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Monday, October 10, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 33 Review: Hero!!!!

Starting the episode off is that Gai's arm is better now and is hyper as ever. With the Zangyack Gils is so mad he cant even eat, but Barizrog sends a new commander who has an infinite stomach as he will steal all the food. Gai, Luka, and Don are out shopping for food and meet the MOTW as they try to fight him. The other three show up and use Gaoranger's powers, but Gai got distracted and got hit in the back by the monsters upchuck attack as he knocked out of his transformation and drops the Gokai Celluar. The monster also gets his food back and sallows the phone as he leaves and now Gai is unable to transform. The group say they will get it back and Gai has to take another break. Gai leaves the ship as he is depressed about losing his powers. During his time out he accidently runs into Ryou (Ryuuranger) as he talks to him about losing his powers. As Gai thinks he always wanted to be a hero and now he isnt because he cant be Gokai Silver anymore. Ryou says hes got the wrong idea as people come in about a festival or something like that as Gai leaves before Ryou finishes his thought.

The team find out that the monster appeared again as they try to catch him, but he gets the food and vanishes before they have a chance. Gai tags along still, but is sorry that they are doing this and how he cant do anything right now. Marve also says that hes got the wrong idea, but he leaves to catch the monster. Gai ends up the fest as he meets Ryou there again. Gai is wondering how Ryou is happy about not having his powers anymore and doing nothing now. As Ryou says he wants to try to be the best at making Gyoza like last time they talked. As Ryou brings up how Gai has forgotten the most important thing as the monster appears again and steals all the food. He has the grunts attack the people around as Gai jumps in and defends them. Ryou also steps in and does the out of suit role call like in the Dairanger series and he says even with powers he can still fight the enemy in front of him. As he kicks ass and Gai now sees that he doesnt need powers to be a hero as he has done it before and he joins Ryou. The two easily take out the gormins and had little difficulty taking on Sgormins, but they cant defeat the monster (darn I thought it would be a suitless victory). Well the team show up and use Gekiranger to attack his stomach which makes him upchuck and Gai gets the celluar back and fights with the team. The team use Dairanger's powers and Don got the role call wrong as he hit his hand too hard and uses Shishi Ranger's powers wrong as well (First Black Condor and now Shishi Ranger) At least the rest of them use the powers correctly and they even use the Dairen Rods. Gai uses gold mode to kill the grunts and the team use the Galleon Buster to finish the monster.

Why Don why?!

With the mecha fight the team actually have some trouble until they use Dairanger's power which uses the Qi Bomber! The attack kills the grunts and they use Hurricane Gokaioh to finish off the monster as he sallows all the Furaimaru's, but they burst through his stomach (harsh). The team regroup as they eat Ryou's Gyoza as everyone likes it and I love Joe's reaction it seems like he saw an angel or something heavenly. As Ryou tells Gai that to make sure to use those powers as a hero as everyone quickly eats the whole plate without Gai (damn they're fast). Well thats episode 33 and I love it soooooooo much! I havent seen all of Dairanger, but I know its going to be a personal favorite of mine and seeing Ryou again was awsome. What made it better was the out of suit action he gave us and did his role call. Ryou also uses different fighting techniques like Tenma and Shishi Ranger's. Also Gai himself was good because at first he already acted like a hero, but over time he started to fotget because he was just happy to be a sentai warrior. This is a personal favorite of mine and is probably the best Gai focus episode so far, I give it an A!

I also agree with Sean Akizuki, Ryou is the most badass Red Ranger!

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  1. Awesome review Godzilla606. ^__^

    I agree, this episode was amazing! God, I love Gokaiger. =D

    Yes, Ryou is very badass. Gonna have to pit him against Tsurugi (ChangeDragon), Yuusuke (Red Falcon), and Gai (Black Condor). Oh god, badass overload. xD