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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Update: Go-busters

I am very behind on Go-busters and with my classes, work, and soccer it's very hard to get back on track. I am not even watching the episodes it's getting that bad. I hate to do this, but I think I could have to stop on constant episode reviews for Go-busters. I could do a review here and there for certain parts like the introduction of Escape, but I am too far behind and I think it's becoming too much of a chore to do this. I will do Wizard reviews though since it just started. I will easily do the next sentai series constantly, but because I am too far behind the constant episode reviews for Go-busters is at an end. It may seem lazy, but this is my first year of college so I just want to focus on one series and I am more of a fan of Kamen Rider. So it's opposite of when I started when I didn't do OOO, but Gokaiger. The review for episode one of Wizard will be coming soon I promise you that.

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