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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kamen Rider Skull: Message for Double

Since I saw the ooo and double movie recently I want to focus on the best part which was the origin of Kamen Rider Skull. This part starts with Shotaro and Phillip fighting a Ptrea Yummy and soon find out he is not a dopant because he is bleeding medals. Ryu shows up, but doesnt trasnform and fights with the engine blade. Akiko comes out to mostly yell at Ryu for leaving the wedding. Ryu says it is because he is a kamen rider, but Akiko shows that she has the Accel Memory and Driver saying no more Kamen Rider! The yummy left though as the two follow him, Akiko starts to think how Kamen Rider relates to her life, her love, friends, and even her father was a kamen rider. The yummy gets interested into that fact and uses the Memory Gaia Memory and shows him and her the past of her father Narumi. There we see him trying to make coffe, but fails. His partner Matsui complains that he should just use the manual to help him, but a call comes in from a girl called Melissa. She wants Narumi to protect her since she got a letter saying if she gets any part of the song wrong he would kill people in the stage, the person calls himself the Spiderman (not kidding). Before that we see that Melissa looks like Akiko for some reason no explanation why, maybe its supposed to be symbolic, but idk. At the show we see her manager who is rumored to be a bad egg. Narumi tries to talk to him, but he leaves and soon the Spider Dopant shows himself and doesnt kill anyone because Melissa did a perfect job. The cops try to stop him (one of them was Jii), but fail as Narumi fights him off the best way he can. There we see Shotaro as a kid who is amazed by Narumi's skills. After that it seems that Melissa is fine and got away from the dopant with Matsui and for some reason she wont touch Narumi. After all that Narumi goes into the basement area where Shroud as been working on the Skullgarry. Narumi tells her that he has seen a dopant which gives Shroud the idea of giving the Skull memory to Narumi, but he declines saying that he has all that he needs already.

Narumi talks with an old friend who appeared in Kamen Rider Double i think his name was Kiba? Well Narumi goes to the manager's house with a man who could help him with security who is mostly ignored. They get in, but the man is quickly killed by the Bat Dopant. Narumi fights both the Spider and Bat dopant, but is in trouble as Shroud comes giving him the Lost Driver with the Skull Memory in it. He transforms into Skull, but its not complete yet and he fights them off. Shroud even fights with her gun and the Bomb memory no doubt. During the fight he is being crushed by a bulldozer and Akiko calls him, saying that he should come back becuase he is never around. She says that the next time they will meet she could be getting married, there Narumi makes a promise that he will be there for her wedding. Narumi easily then gets it off of him as the two dopants leave.

Going back to Matsui he finds out that he is the Spider Dopant because of his writing that is similar to the dopant. Matsui gets out and Melissa shows up telling what is happening. Matsui was using the gaia memory to protect her from the manager, but he took things too far mostly meaning that the memory was taking over him. They also tell that she had the bomb spider in her which was used to kill the manager. Whenever anybody with the spider in them touches someone it will be passed on to that person and they will explode. Soon even Melissa thinks things are going to far as Matsui goes insane and starts to spread the spiders over the city. Many explosions go off into the city as Narumi sees that he is no longer human. Narumi also has the bomb spider in him as well, as he tries to chase Matsui down, but the bat dopant appears again. Narumi transforms and Skull is complete with the "S" scar on the head and wearing the fedora.

Skull uses the Skullgarry as it takes the gas tank off the road crushing her. There the fire ignites the gas exploding and killing her. Narumi gets to Matsui and counts off his sins that he should have prevented all of this as he says "Now count up your sins" for the first time. Here we see the full power of Skull as Narumi uses the Skull Kick for the first time and the attack kills Matsui. Melissa then yells at Narumi becuase she wanted him to be saved, as he walks off saying that he can never see his daugther again and asks Melissa to sing at her wedding. Which ends the origin of Skull.

I really enjoyed this part the most of the movie, unlike OOO's part with too many plot holes and the whole cgi fight with core. Now I didnt hate everything about the two other parts, but in comparison to Skull they are mostly nothing. It felt like Kamen Rider the most, giving off an origin story and keeping the msytery theme that the Double series is known for. Also I liked the little things in the movie that connect to the series like when Matsui is looking up info in a real library and he makes a board like we see in episodes of Double. Narumi is just a badass and he is my fave movie rider of all time so far, at first he just looked epic with his fighting, but this movie gave more character to him making him even more awsome. Overall the best part of the movie and I hope they do a Return movie with when Shotaro and Narumi meet for the first time. I found it funny that there was a spider and bat dopant that Skull had to face because there is Spiderman, Batman, and Skullman.

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