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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Thoughts on Battlizers

Well what can you say about them, they are flashy and bulky. There are some who like it, but for ppl like me I cant like them. I hate how bulky the designs and they kill the whole teamwork motif of the show. I will look at each one i saw what I say about each one.
First is the battlizer from Space. for some reason it gives him a more muscular figure for some reason, but its mostly just a giant jet pack on him with lasers. IMO this was a bad start for them since it just looks dumb to me since it's not really armor that much.

The one in Lost Galaxy though looks even worse though, it looks more like armor, but it doesnt fit at all with the suit. That's mostly because Gingaman was had more of a nature motif, but with Lost Galaxy it stayed with a high tech space them like Lost in Space. So another bad one imo.


Time Force had two and Red had is the first ok one, first I really like the helmet, but so many other things bother me like the shoulders and the feet. Also dont get me started on the super cup he has on his crotch, lol.

The other one though looks great IMO. Its nice and simple sure having a helmet over a helmet is weird, but it looks like armor easily and its not bulky at all, but roller blades really?

Next was Wild Force and it is ok because it fits with the original suit because of the falcon on the back. It's still odd though that again Gaoranger was more nature motif and wild force followed that as well, so yea..... It isnt all machine as it seems, but it looks like it.

Next was Ninja Storm and it looks sort of dumb mostly because of the hawk hand! Again it gives him more a muscular form again for some reason and it just is too over the top and bulky.

Dino Thunder's was ok as well since it fits the suit well, but again the hands and arms look dumb, also one of it's attacks always made me laugh.

SPD went back with a dumb one, first we know of the first form with barely anything new expect for shoulder pads and the thong. With the whole thing it just goes on the upper part of the body making it look stupid and I still look at the thong! Its odd why that in the Magi and Deka teamup it was used, but that is because so Deakred didnt look outdone by the super forms of Magiranger.

Mystic Force has the best one no doubt, it looks like armor and the helmet upgrade is awsome. The wings even fit with it and it has a great blend of colors.

Operation Overdrive had a dumb one no shocker that series couldnt do anything right. I dont think the gold armor fits with the suit. Also so many parts are weird like the arms, hands, and feet. Dont forget about his chest that can talk though that was weird!

Jungle Fury and RPM didnt have one thank goodness, but now Samurai is picking the idea back up. By the toy so far it will probably be the worse of all. It takes bulky to the next level and the helmet looks so dumb. There is also the shoulder pads, what pisses me off more that this will replace the super mode from shinkenger. I like that Samurai is doing something diff, but this is even worse than the mega modes!

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