dinos then. This easily could have made it longer and then having Ankydon's and Macho's reveal would have been more memorable that way. So far there are two giant moments that I like from the series which is episode one and five. Only two out of six that is not good.
Even with some disappointments like Virus and Cyan not being used that well and much. There are still many enjoyable moments in this episode. Amy was a whole lot of fun as she became more of a likeable character for me and Ramirez had much better moments than in the last episode. Even the villains were doing more than usual as I can't wait to see more moments like that. I would give this episode a B as there were things that needed more focus and that could have easily been done if some scenes were cut and others were longer.
Next Time: A Royal Pinch!

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