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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce Episode 8 Review: Come Quietly or There Will Be Trouble

In this episode of Megaforce it seems that there are a new race of monsters that have been born. Will they join with Malkor and Vrak or will they just fight for their own cause? Sorry if this is a shorter review, I am having tons of work do for this month.
Sadly there isn't much to go on with this episode except for the new things. Our heroes really just find out about them and know they are new foes to fight. This is the reveal of Robo Knight who I will get to during this review. This episode isn't a copy of episode seventeen of Goseiger, but that is only because they trimmed down parts and didn't really include anything good to watch. The team is with their class on a field trip and they find things. First is that Noah and Emma find an industrial plant that is up and working again even though it was shut down years ago. There was also a big foot print that was found as the class went back to school after that. The beginning scenes were just mundane and not interesting to watch and the rest of episode is just okay.
Going on with the new villains I am liking how the first villains are still around minus Creepox. Malkor wants the mutants on his side and Vrak will be a messenger for him. This is probably my favorite part of the episode cause I am hoping to see more mixing around with the stock footage, heck they could use two episodes together with an alien and mutant MOTW. There is high potential for the villains in this series unlike the original Goseiger. Now onto the disappointments. To be honest now in Goseiger my favorite villains were the Yuumajuu. I liked them as the two main villains really worked well together and did many things and were part of really big moments in the series. The Yuumajuu were an ancient tribe that just wanted Earth as a home and will take down anything that couldn't live in their lifestyle. Here they are born from waste and will take revenge on the humans who dirtied the Earth who made them like this. Alright I know protecting the environment is important, but don't shove it down our throats! I mean this feels like Captain Planet will team up with the Power Rangers. I just hope later on the series these villains will get better since there is great potential for them.
Oh no he's here, RUN!
Now onto Robo Knight and I feel like I should call him Robocop. I mean that voice is so Robocop. I have to say I don't like the added in sounds for this guy cause it just makes me laugh more than anything. They are way too loud and sound like something you buy from a website. Then the voice is similar since I bet I can make myself sound like Roboknight for free on my computer. The character is basically the same as Goseiknight as well so yea I am truly disappointed in this. I mean he so could have been a human character, but since Goseiger is only being used for season one so I guess Knight will probably be gone in season two. So yea he's going to be a character that won't be much I bet since the real sixth warrior will be in season two. Now I really love Goseiknight he was my favorite character in Goseiger, but for an adaptation I don't want to see the same thing twice. So yea that's Robo Knight, just Gosei Knight with some bad sound effects and bad dubbing.
This is really all I can really talk about the episode since it used stock footage for all of the fight scenes. I mean there is how Robo Knight will not work with the team, but that's just like Goseiger. Basically Robo Knight was gone for a while and he came back with some improper circuitry so he works alone because of that. With Gosei Knight he just didn't see the team of being capable of helping him until they got his trust. With Megaforce having him being way too mechanical just takes the human elements away from his character and just makes it seem the team is fixing him. I really only had fun with Vrak meeting the villains and having them join Malkor. Everything else was just boring and couldn't get me interested. So I give this episode a D+ cause it still has interesting things at least.
Next Time: How will the team befriend Robo Knight?


  1. Maybe Captain Planet will turn the whole cast into trees-at least they'll be better actors.

    1. No they tried doing a tree cast for Samurai so they're not trying that again. Personally though it's only Troy and Emma that bother me for acting. The other three are doing above average performances.